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Olympus C-2000 Zoom Digital Camera

The Olympus C-2000 Zoom is a 2.1 megapixel zoom lens point and shoot digital camera. It boast up to 1600 x 1200 resolution, 3X optical zoom lens, infrared remote with fully automatic controls for novice users and powerful manual controls for the photography enthusiast. Manual controls extend to offering the user the choice of 100, 200 or 400 ISO film speed equivalenlcy.

The camera features Digital Telephoto at any optical focal length, in camera image review and inspection at several magnifications, floppy disk compatibility to personal computer systems, and reusable SmartMedia cards. The C-2000 Zoom provides for video connectivity to popular home entertainment appliances including the new 5-in-1 Olympus P-330 Instant Photo Printer. The camera's TV connection allows the user to crop and make several sized prints right from their TV, while the new remote control aids in reviewing, cropping, editing and printing photos while relaxing in front of the television.

The camera's design is straight forward and easy to use. It is light, weighing only 10.7 ounces and compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

"The Olympus C-2000 Zoom combines an unprecedented level of photographic control with a particularly responsive user interface, and a full 2.1 million pixel resolution," said David Etchells, Publisher, The Imaging Resource on-line digital photography resource center. "The result is a digital camera that is first and foremost a camera. Photo enthusiasts who have been unwilling to give up the creative flexibility of their film cameras now have a viable digital option with which to exercise their craft."

The lens of the camera is an all glass 8-element 3X zoom (35-105mm equivalency) with a fast f2.0-f11 lens aperture. Low compression ratios including an uncompressed mode makes for results that are truly photographic. Shutter speed is determined in either an automatic or manual mode at * - 1/800 second and additional accessory lenses can be added by attaching to the external threaded mount. The camera also features a built-in intelligent 4-mode flash with red-eye reduction, force-fill flash, automatic low light and back-light mode, and force-off to accommodate most all lighting conditions. External lighting can be synchronized to the camera to further extend its use and function. There is even a slow synchronization mode for use with manually selected shutter speeds. The flash can be fired at the beginning or end of an exposure allowing the user great creative license.

The exposure system is quite sophisticated as well. At its core is a fully automatic center weighted matrix metering system which can be manually overridden with a spot meter and/or further manually controlled with +/- 2 EV step control in 1/3 increments. The exposure controls are further augmented by aperture preferred and shutter preferred auto-exposure system controls.

The shutter preferred mode allows the user to control exposure length so that subjects can be frozen in time or allowed to move through a shot. The shutter preferred mode facilitates creative control of image depth of field.

The camera also features both auto and manual white balance, autofocus with with both pre-focus and quick-focus options. The remote control allows the user to select and activate many picture taking choices at a distance.

Getting Pictures Into Your Computer

The C-2000 Zoom connects easily to a computer through the optional FlashPath floppy disk adapter. FlashPath is a floppy disk adapter through which the photos saved on the Olympus SmartMedia storage card are easily loaded into a computer. Once the memory card is placed in the adapter it can be used as a diskette. Another optional adapter allows the user to download picture data to the computer through the fast PCMCIA slot found in most laptop computers.


Users have the flexibility of using the 3X optical zoom lens with or without activating the Digital Telephoto mode. The Digital Telephoto can be used at any optical focal length with 1.6X, 2.0X and 2.5X magnification. Use of both the optical zoom and digital telephoto can provide the equivalence of a 260mm lens. The built in 1.8 -inch LCD display automatically activates when choosing the digital Tele/Wide macro and either of the shutter or aperture preferred modes for through-the-lens composition, and "what you see it what you get" results. The macro capability allows the user to get in as close as eight inches, so the C-2000 Zoom can capture the smallest details. By combining the Macro and Aperture shooting modes, users can move tightly in on small subjects while controlling the depth of field - a feature close-up photography enthusiasts will appreciate.

Image Inspection

An Image Inspection mode allows up to 3X magnification of images on the LCD so the user doesn't have to download images to inspect small details. Images can be seen in variable magnification of 1.5X, 2X or 3X. The area of the inspection can even be moved around the image while inspection is in process. This also allows magnified images to be printed directly to the Olympus printer. It is like having crop and enlargement in the camera. Also since the 8, 16, and 32MB SmartMedia cards can save hundreds of images in one card, the LCD allows 1, 4, 9, or 16 thumbnail images to be previewed at a time, making the camera more efficient to use. For example, the 4-up review aids greatly when comparing the impact of white balance and other variable settings.

Using the Camera Without A Computer

The C-2000 Zoom can be used with or without a computer. It features a standard video out connector for easy viewing of photos on a TV set, in addition to individual viewing on the LCD. Images can be seen by many people simultaneously on the television and also be transferred to video tap and sent to relatives and business associates for easy viewing. Users also have the option of creating photo prints, without a compter, through the use of the Olympus P-330 Instant Photo Printer by simply removing the SmartMedia card and inserting it into the printer's own card reader.


The camera incorporates high-speed D-RAM for internal operations. This architectural enhancement provides fast shot-to-shot performance. Secondarily the D-RAM also allows for sequence shooting. This mode enables users to shoot and capture 5-45 images in various second intervals with variable resolutions (VGA -45 images, XGA - 30 images, 1600 x 1200 - 5 images). Once in this mode, simply hold the shutter button down and the camera does all the work.

