Product Watch: Eudora E-Mail Client Now With Built In Flame Retardant!

Qualcomm has long been known in the Mac community for their e-mail client Eudora. Praised for its powerful filtering and search functions, Eudora has always been available in both commercial and shareware "light" versions. Recently released Eudora 5.0 has added a host of new features and 3 modes of operation: paid, light and sponsored. This last version sports all of the same features of the paid version but includes static banner advertisements up to 144 x 144 pixels in size. For reference, the box shot on the left is 144 x 157. You will also need to submit some demographic information, presumably so the ads can be targeted better. View Eudora's privacy policy for more information on how this information is used. The paid version lacks ads of course and qualifies for free upgrades (if there are any) for a period of 12 months. The light version is free of ads but lacks most of the features found in the other two. If you are using Eudora 4.x, click here to see what kind of upgrade prices are available. Eudora 5 boasts a variety of new features, outlined below:

  • ESP - No, it won't read your mind. ESP, in this case, stands for Eudora Sharing Protocol, and allows you to share a set of files with friends. Drag files to your shared folder and they are automatically mirrored on participants' machines.
  • Usage Statistics - Provides you with information on how much time you dedicate to mail each day as well as the volume of mail you send and receive. All in graph form.
  • MoodWatch - In an attempt to help you avoid flame wars, Eudora 5 scans incoming and outgoing messages for potentially offensive words and phrases. Messages are rated on a scale of 1-3 chilies. Send your boss a message with 3 chilies and you are likely to lose your job! If you want to live recklessly you can always turn this feature off.
  • EIS - Eudora Internet Suite is a web browser and e-mail client for the Palm OS. Currently at version 1.1, EIS does not provide a conduit for the Mac so your connection will need to be via modem or wireless. Version 2.0 is due out at the end of this month and is supposed to include a Mac conduit.
  • Address Import - An area where Eudora has fallen flat in the past has finally been improved. Eudora 5 can import from Netscape messenger, Outlook Express and Claris Emailer.
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MSRP for paid version:
$49.95 - New .......... Check for lowest price
Free for registered users of 4.3
$29.95 for registered users of 4.0 - 4.2
$39.95 for registered users of versions prior to 4.0

Power Mac
Mac OS 8.1 or newer