Product Watch: Casady & Greene's SoundJam Turns 2

SoundJam 2.0
Casady & Greene staked an early claim in the MP3 gold rush by by providing an easy to use all-in-one MP3 encoder and player. Not content to rest on their laurels, C&G has released a new version of SoundJam with an expanded feature set. The SoundJam software itself has been split into two different products, the commercial SoundJam MP Plus and SoundJam MP Free. As the name implies, the latter is free but after 14 days looses many of the features of its commercial big brother. Below is a list of the features new to version 2.0 as well as a comparison of the free and commercial versions. You will also find download links at the bottom of this page.

SoundJam's New Whistles and Bells

  • Improved encoding times - For all supported machines. As before, SoundJam can take advantage of AltiVec/Velocity if present.
  • Improved encoding quality - For "near CD quality" sound when encoding at 128 kbps.
  • Karaoke mode - Reduces the vocals from tracks so you can make a fool of yourself.. er.. sing along with your favorite songs. [Note: we tested this with varying success. On some tracks vocals dropped to barely audible and on others they were still quite noticeable. In all cases the sound generally "flattened" out]
  • Expanded file format support - Convert AIFF, WAV, MOD, QuickTime, NVF, AND Mac sounds into MP3
  • Song specific EQ and volume - SoundJam can now remember the equalizer and volume settings for individual tracks, a feature we had been hoping for.
  • Sound input support - You can now encode directly from your Mac's sound in port! Should make encoding that record collection easier...
  • Playlist generator - SoundJam will compose a playlist based on criteria you set: genre, artist, sample rate, etc....
  • CDDB submission - In addition to querying the CDDB you can now submit information to the database. The CDDB is a database on the web with a vast repository of data on audio CD's. The CDDB contains information on track titles, genre, artist name and more.
  • Alarm clock/sleep timer - Wake up or drift off to your favorite MP3. SoundJam doesn't need to be running for the alarm to work.

SoundJam MP Free serves as a full featured demo for 14 days and allows up to 30 encodings. After that it reverts to an MP3 player and loses many of the functions described above. You can download SoundJam here. Visit the SoundJam site for more information. SoundJam MP Plus 2.0 is a free upgrade for owners of previous versions.

Suggested Retail Price.: $39.95 - Electronic Download $49.95 for physical product ......... Check for lowest price

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