Product Watch: Adobe Aims Illustrator 9.0 At The Web

Adobe Systems today updated their popular Ilustrator program to version 9.0. With this release, Adobe has added a slew of features that should appeal to web designers. Pixel preview mode, for example, lets you view your vector based artwork as it will appear once it has been rasterized for the web. Pixel Preview mode also snaps objects to the nearest pixel edge in order to minimize anti-aliasing. Illustrator's Save for Web window allows you to compare four versions of your graphic at different compression settings. Other additions to Illustrator 9 include:

  • Support for exporting files to Flash (SWF) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) formats. These web vector formats maintain high-quality artwork and fonts, while producing smaller file sizes and faster download times than bitmap formats.
  • Release to layers command - Streamlines the process of making animations for the web. The release to layers command allows you to quickly distribute all of the selected object on a single layer to their own layers.
  • Transparency palette - allows you to apply transparency to type, bitmap images and graphic objects. An object's transparency can be limited to its stroke or fill. Transparency can also be applied to an entire player of course...

Adobe hopes that these additions, and others, will make Illustrator 9 an invalluable tool for web designers.

"Illustrator 9.0 is Web-enabled with the addition of features including the Save for Web and pixel preview mode that are so popular with our Photoshop customers," said Bruce Chizen, president, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "Designers can now create vector graphics in Illustrator and output them for the Web, making it an invaluable addition to our line of professional Web graphics creation tools."

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