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Get Organized And Save Gorilla Habitat With This Feature Packed PIM

DateBk4 -Pimlico Software
If you own a Palm PDA You are familiar with the datebook application for organizing your appointments and to-do items. While the datebook application will serve the needs of many users, it can't hold a candle to the feature packed DateBk application from Pimlico Software which serves as a replacement for Palm's Datebook, memo and to-do apps. Version 4, released last week, improves on a already great product (Datebk3) and brings color support to Palm IIIc users. With over 50 new features, DateBk4 weighs in at 400k, huge by Palm OS standards. Some of the features that the 400k will get you include:

Ten separate views including a weekly view with text in 1, 2 and half-week displays, a monthly view of both appts and ToDo's with icons, 4-month, yearly and list views.

  • Powerful category management in all four databases including the ability to look at one, all or ANY combination of categories.
  • The ability to beam both events and categories to other DateBk4 (and Datebook users)
  • Split-Screen display of all four major databases with the ability to link both appointments and ToDo's to other ToDo's, addressbook or MemoPad entries. A single event can be linked to multiple records in different databases and a convenient logging feature makes it easy to log an appointment or ToDo description to the note field of an addressbook entry.
  • Many other improvements including - integration of Todo's, full color support, custom fonts, custom alarms, advance warnings, graphical icons, timezones, templates, snooze alarms, daily journal, floating (todo-style) events with alarms and repeats, flexible purge, undelete, appts to the minute, start week on any day, appts spanning midnight, anniversary feature, custom views, quick advance buttons...

DateBk4 and its predecessor DateBk3 use identical databases to Palm's Datebook and to-do applications, making it 100% compatible with your desktop software. Registration costs $24.95 or $10 if you are upgrading from DateBk3, entirely reasonable for such a feature rich program. The icing on the cake is that your registration fee supports Dewar Wildlife Fund, Inc. which provides funding to various wildlife conservation programs including a sanctuary for Western Lowland Gorillas in the North Georgia Mountains.

"...I will encourage ALL DateBk3 users to pay the $10 upgrade [plans are in the works to implement a free update system] as all this revenue is donated to wildlife conservation and in particular, I plan to make a substantial contribution this year towards the conservation of gorillas in Africa. Recently, scientists have discovered that rather than three sub-species as was previously thought, there are actually TWO separate species of gorillas (Western and Eastern) and FIVE sub-species. Two of these sub-species (the Cross River and as yet unnamed Bwindi Forest gorillas) are among the most critically endangered species on the planet, and I intend to do what I can to assist those that work on the front-lines in their conservation efforts."

- Steuart Dewar, Pimlico Software

If you are tight on space you might want to consider DateBk3 which uses about half the space of DateBk4. Development of DateBk3 continues and there are plans for a "lite" version of DateBk incorporating some of the more popular features of both versions. Time limited trial versions are available

MSRP: $24.95 ($10 update for registered DateBk3 users)
DateBk4 can be found and registered at Palm Gear HQ

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