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Palm Computing's Palm IIIe

Palm Computing's Palm IIIe connected organizer is an entry level version of its popular family of handheld products. The Palm IIIe has all the easy-of-use functionality of other previous Palm organizers but at a low, breakthrough price. Aimed at students and business professionals, The Palm IIIe features the same compact form factor as the Palm III but has the advanced liquid crystal display screen, which has improved contrast and clarity, that first appeared in the Palm IIIx.

"Palm Computing organizers have become indispensable tools for managing almost any aspect of daily life," said Byron Connell, director of product marketing for Palm Computing. "With the Palm IIIe product, we hope to delight a broader segment of users who are new to Palm Computing organizers and who will appreciate the value of the Palm Computing organizer's world-renowned ease-of-use at an extremely affordable price."

The Palm IIIe organizer, like its siblings is capable of instant one-touch synchronization with any PC or Macintosh computer. Its efficient design for data storage enables the Palm IIIe organizer's 2MB of memory to store 6,000 addresses, five years of appointments, 1,500 To Do items, 1,500 memos and 200 e-mail messages.

The Palm IIIe features infrared (IR) "beaming" making it capable of sharing information such as schedules, events, applications, games or memos, wirelessly with other IR-enabled Palm Computing organizer users.

The IIIe connects to your Mac serial port. If your Mac doesn't have a serial port an optional PalmConnect USB Kit is available which consists a cable that allows you to connect the Palm IIIe to USB capable Macs. The Palm IIIe runs on two AAA batteries.

A recent Macworld review gave the Palm IIIe 4 mice out of a possible 5 and said this about the product:

"The Palm IIIe is a solid handheld organizer based on a proven platform. Handspring's Visor, which includes a USB cradle and Mac software, may seem like a better deal, but until it ships, it's unproven technology. The Palm IIIe simply works, and it does so at a great price."

Palm IIIe MSRP: $199 .......... Check for lowest price

Palm Computing
(408) 326-5000

Size and Weight 4.7" x 3.2" x .7" ; 6oz
Operating System Palm OS
Display Enhanced screen technology — easier to see at all angles, in dim light, and in bright sunlight.
Hardware Expansions Hardware add-on components (such as modem) via serial port.
Battery Life Approximately two months life on two AAA alkaline batteries.
Connectivity Internet ready with TCP/IP software included to enable Internet-based applications and e-mail.
IR Port Beam your business card, phone lists, memos, and add-on applications to other IR-enabled Palm Computing platform devices. Use third-party beaming applications with IR-enabled phones, printers, etc.
Storage Capacity 2MB stores approximately 6,000 addresses • 5 years of appointments • 1,500 to-do items • 1,500 memos • 200 e-mail messages.* • and lots of third-party applications.
Items Included in the Box Palm IIIe connected organizer • Palm Desktop organizer software • Two AAA alkaline batteries • DB-25 adapter • Getting Started Guide • Handbook • HotSync cradle.
Macintosh System Requirements** Any Apple Macintosh or compatible with a Power PC processor, System 7.5.3 or later, CD-ROM drive, and one available serial or USB port.

**Connectivity to a USB-equipped Macintosh requires the PalmConnect USB Kit. For connectivity to a Macintosh with a serial port, get the Palm MacPac.

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