Product Watch: Ever Feel The Need For More Than One Clipboard? Now You Can Have Up To 100 Of Them!

CopyPaste 4.4

CopyPaste, a shareware utility that received MacUser's shareware utility of the year award, is now compatible with OS 9 ( it will also work under OS 8x). CopyPaste 4.4 magnifies the Clipboard in many different ways allowing you to multiply the Clipboard up to 100 times. This makes it easy to archive and retrieve information with the utility running invisibly in the background. Many Web Developers, Editors, Writers and Desktop Publishers have found it an indispensable utility.

Essential Features:

  • Mac OS 9 compatible
  • Save Clipboards through Restarts - allows all 100 Clipboards to be saved through Shutdown or Restart
  • Full Drag & Drop compatibility
  • Use up to 100 independent Clipboards by menu or simple key commands
  • View and access all the clipboards using the CopyPaste palette
  • Append text to 1 of 10 files on the disk at any time
  • Process text, picture and net data on the Clipboards
  • Use a command key to switch and/or view all applications
  • Pop-up palette function
  • Clip Recorder - remembers the last 10 items copied via command C
  • Clip Archive - copied data is appended to one of 10 text files
  • Drag images directly into the Clipboard.

Improvements In Version 4.4

You can drag and drop any picture file onto the palette, not only PICT but also JPEG, GIF and all QuickTime formats. The picture will be put into the Clipboard as a PICT. If you press the Option Key when dragging the file, an additional PICT file will be created in the folder that contains the original file.

The Clip Recorder Window Features:

  • You can always see all of your clips
  • You can drag and drop freely between the Recorder and the Palette
  • The ClipRecorder can be adjusted in the preferences to store up to 200 clips
  • The ClipViewer and ClipRecorder windows now have scrollbars

The ClipRecorder can now work as a LIFO (last in first out) stack. If you type option-command-V the content of the recorder moves one slot with each "V". This makes it very easy to copy and restore a number of clips in sequence.

CopyPaste Shareware Price: $20

Julian Miller
Script Software International

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