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Dantz Retrospect 4.2

Dantz Retrospect 4.2 adds flexible application-based client licensing that allows any Macintosh running Retrospect to easily back up both Macintosh and Windows computers across the network. Administrators are no longer required to purchase separate Retrospect Client packs for each platform. Other new features include advanced networking to back up computers across routers, HTML-based help, and an upgraded disaster recovery CD.

Retrospect 4.2 is a free upgrade to registered users of version 4.1.

Product Line Changes

With the release of version 4.2, the names of the Retrospect products for Macintosh have changed. Retrospect becomes Retrospect Desktop Backup, and Retrospect Network Backup Kit becomes Retrospect Workgroup Backup. In addition to the name change, Retrospect Workgroup Backup includes twenty (20) cross-platform clients, a significant increase from the ten (10) previously included Macintosh only clients. Pricing remains unchanged for all products.

Application-Based Cross-Platform Client Licenses

Retrospect 4.2 eases the task of client administration in workgroups by shifting from individual client licenses to flexible application-based licenses. The backup administrator simply enters one or more client license codes into the Retrospect application. The administrator can then add networked Macintosh or Windows clients, up to the amount allowed by the license. Retrospect keeps track of all client licenses, significantly decreasing administration tasks.

New Retrospect Client packs contain software for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, providing users with more flexibility for mixed networks. Previously, separate packs were required for each platform. Retrospect 4.2 also allows any previously purchased Retrospect Client codes to be used with either Macintosh or Windows clients, regardless of the Client package originally purchased.

Advanced Networking

Retrospect 4.2's advanced networking features make it easy to back up any computer on the network. Administrators simply define IP address ranges, and Retrospect ensures clients located within those subnets are included in the backup. Organizations that use DHCP address allocation can now reliably back up client computers, even across one or more routers.

Additional New Retrospect 4.2 Features

HTML Help: Retrospect's online help system is now easier to navigate and search. Hypertext links allow users to quickly access information within the program or on the Dantz website.

Updated Disaster Recovery CD: The new Retrospect 4.2 CD boots all currently shipping Power Macintosh computers, including iMacs, "blue and white" G3s, and "bronze" G3 PowerBooks. The CD boots Mac OS 8.6 and includes the latest versions of Apple's Disk First Aid and Drive Setup utilities, offering users the fastest method of repairing and restoring a hard drive.

DES Encryption: Retrospect 4.2 ships with the US government standard DES encryption. Previously unavailable internationally, this robust 56-bit encryption is now standard with all versions of Retrospect.

Upgrades And Pricing

Registered owners of Retrospect version 4.1 are entitled to a free upgrade that can be downloaded from Dantz. For customers who wish to receive the new Mac OS 8.6 bootable disaster recovery CD, a small handling fee will apply.

A recent MacNN review of Retrospect 4.1 gave the software 5 stars out of a possible 5 calling it " hands-down the most robust and easiest backup utility for any platform"

MSRP: $150 .......... Check for lowest price

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Technical Marketing

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