Product Watch: Monsoon Flat Panel Speaker Systems The Rainy Season Has Arrived!

Monsoon MM-700
Monsoon MM-1000

So you just bought a new G4 system complete with that gorgeous new 22" flat panel display. If you are looking for a speaker system that matches your G4 on both style and performance fronts, the folks at Monsoon have two offerings that they say will please both your eyes and your ears. The Monsoon flat panel speakers (which will work on any Mac with a standard sound out port by the way) use a proprietary technology called Planar Focus and a process called interaural crosstalk cancellation to create the sensation that the sound is originating from a source other than the speakers. 3D sound is becoming increasingly popular in games as well as multimedia applications. Sound from the dipolar satellite speakers is dispersed in a figure 8 pattern helping reduce or eliminate undesirable reflections from your monitor or work surfaces. The Monsoon speakers achieve their slender form by forgoing the traditional cone shaped speaker in favor of a mylar diaphragm that is suspended between rows of magnets. The mylar is imprinted with conductive strips that react to the magnetic fields generated by these rows when current is passed through the magnets. Below are the specs for each speaker system as well as links to online reviews.

Specs. MM-700 MM-1000
System frequency response
(in workstation environment)
50Hz 20Khz +/- 5dB 50Hz 20Khz +/- 5dB
Maximum SPL at .5 meter
(using EIA 426B noise)
 99 dB RMS 102 dB RMS
System time response <0.25ms dispersion to 20dB <0.25ms dispersion to 20dB
Satellite power in watts 2 x 11 2 x 12.5
Subwoofer power in watts 22 25
Crossover Active, 3rd order at 250Hz Active, 3rd order at 200Hz
Satellite Transducers 4" x 8" planar magnetic 4" x 8" planar magnetic
Subwoofer driver unit 5.25" cone 5.25" cone
Subwoofer cone excursion
(per DUMAX measurement)
+/- 4 mm +/- 5.5 mm
Subwoofer enclosure 6.9 liter, tuned to 65Hz 8.2 liter, tuned to 56Hz
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