Product Watch: Ditch The Mouse, Toss The Trackpad And Give Mind Control A Try!

MindControl 1.1
MindVision recently announced a free update to MindControl, a program that is targeted at PowerBook and iBook users. MindControl reduces your dependency on input devices like trackpads or mice in an elegant way. Actions that would normally require one or several mouse clicks – opening a bookmarked web page, launching a program, sending an e-mail, etc – can all be done with just a few keystrokes. One keystroke combination, command + tilde by default, pops up the floating strip pictured below, another combination tells MindControl which action you want to take. MindControl also sports an auto complete feature to save keystrokes when issuing commands. You can also use your tab or arrow keys to navigate through your options. MindControl saves valuable screen real estate by remaining hidden until invoked and disappearing once it has done its work.

MindControl 1.1 Feature List

  • Support for keeping file paths up to date - MindControl can check your commands list and help you locate any files whose paths are no longer valid.
  • Quick access to enclosing folders - Now you can select a command for a file or folder and open the item's enclosing folder at the Finder.
  • Fast help when you need it - To help you use MindControl's built-in system commands, a quick reference guide is available whenever the popup menu is active.
  • Support for the Favorites folder - Bringing another control function to your keyboard, the MindControl popup menu can show items from your system Favorites folder.
  • Translucent popup menu - Taking a page from Apple's Aqua interface, MindControl's popup menu has a translucent appearance.
  • Mouse/trackpad functionality - Though MindControl remains keyboard driven, you can also use a mouse or trackpad to select commands in the popup menu.

MindControl is shareware and costs $20. Upgrades to version 1.1 are free to previously registered users of MindControl. For more information or to download a free demo, visit the MindControl web site.