Product Watch: Got That Synching Feeling?
This Program May Help...

When Connectix announced that SpeedDoubler would not be updated to support OS 9, there was a cry of protest from fans of its "Smart Replace" function. Many had used Smart Replace to backup key data on their hard drives. Connectix has since released a standalone synchronization program, CopyAgent, which supports OS 9 and requires 8.5 or greater.

CopyAgent is not the only synchronizing software in town however. FoldersSynchronizer from Softob supports OS versions 7 through 9, offering both synchronization and backup functions. Recently updated to version 1.9.4, FoldersSynchronizer sports an impressive feature set that should meet everyone's needs:

  • Exclude a list of subfolders (up to 16) from synchronization or backup.
  • Copy invisible files and folders.
  • Set a synchronize/backup schedule.
  • Filter documents to copy by Type, Creator and Modification Date.
  • AppleScriptable
  • Multiple synchronizations/backups (up to 16) from a custom list.

System Requirements:
Power Mac
OS 7.0.1 or higher
2.7MB hard drive space

Price: $20 - Single user, $400 - Site licence, $1,600 - World wide licence

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