Product Watch: A PDA With 128MB Storage? You Bet!


Since Palm Computing (now Palm Inc.) licensed the Palm OS a couple of companies have jumped on the "clone" bandwagon. Most everyone should be familiar with the wildly popular Visor series from Handspring. Perhaps less familiar is the awkwardly named TRGpro from TRG, a hardware and software developer for the Palm platform. The TRGpro sports a form nearly identical to the Palm IIIx with one noteworthy difference, the TRGpro includes a CompactFlash slot capable of reading type I and II CompactFlash cards. Like the Visor's "Springboard," the CompactFlash slot can be used for adding memory, a modem, bar code reader and other add-on devices. Unfortunately, you can't run applications directly from CompactFlash restricting their usefulness to the storage arena. Applications are able to access data on the CF card and TRG includes two applications CFpro and CFBackup to streamline working with the CompactFlash card. While the TRGpro doesn't ship with any CompactFlash cards, it does come equipped with 8MB RAM which should meet most everyone's initial needs.

Also worthy of note is the improved audio system. The TRGpro sport a powerful amplifier capable of producing not only louder sound but higher quality sound. It is also capable of producing DTMF (touch-tone phone) sounds making it possible (with the proper application of course) to dial phone numbers for you by simply holding the TRG's speaker to the phone receiver. Cool! According to several reviews the speaker does a decent job when playing wav files off the CF card. Below we provide you with the specs for the TRGpro and links to full reviews.

TRGpro MSRP: $330 ..........Check for lowest price

TRG Products, Inc.
2851 104th Street
Des Moines, IA
Phone: (515) 252-7522
Fax: (515) 252-7525

Product Details
Size and Weight 4.7" x 3.2" x 0.8" - 6oz
CPU Motorola DragonBall-EZ MC68EZ328 operating at 16MHz
Operating System Palm OS 3.3 (in flash ROM, can be upgraded)
Hardware Expansion

- CompactFlash Slot
- Hardware add-on components (such as modem) via serial port.

Battery Life Approximately 8 weeks life from 2 AAA batteries.
IR Port IrDA v1.2. Beam your business card, phone lists, memos, and add-on applications to other IR-enabled Palm Computing platform devices. Use third-party beaming applications with IR-enabled phones, printers, etc.
Storage Capacity - 8MB EDO DRAM stores about 24,000 addresses, 10 years of appointments, 6000 to-do items, 6000 memos, 800 e-mail messages & plenty of 3rd party applications
- 2MB FLASH (standard) contains the Palm OS and built-in applications. When using FlashPro software (included) it is capable of storing user applications and data which are retained even in the event of a total loss of power for extended periods of time
- Additional storage via CompactFlash cards.

Connectivity to a USB-equipped Macintosh requires the PalmConnect USB Kit. For connectivity to a Macintosh with a serial port, get the Palm MacPac.

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