Product Watch: Double Your G3 PowerBook's Screen Real Estate!

Display-to-Go 4MB
Recent G3 PowerBooks provide true multiple monitor support. Hook up a monitor to your PowerBook and you have instantly doubled your screen real estate. Older G3 PowerBooks, however, only support "video mirroring," displaying the same content on both screens. The ix3D Road Rocket CardBus card from ixMicro brought multiple monitor support to these machines but, alas, ixMicro is no more. Fortunately, a company has stepped up to the plate with a new alternative.

Today, Margi announced their Display-to-Go card which adds multiple monitor support to any CardBus equipped PowerBook running OS 9. The Display-to-Go card sports 4MB embedded video memory on a 64 bit 69030 graphics chipset provided by Asiliant. The card can be purchased with a VGA dongle for hooking up CRT monitors or a DVI dongle for Apple's flat panel displays. A dongle for Apple's new ADC displays is not currently available but, according to Margi, is in development. The Display-to-Go is expected to ship August 21st. and carries a $299 price tag ......... Check for lowest price

Supported Resolutions & Refresh Rates

Resolution Refresh Rate (Hz) Number of Colors
640 x 480 75, 85 Millions
800 x 600 60, 75, 85 Millions
1,024 x 768


1,280 x 1,024 75 Thousands
1,600 x 1,024 60 Thousands


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