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Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.5

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard of Virtual PC from Connectix. Virtual PC comes bundled with your choice of DOS 2000, Windows '95 or Windows '98 and supports a variety of other operating systems as well. Ireland based Lismore Software Systems take a different approach. Blue label PowerEmulator comes sans OS, but instead lets you install the OS of your choice. Pricing on the emulator starts at a competitive $29.95 for individual use. Other licencing is available.

Key Features

  • Maximum compatibility with PC programs. Full realization of Pentium processor and specially programmed emulated BIOS gives special support for new software as well as for older.
  • Fastest Internet connection via modem. Optimized realization of serial port, which allows to connect at baud rates up to 115 000 bps.
  • SCSI device support. Emulation of hardware SCSI card allows use of external SCSI storage devices in PC format as well as SCSI printers and scanners.
  • Direct printing on a PC printer. Serial-to-parallel adapter support lets you print on PC LPT printers. The second serial port allows printing on PC serial printers.
  • Full control over all the emulator's settings. You can set up any of the components, including DMA, IRQ settings and others.
  • Emulator can be loaded just at computer's startup time. A special Macintosh extension, similar to Linux's loader, lets you choose the OS that you wish to boot. This option gives greater compatibility and resource utilization of the Power Macintosh.
  • Booting from CD-ROM. Installing OS from CD-ROM, Floppy Disk Drive, Floppy disk image (Lismore supplies Floppy disk image, containing PTS-DOS). Now it is not important where you have your OS: on a hard disk, on a floppy disk or on a CD - you can choose and install an OS according to your choice.
  • Expandable architecture: emulator has modular structure. Lismore can increase the number of modules in their emulator without having to make other major modifications.

Supported Operating Systems

DOS Windows UNIX Linux
MS-DOS Windows 3.0 SCO Red Hat
PC-DOS Windows 3.1 FreeBSD Slackware
PTS-DOS Windows 3.11 QNX Mandrake
DR-DOS Windows 95 SCO OpenServer Debian
FreeDOS Windows 98 Solaris 2.6/7 S.u.S.e.
OpenDOS Windows NT 3.51 OpenSTEP Minux
ROM-DOS Windows NT 4 Novell NetWare TurboLinux

Issues fixed in current release:

  • Mac clock reset after exiting from the Emulator. This bug appeared while one uses some versions of Windows.
  • CD drive recognition in the Standard Dual IDE Controller setup. This bug appeared on some newest Macintosh models (usually iMac DV).
  • Mouse recognition at emulator startup. This bug appeared in MacOS 9.
  • Serial port recognition at emulator startup. This bug appeared on some PowerBook models.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.5 MSRP: $29.95

System Requirements:

  • Any MacOS-compatible computer with a PowerPC processor
  • MacOS 7.5.1 or later
  • 16 megabytes of free RAM
  • Hard drive with a minimum of 10 megabytes of free disk space

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