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Metro 5

Cakewalk's Metro 5 is a complete multitrack digital audio and MIDI studio for the Macintosh. This latest version features new effects automation, an enhanced user interface and support for ASIO-compatible audio hardware.

"Metro is now a complete solution for music and sound production, "said Michael Hoover, product manager for Cakewalk. "Metro has always been highly regarded as a creative MIDI sequencer, and customers have praised its unique songwriting tools. These new audio capabilities put Metro on a new level. Metro users now can produce complete audio and MIDI projects while still leveraging Metro's unique creative toolset."

Metro 5 allows users to record any musical instrument or sound source, arrange music with flexible pattern-based sequencing, work with creative tools like NoteSpray and the Rhythm Explorer, mix in real-time using automated audio effects, edit and print notation, and create sound tracks for film, video and QuickTime movies.

What's New In Metro 5?

  • Improved user interface
  • Support of ASIO-compatible audio cards
  • Real-time effect processing with automation
  • Up to eight stereo auxiliary busses for routing real-time effects
  • Audio scrubbing for quick auditioning of tracks
  • Improved drag-and-drop editing of audio
  • Crossfades with linear and exponential curves
  • VU meters for accurate level-monitoring of audio and MIDI
  • Wide range of desktop color schemes
  • Context-sensitive, searchable Online Help
  • Online tutorials

A recent MacUser UK review gave Metro 5, 4 mice out of a possible 5 and said this about the product:

"Given its sophistication and price, Cakewalk Metro is a very attractive program, especially for anyone starting out in computer-based recording"

Metro 5 has a MSRP of $249

5 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
(888) 225 3925
Fax:(617) 441 7887

Key Features Of Metro 5

Multitrack Digital Audio

  • Record up to 64 tracks of digital audio
  • Record at variable sampling rates from 11.025 kHz to 48 kHz
  • Edit and process with sample accuracy and off-line edits
  • Apply effects for real-time processing and off-line edits Includes 2-band parametric E.Q., delay, chorus, reverb, flanger, Mono tremolo
  • Drag and drop editing of audio regions
  • Normalize, reverse, fade, audio
  • Crossfade with linear and exponential curves
  • Scale amplitude (Gain Change)
  • Merge audio (Combine)
  • Responsive real-time mixing
  • Stereo mix-downs

Multitrack MIDI

  • Up to 99 tracks of MIDI per section, up to 32 sections per song file
  • Step record, punch in-out, loop record, sound on sound record, and multi-take record
  • Flexible pattern-based sequencing
  • Edit notes, controllers, tempo, pitch bend and drum patterns within a single window
  • Real time arpeggiator for streaming and arpeggio patterns
  • Fade, cross-fade and automate volume, pan and other data
  • Quantize, Groove Quantize, and Humanize to create perfect grooves
  • Pitch, bend and transpose notes
  • Drum grid editing
  • Criteria-based editing
  • Record, edit SysEx data
  • Multiple time/key signatures per song
  • Velocity editing
  • Edit and print notation
  • Turn MIDI tracks into notation
  • Transcribe a MIDI performance or enter notes with a mouse
  • Print scores with titles, expression text, dynamic markings and scalable staves

Compose for film, video and QuickTime movies

  • Sync MIDI tracks to SMPTE/MTC timecode for scoring to film and video
  • Import and export audio to and from QuickTime movies

Creative songwriting tools

  • Experiment and apply different rhythms in real-time with the Rhythmic Explorer
  • Paint a musical canvas with the Note Spray tool. Generate notes within a defined range or improvise freely

BIAS SFX Machine Lite

  • Enhance your audio tracks with this multi-effects plug-in
  • Comes with 20 special effects presets

Add third-party audio plug-ins

  • Add more effects when needed with Adobe Premiere and VST-compatible audio plug-ins

System requirements:

Recording MIDI Only:

  • PowerPC/iMac with 8 MB of RAM or more.
  • Mac-compatible MIDI interface.
  • OMS and QuickTime Musical Instruments for internal playback.
  • Mac OS System 7.0 or later.
  • MIDI Timepiece, OMS, Galaxy, SampleCell, and Unisyn v1.0 supported but not required.

Recording MIDI and Audio:

  • PowerPC/iMac capable of 16-bit input.
  • 5 MB RAM free per audio track.
  • Real-time effects require additional memory.
  • Sound Manager 3.2 or greater for audio input/output.
  • QuickTime 2.5 or better required for importing/exporting audio, displaying QuickTime movies.

CD-ROM required for installation.

Audio Hardware Support:

In addition to Apple Sound Manager, Metro 5 supports ASIO-compatible audio devices including:

  • MOTU 2408
  • AudioMedia III
  • Event Layla
  • Yamaha SW1000 XG
  • Korg 1212 I/0
  • Sonorus Stud/O
  • Alesis PRC
  • Lucid PCI 24

Not Satisfied? Visit the Metro 5 Product Page

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