Product Watch: Help Your Visor Spring Into Life!

Springboard modules for the Visor

A while back we covered the launch of Handspring's Visor PDA. Running the Palm OS, the Visor series is compatible with the vast collection of shareware and commercial Palm applications. The Visor may not win any beauty contests, especially when pitted against the sleek Palm V, but it does sport one distinct advantage over the Palm PDA's. Handspring's proprietary "Springboard" slot accepts hardware and software expansion modules which extend the functionality of the PDA. The Springboard slot can be used to add modules like: MP3 players, pagers, GPS hardware, city guides, modems, games, additional memory etc. Modules don't require drivers and load any needed software when inserted into the Springboard slot. Below we give you details on some of the currently available modules.

Module Information

eyemodule Digital Camera - Blocks Products
File this under very cool! This module turns your Visor into a digital camera. The eyemodule digital camera captures black and white or color images using a low-power CMOS imaging array. The module ads only 15mm to the Visor's length and nothing to its thickness! The Visor screen acts asthe camera's display.

A Visor Deluxe with 5 MB free memory can hold more than:

  • 500 black & white images at 160x120 pixels
  • 125 large black images at 320x240 pixels
  • 25 color images at 320x240 pixels (color images are gray scale when viewed on the visor of course)

A 2MB Visor will hold roughy:

  • 125 black & white images at 160x120 pixels
  • 31 large black images at 320x240 pixels
  • 6 color images at 320x240 pixels

Unfortunately, there is currently no Mac conduit available for transferring images to your desktop. A conduit is expected "late Spring" this year.

Star Trek BookPak - Peanut Press
For the ultimate Trekker (or was that trekkie... I never can remember) on the go. Includes a full featured program called Peanut Reader for viewing the book(s).

This collection includes the Invasion Saga with a book from each of the four Star Trek realms and the Q Continuum. The Invasion Saga Includes:

  • First Strike The story of how Captain James Kirk meets the first phase of this invasion when the Klingon Empire contacts the Federation with a plea for help.
  • The Soldiers of Fear Continues the story when Captain Picard must face the return of the Fury.
  • Time's Enemy Benjamin Sisko and the crew of Deep Space Nine are summoned to answer the most baffling question of their lives.
  • The Final Fury The crew of the U.S.S. Voyager face the Fury for the fate of the galaxy.


2000 PDR Module - Franklin Electronic Publishers
Or, the Physician's Desk Reference for the acronym impared.

Contains accurate, up-to-date prescription drug information . You can search by brand or generic name, or compare drugs within classes such as Antihistamines, Antidepressants, Antirheumatic Agents and many others. The 2000 PDR contains the full text of six key topics:

  • Indications and Usage
  • Contraindications
  • Warnings
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Dosage and Administration
  • How Supplied

Also included are manufacturer and generic name for every prescription drug fully described in the 2000 PDR and PDR for Ophthalmology.

Handspring Modem - Handspring
It won't break and speed limits at 33.6k but it will allow you to sync with your desktop remotely. With the appropriate additional software you should be able to:

  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Send faxes
  • surf the web

According to Handspring, the modem module ads just under .5" to the depth of the Visor.


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