Product Watch: Suspense Author Tom Clancy Brings Hot Gaming To The Mac


Rainbow Six

Red Storm Entertainment, the gaming company founded by suspense author Tom Clancy (of Hunt For Red October fame) , has, with the help of MacSoft, brought the strategy/thriller game Ranbow Six to the Mac platform, a year and a half after it was released for the PC (where it has been a best seller). The Ranbow Six is inspired by Clancy's novel of the same name.

The story for the game (as well as the book) centers around Rainbow, an elite anti-terrorist task force whose mission is to save the planet. In the game, players assume the roles of Rainbow team members. They begin by assembling a team of eight, chosen from twenty crack operatives, each of whom possess special characteristics and skills. Along with the operatives, players select the type of weapons they would like to use for the mission. Once the team is in place, military advancements are plotted on a mission blueprint, and the battle gets underway.

Players are then launched into a intense action phase. In a complete 3-D environment they must fight their way through seventeen highly detailed and dangerous levels, all of which are controlled by terrorists. Many of these levels resemble real-life settings, according to Red Storm, including the Belgian Embassy and the African Congo. The goal of the game is to eliminate the terrorists, save the world and of course stay alive - all in a days work for the typical Mac user!

According to Red Storm, in developing the game, Clancy sought out the technical advice of his contacts in FBI and SWAT team veterans. The Rainbow Six developers also consulted with advisors at the International Training Division at Heckler & Koch, which is the world-renowned training school for special operatives often mentioned in Clancy novels.

One of the strong suits of the game is the player's ability to write his own story - whether the characters succeed or fail is entirely in their hands. The game requires strategy skills and pinpoint attack precision.

Can their be a best selling Hollywood movie far behind?

A recent Mac Gamer's Ledge review gave Rainbow Six, 4 peaks out of a possible 5, and said this about the game:

"Rainbow Six is a good game with an unique and exciting premise. I recommend it to anyone who has the hardware to run it, revels in planning, and enjoys a healthy dose of strategy along with their action. The ability to re-plan and execute individual missions makes for high replay value"

Rainbow Six Suggested Retail Price: $49.95 .................... Check for lowest price

GT Interactive Software
13110 NE 177th Place Suite # B101,
Box 180
Woodinville, WA 98072-9965

Not Satisfied? Visit The Rainbow Six FAQ

System Requirements:

System Requirements: Any Macintosh G3 or PowerPC with 200MHz 604 or faster processor, 64MB RAM, 275 hard drive space, CD-ROM drive, Rage Pro or better 3D accelerator with direct support for Apple's OpenGL (if you're not sure if your card supports Open GL, please check with your manufacturer).

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