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Charismac Unveils Mac/NT Fibre Channel SAN Management Software

Charismac Engineering Inc. will unveil their cross-platform SAN (Storage Area Network) management software, FibreShare, at Comdex next week. FibreShare is an open-system volume management software solution aimed at the enterprise, digital audio/video pre-press markets.

FibreShare can be used in native operating system environments or can be configured to run in cross-platform solutions. FibreShare is fully application independent.

FibreShare enables users to create, edit and administer open-systems shared storage networks utilizing high-speed fibre channel storage. Charismac will show FibreShare running under both Macintosh and Windows NT and will show multiple machines playing back video footage from a shared fibre channel disk array at Comdex.

With performance capabilities of up to 200MB/sec in dual loop configuration, fibre channel storage is becoming popular in the enterprise, audio/video and pre-press markets. FibreShare provides users with all the software tools necessary to administer and work in a high-speed SAN.

The FibreShare software allows one or more administrators to set up single drives or multi-disk arrays and assign users and groups privileges to specific volumes in a shared storage network configuration. Administrators can customize privilege levels specific to users or workgroups to enable access to volumes that require intense I/O operations.

FibreShare runs native to both the Mac OS and Windows NT and is fully scaleable, allowing your network room to grow. New users as well as additional storage may be dynamically added to a FibreShare network.

FibreShare includes Charismac's cross-platform storage management software RAID suite developed native to the specific OS being used. This suite allows both single drives as well as high-performance disk arrays to be easily added into a Fibreshare network

FibreShare MSRP: $1495.00

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