Product Watch: An MP3 Player for your (Visor) PDA!

When Handspring released their Visor PDA's they generated a fair amount of excitement, thanks, in no small part, to the presence of the "Springboard" expansion slot. This slot, the folks at Handspring promised, would extend the function of the Visor beyond that of a simple PDA. With the appropriate Springboard module, your Visor could be a cell phone, GPS system, pager, etc. While many modules have been announced, they are just now starting to become available for purchase.

One such module is the MiniJam from InnoGear which ads the ability to play MP3 files, read e-books, and also comes with an image/slide-show viewer. The MiniJam comes in 32 MB and 64 MB configurations for 30 or 60 minutes of CD quality playback respectively. It also supports up to 128 MB of storage via its two MMC slots and has 2 MB on board flash RAM. The flash RAM contains the MiniJukebox, Album to Go, and Peanut Reader applications to handle MP3, image and e-book functions. The MiniJam comes pre-loaded with music, images and a couple of e-books to get you going.

The MiniJam draws power from the Visor which, as you might expect, cuts into the Visor's battery life in a big way. You can expect between 2-5 hours of playtime from a fresh set of AAA batteries. InnoGear has an AC adapter as an optional accessory that should spare your Visor's batteries. The MiniJam is available in Graphite or Ice (pictured above) and started shipping two days ago, October 10th.

32 MB - $199
64 MB - $259

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