Product Watch: Got A USB Mac? Got ADB Devices? What's A Person To Do? iMate!

iMate Makes the Right Connections

Griffin Technologies iMate is a USB to ADB adapter which allows users to take advantage of any ADB device on iMacs, iBooks, USB G3/G4 Macs, PowerBooks with USB ports and any Mac with a USB card installed. It will also work with Windows 98 PCs that have USB ports. Supported devices include mice, keyboards, trackballs, trackpads, hardware dongles, Applevision displays and graphics tablets.

The iMate adapter uses the Apple built in drivers in boot mode therefore providing compatibility for input devices such as mice and keyboards. Input devices are fully functional with extensions disabled. The iMate extension that ships with the product provides compatibility for dongles and many devices with custom ADB drivers and control panels.

The iMate is also cross-platform compatible. With Windows support you can now use your existing Mac keyboards, mice trackballs and trackpads to control both a Mac and a PC. Since USB is fully hot swappable a simple switchbox is all you need to control multiple computers.

ADB devices can be daisy chained just as like with regular ADB connections. You can also mix and match USB and ADB devices on the same chain.

Key Features:

  • Single iMate can support multiple devices.
  • Supports keyboard soft power on and off
  • Small form factor does not use up desktop space

A recent MacUser UK review gave the iMate 4 mice out of a possible 5 and said this about the product:

"...the iMate tackles very real issues when using the iMac and legacy peripherals. It's an important piece of equipment for all kinds of reasons - not least because it provides a way of using dongled software on an iMac or a blue-and-white G3"

iMate MSRP: $39.95 .......... Check for lowest price

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