Product Watch: XLR8 Gets Fired Up!

MAChFire PCI and CardBus From XLR8

Anyone who has been lucky enough to buy a post-beige Mac or recent PowerBook has the high speed, hassle free world of FireWire peripherals open to them. What are the rest of us to do? Sure, we can upgrade the processor in our older Macs to a screamingly fast G3 or G4, but what about FireWire? XLR8, encouraged by the success of their USB upgrade card has announced 2 FireWire upgrade cards, one PCI and one CardBus for us PowerBook users.

The MAChFire PCI and MAChFire CardBus carry an MSRP of $99 and $119 respectively and are due to ship in August. Both cards will come bundled with Strata VideoShop 4.5 video editing software. It is unclear at this time whether the cards will work with Apple's iMovie software. Although it's not officially supported by Apple, we have heard favorable reports of folks using iMovie with other 3rd party FireWire cards. We welcome reader reports and will add them here as they become available. Send your reports, favorable or not to the editor. Both cards also ship with QuickTime 4.1 although the MAChFire PCI card goes the extra mile by providing the pro version. Features common to both cards appear below:

  • Accepts full-color video from any standard FireWire Device - camcorder, digital camera, or VCR
  • Complete version of VideoShop 4.5 Software by Strata - providing professional but simple video capture, editing and creation of Quick Time video
  • Real time video - (30 frames per second) at full QuickTime 640x480 resolution
  • Full 640x480, de-interlace snapshots
  • Less than 10 minute total set-up time
  • Photo-illustrated, comprehensive manual and CD's


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