Product Watch: 10,000 G's Of Ruggedness Means You Can Take Your Hard Drive With You And Leave The Computer At Home!

DataZONE DataBook

Updated 3/00

DataZONE's DataBook is a transportable storage device supporting both the iMac computers and G3 PowerBooks. These drives connect to the PowerBook via PC cards, and to iMac computers via the Universal Serial Bus (USB). The units are available in 6GB to 25GB capacities and have a starting price of $399.

DataBook drives are about the size of a videocassette, and weigh only 7oz. They are shock-rated at 10,000G's enabling them to withstand a fall from a desk or airport security counter. This makes them eminently transportable. Most internal hard drives are shock-rated at only 400-600G's and can be damaged by only a short fall.

You just plug in the DataBook to your iMac or PowerBook and you instantly have additional storage. It is light and portable, giving you the option to travel with the hard drive rather than your computer, plugging it in to a computer at your destination.

"Because of our unprecedented performance, more people than ever before are using their PowerBook systems as their only computer," said Sandy Green, PowerBook Product Line Manager at Apple Computer Inc. "Extra storage space and reliable data back up options have become more important to our customers in both the creative and education areas. DataBook meets those needs by providing our customers with external hard drive options which can be easily added th the PowerBook through the PC Card slot."

DataBook hard drives ship with Dantz Restrospect Express backup software.

A recent MacHome review of the DataBook gave it 4 apples out of a possible 5, praising its utility and ruggedness.

MSRP: $299 to $779

DataZONE Corporation
23 Las Colinas Lane, Suite 109
San Jose, CA 95119
Toll Free: 1-888-660-8688
Tel: (408) 360-8688
Fax: (408) 360-8088

DataBook Specs


  • DataBook 6GB: 6,000 MB
  • DataBook 12GB: 12,000 MB
  • DataBook 18GB: 18,000 MB
  • DataBook 25GB: 25,000 MB

Seek Time:

  • Average: 12 msec
  • Track-to-Track: 2.5 msec
  • Maximum: 23 msec

Rotational Speed: 4,200-5,411 RPM

Average Latency: 5.5 - 7.1 msec

Buffer Size: 512 KB

Transfer Rate:

  • DataBay: 66 MB/sec
  • Parallel Port: 0.85 MB/sec
  • PCMCIA: 2.5 MB/sec
  • USB: 1.5 MB/sec


  • Height: 28mm; 1.10 in
  • Width: 108mm; 4.25 in
  • Length: 171.5mm; 6.75 in

Weight: 0.3kg; 12 oz

Vibration: Operational: 0.5G Non-operational: 5G

Shock: Operational: 300G Non-operational: 10,000G


  • Idle: 22dBA
  • Seek: 36dBA

System Requirements: MacOS 8.1 for PC Card and USB

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