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MacDrive 98 3.0

If you have better uses for your time and energy than finding ways to share files between Windows and Mac software, you should know about Media4 Productions' MacDrive 98 3.0. MacDrive 98 makes Windows understand Macintosh disks.

Many software packages are available in both Windows and Macintosh versions that each understand files created by the other. MacDrive 98 is the simple and transparent way to share these files between Windows and Mac OS.

Key Features

  • Open and save files on Macintosh disks directly from your favorite software--unlike many Macintosh file sharing solutions, there's no interface to learn!
  • Use Macintosh format floppies, external SCSI drives, and removable media, including Zip, Jaz, Bernoulli, SyQuest, EZ135, EZFlyer, SyJET, optical and CD-ROM.
  • Access any volume on a Mac multisession CD-R or dual-format disk.
  • Use Mac format disks even with parallel-port removable media drives.
  • Share files without losing long file names.
  • See the correct icons and file name extensions for files on Mac disks, automatically.
  • Format Macintosh disks, use MacBinary & BinHex files, and extract Mac resources, all directly from Windows.

With MacDrive 98 installed on your Windows system, you can access files on Mac format disks of any kind directly from the desktop. Because MacDrive 98 makes Mac disks work transparently, you can copy, open, save, delete and rename files on Mac disks anytime. So, it's not only a great way to get Mac files to Windows--it's also a great way to get Windows files to a Mac.

Your laptop Windows system can save a spreadsheet directly to a colleague's Mac floppy. Your desktop system can read clip art from a Mac CD-ROM. Your multimedia workstation can read and write huge animation and audio files directly on Mac format cartridges. Your Web development systems can effortlessly share graphics and HTML files with long file names. MacDrive 98 is the worry-free way to ensure easy file sharing between Mac OS and Windows systems. MacDrive 98 3.0 is HFS compatible.

In a recent review Macworld gave MacDrive 98 3.0, 4 1/2 mice out of a possible 5 - "...we prefer MacDrive. It has a few niceties that MacOpener does not, allowing you to map file-name extensions more easily and providing the handy iconic reminder when you're working with Mac media. Most people probably won't use these extra features, but it's nice to have the added capabilities if you need them."

MacDrive 98 3.0 MSRP: $65 .......... Check for lowest price

System Requirements: Windows 95, 98 & NT

Media4 Productions Inc.
1854 Fuller Rd Suite 1
West Des Moines IA 50265
515/225-7409 phone
515/225-6370 fax

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