Product Watch: Dual Processor G4 Upgrades Looming on the Horizon!

Even though Apple didn't announce any new hardware at MacWorld this year there were plenty of exciting hardware announcements from other vendors. Perhaps most exciting for upgrade and speed freaks was the unveiling of the PowerForce Dual G4 from PowerLogix which should be available next month. XLR8 also unveiled "version 2.0" of their popular CarrierZIF card.

Winner of MacWorld's prestigious Eddy Award for Acceleration Hardware, XLR8's CarrierZIF card has been redesigned and dubbed Version 2.0. Most notable of the list of improvements is the fact that the card will now support dual processors. Other improvements include:

  • A smaller, more efficient form factor.
  • Fewer switches making for easier configuration
  • Improved power supply
  • Expanded compatibility to include PowerCC and PowerBase machines

The CarrierZIF 2.0 is expected to ship next month (February) with multiprocessor models due around June. XLR8 has also dropped the price on their original CarrierZIF from $179 to $139. The CarrierZIF 2.0 card will sell for $159 MSRP.

For those of you wanting dual processing ASAP, PowerLogix announced their new PowerForce Dual G4 card which will initially be available in dual G4/350 and dual G4/400 configurations. These two cards are expected in February. Higher speed models will be added as the processors become available from Motorola and IBM. Both cards will sport 1MB backside cache. Features include:

  • Independently variable bus speed and bus ratios
  • Reduced form factor
  • "Active cooling" (fan)
  • Symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) firmware

Although they are not out yet, pre-orders are being accepted for shipment in February. The Dual G4/350 will retail for $1199 and the Dual G4/400 for $1599 MSRP.

We expect review copies of both cards when they become available so keep an eye on our What's New page for benchmarks and reviews. As they become widely available we will also put together a Buyer's Guide Page as well

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