Product Watch: Symantec Says Norton Utilities 5.0 Required For OS 9

Norton Utilities 5.0

Symantec recommends that customers migrating to OS 9 update to Norton Utilities 5.0 if they do not have it already. Earlier versions of Norton Utilities for the Macintosh were developed prior to changes in the way the Mac OS tracks open files and will not function properly with OS 9. Registered owners of previous versions of Norton Utilities qualify to purchase version 5.0 at the upgrade price.

"Symantec recognizes that many of its Macintosh customers will move to Apples new operating system. To help customers confidently migrate to Mac OS 9, Symantec incorporated technological advances introduced by the new OS into its products," said Steve Cullen, vice president of Symantec's Consumer Products Division. "We want to encourage customers upgrading to Mac OS 9 to upgrade to Norton Utilities 5.0"

Norton Utilities 5.0 is PowerPC native and supports the HFS+ file system. The Norton Disk Doctor disk repair unit of Norton Utilities, now features Live Repair, which enables a Macintosh start-up disk to easily and safely repair itself. Norton Disk Doctor also includes an Undo feature which allows the user to quickly and easily back out of any changes made to a disk should complications or unexpected results arise.

Because Norton Disk Doctor now repairs from disk rather than from a bootable CD, updating is quick and simple via one-button LiveUpdate, which automatically detects an Internet connection or modem and connects to a Symantec server, then downloads and installs the latest software updates. Consequently, users have the most up-to-date software available. LiveUpdate will also patch or update all of the other Norton Utilities, including the product's data recovery, data management and disk optimization features.

Other enhancements to this new version include; the main interface includes an entry for Norton AnitVirus, which allows users who own both products to access both programs from the same interface (if they own Norton AntiVirus). The disk optimization utility, Speed Disk, now optimizes B-tree directory structures to improve performance while accessing files. An improved UnErase utility allows users to select all file types in the UnErase list. UnErase enables users to retrieve files that are accidentally deleted. UnErase can restore both files and folders, and lets the user set filters to quickly find the exact files needing recovery.

Version 5.0 also includes FireWire device-level support, and an enhanced FileSaver utility, which now decouples volume updates and file tracking capabilities.

A recent review by MacNN gave Norton Utilities 5.0, 4 stars out of a possible 5 and said this about the software program - " As far as performance goes, Norton Utilities 5.0 remains the most complete disk utility solution for Mac users. ............. Norton Utilities 5.0 was able to fix every problem we threw at it"

Norton Utilities 5.0 MSRP: $100 .......... Check for lowest price

Upgrade Price MSRP: $50

System Requirements:

Norton Utilities for Macintosh v5.0 requires a PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.0 or greater, 24MB of RAM, 16MB of hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, and an Internet connection (for LiveUpdate functionality).

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