Product Watch: TechTool Pro 3
Thought They Couldn't Add More Features? Think Again!

MicroMat's TechTool Pro has always offered a wealth of test suites, more, in fact, than you may want or need. After all, do you really need a program to tell you that your mouse or keyboard isn't operating up to snuff? With their recent release of TechTool Pro 3, MicroMat has revamped the interface and added a couple of new features to make TechTool a one-stop solution for all of your diagnostic and repair needs.

The core of TTP is its ability to diagnose and repair problems on your hard drive including directory repair, block reassignment and recovery of trashed files. New to version 3 is the ability to scan for viruses and also check for software conflicts, eliminating, according to MicroMat, the need for separate utilities like Virex and Conflict Catcher. MicroMat's web site doesn't provide details on the new functions but if we can obtain a copy for review we will cover these areas in depth. A listing of TechTool's main attractions follows below.

Kudos: MicroMat deserves a round of applause for continuing to support version 2.5 of TTP. The free update to 2.5.5 improves detection/repair routines for volume structures, updates the DNA files and fixes a variety of bugs. Generally speaking, once a new software version is released, support for previous versions tapers off or disappears completely. In the words of MicroMat, however:

"People using system software earlier than System 7.5.5 will not be able to upgrade to TechTool Pro 3, and it would be impolite to leave them with a product having a few flaws."

MicroMat Tech Support
MacFixIt's Discussion Forums

It is also worth noting that, unlike Norton Utilities, TechTool Pro continues to support 68k (non Power Mac) machines and older operating systems, back to OS 7.5.5. If you own or are responsible for maintaining older Mac systems, this is the tool for you!

TechTool Pro 3 Tests & Features
Disk Structure repair Volume/File Recovery Undelete Trashed Files
Block Reassignment Disk Optimization HFS+ Compatible
File Integrity Check Info Wipe PowerPC Compatible
Benchmarks Virus Check/Repair Software Conflict Check/Repair
Repair Preview 68K Compatible Multi-System CD
Repairs PRAM Rebuilds Desktop File Video Geometry Screens
Automated Testing System File Resources Networks
Modem, phone line & Internet Clock Chip Cache
Logic Board Drive Mechanism Audio
Floppy Drive FPU Chip PRAM
Scanners Serial Ports Video &Video RAM


  • Color-capable Macintosh computer with minimum 640x480 display.
  • System software version 7.5.5 or later.
  • Drive capable of reading CD-ROMs.
  • Minimum 5 megabytes of RAM above that required by the OS.
  • Hard disk drive.

Micromat Incorporated
8868 Lakewood Drive PMB273
Windsor, CA 95492

Sales: 800-829-6227 or
Support: 707-566-3860 or

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