Product Watch: Are You King Or Queen Of The Remote Control? Keyspan Has The Perfect Product for You!

Keyspan Digital Media Remote

Anyone who has attended a MacWorld Keynote speech is familiar with Steve and his remotely controlled presentations on stage. Even if your ambitions are a little more mundane than giving presentations to thousands while dressed in jeans and a black turtleneck, Keyspan's Digital Media Remote (DMR for the truly hip) is still one cool gadget. DMR consists of a USB based infrared receiver and a small 15 button remote for controlling a variety of applications. Out of the box DMR supports the following applications:

  • AppleCD Audio Player
  • QuickTime Player
  • Apple DVD Player
  • SoundJam MP
  • RealPlayer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 98 Viewer

DMR has a 35' range and includes all the standards you would expect on a remote control, play, pause, volume controls etc. Additionally, buttons can be mapped to keystrokes in any application using Keyspan's DMR Assistant. In a recent MacHome review they said the following about Keyspan's Digital Media Remote:

The Digital Media Remote's benefits as a presentation device, allowing you to switch slides in a program such as PowerPoint, are obvious, too. One small complaint about it isn't really a complaint: The Digital Media Remote works so well, that you want it to do more, such as have macros that turn on the computer, launch the MP3 player, select a playlist... you get the idea.

Keyspan Digital Media Remote MSRP: $79

Tel: 510.222.8802
Fax: 510.222.0323

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