An 8MB SmartMedia removable card ships with the camera and additional cards can be purchased in 4, 8, 16 and 32MB sizes. Olympus brand SmartMedia cards are formatted for this camera and include panorama mode firmware. In this mode the camera locks the exposure to that of the first image in a panoramic set. The resulting panorama is evenly exposed throughout and the image seams are difficult to detect. The included QuickStitch Panorama stitching software from Enroute Imaging allows multiple images to be joined together (tall and wide) for impressive panoramic views.

C-2000 Zoom
Recording Mode
8MB SmartMedia
# of Images
16MB SmartMedia
# of Images
32MB SmartMedia
# of Images
File Type Compression
Standard Quality 122 images
(640 x 480)
244 images
(640 x 480)
489 images
(640 x 480)
JPEG Standard
Standard Quality 38 images
(1024 x 768)
77 images
(1024 x 768)
156 images
(1024 x 768)
JPEG Standard
High Quality 15 images
(1600 x 1200)
32 images
(1600 x 1200)
64 images
(1600 x 1200)
JPEG Standard
Super High Quality 7 images
(1600 x 1200)
16 images
(1600 x 1200)
32 images
(1600 x 1200)
JPEG Minimum
Super High Quality
1 images
(1600 x 1200)
2 images
(1600 x 1200)
5 images
(1600 x 1200)

Included with the camera are: 8MB SmartMedia card, remote control, serial cable for Mac and PC, video connection cable for TV or VCR, Adobe PhotoDeluxe image manipulation and creation software, Enroute Imaging QuickStitch panorama stitching software, Olympus Camedia Master Utility Software for downloading images from the camera.

In Macworld's review of this camera they gave the C-2000 Zoom 4 mice out of a possible 5

The C-2000 Zoom has a suggested retail price of $999 .......... Check for lowest price


Essential Facts

Product type: Digital camera with 4.5cm/1.8-inch color TFT LCD monitor.
Memory: 3.3V SmartMedia™ 8MB
(2/4/8/16/32 MB optional)
Number of storable frames with 8 MB SmartMedia card: 2 (SHQ mode; non-compress)
18 or more (SHQ mode; compress)
26 or more (HQ mode)
122 or more (SQ mode; XGA)
Recording system: DCF/Exif 2.1 JPEG or TIFF (non-compressed)
Image pickup: 2.11 Million Pixel CCD solid-state image pickup element
Recording image: 1,600 x 1,200 pixel (SHQ mode).
1,600 x 1,200 pixel (HQ mode).
640 x 480 or 1024 x 768 pixel (SQ mode); selectable.
White balance: Full Auto TTL, Pre-set (sunlight, overcast, tungsten light, fluorescent light).
Lens: Olympus 6.5 - 19.5mm f2.0 - f2.8
aspherical glass zoom (35-105 equivalent in a 35mm camera)
Digital tele: Digital 2.5x Tele at any focal length (1.25x, 1.6x, 2.5x selectable).
Aperture: Wide f2.0 - 11 in 1/3 stop increments
Tele f2.8 - f11 in 1/3 stop increments
Photometric system: Digital "ESP" center weighted matrix and spot metering
Exposure control: Programmed to auto exposure (+/- 2EV by 1/2EV steps exposure compensation).
Focusing: TTL autofocus system, manual focus settings of infinity, 8 ft./2.5m, or macro
Working range: 20cm - 80cm (macro mode), 80cm - infinity.
Shutter: 1/2 sec. to 1/800 sec. stepless (programmed and aperture priority)
1/3 stop increments (shutter priority)
Viewfinder: Optical real image zoom viewfinder, LCD monitor.
LCD monitor & number of pixel: 4.5cm/1.8inch color TFT LCD monitor with 114,00 pixel (made from Low-temperature poly-silicon), brightness adjustment is possible.
Flash mode: Built-in flash: Auto-Flash (lowlight and backlight), Red-Eye Reducing Flash, Off, Fill-in, External.
Flash working range: 0.8-4.2m (Equivalent to ISO 100), ISO is selectable (100, 200, 400).
Sequence mode: Burst of up to 45 images at 2 frames per second. Sequence mode works in all resolutions. (resolutions vary speed and number)
Self-timer: 12 second delay, 2 second delay with RM-1 remote
On-screen display: One frame, slide-show mode, index-display mode (4, 9, 16 frames), close-up (manual setting is possible).
Direct printing (w/ P-200, P-150) (P-220; SM card I/F): Single, Index print (6 x 5 = 20 frames), multi print (16-cut), mirror print (for T-shirt iron on print), random image/all print with P-200.
Outer connector: DC input terminal, data input/output terminal (RS222C), video output terminal (PAL or NTSC).
Operating environment: Temperature 0-40 Celsius (operation) /-20-60 Celsius (storage).
Humidity 20-90% (operation) /10-90% (storage).
Power supply: Main power source: 4 AA nickel hydride batteries (batteries and charger included), 4 AA alkaline, NiCad or lithium batteries. Or optional AC adapter (C-7AU or C-6AU)
Date/Time/Calender: Simultaneous recording into image data.
Automatic calendar system: Up to year 2030
Dimensions: 107.5 (W) x 72.5 (H) x 66.4 (D) (excluding projections).
Weight: TBD (without battery and SmartMedia Card)
Software: Adobe@PhotoDeluxe (Mac/Win) Enroute QuickStitch™ (Mac/Win) Olympus Camedia Master (Mac/Win)
System requirements: CD-ROM drive, 32MB RAM or greater, 75 MB free hard drive space. Monitor with 256 colors (millions recommended) 640 X 480 or greater screen resolution

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