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SoftRouter Plus 6.0

SoftRouter Plus is an integrated suite of extended Internet connectivity modules. They incorporate over 15 extended functions including: NAT (Network Address Translation) for Internet connection sharing; industrial strength TCP/IP router; web caching server for accelerated throughput; DHCP server for ease of administration; DNS caching for faster access; local DNS server; Remote Access Server; firewall security and multi-hosting to run multiple virtual web sites.

  • Shared Internet Access allows multiple users on the network to access the Internet using a single Internet Service Provider (ISP) account and connection.

  • The optional Remote Administration function provides full access to monitoring and administration functions by authenticated users from a locally networked or remote computer.

  • The new WebHeaders allow an administrator to create and select a text or graphic message to be placed automatically in a separate frame above each web page displayed in users' browsers.

  • A TCP server locator allows users to see a list of all web, FTP or other servers on the LAN without having to manually probe individual IP addresses, or ask their colleagues what url to use.

  • Web Caching Server automatically caches web content, improving network response time and efficiency. All computers on the LAN transparently benefit from the Web Cache with no manual browser configuration required.

  • Firewall stops unwanted entry to the local network from the Internet, preventing any possible security compromises.

  • Extensive Access Controls govern which particular clients have access to the Internet or other interconnected networks.

  • DHCP Server allocates TCP/IP networking information to machines on the local network automatically.

  • Dynamic Local DNS Server offers host name and IP address management.

  • Software Router provides easy interconnection of different networks.

  • Remote Access Server gives support for dial-in users, (e.g. users wanting access from home) giving access to network services, such as email.

  • Powerful Multi-Hosting feature allows any Web Server to run multiple virtual web sites.

Available for Windows 95/98, NT Workstation, NT Server & MacOS, SoftRouter Plus offers flexibility, configuration options and compatibility. As the Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus uses true TCP/IP routing technology, it supports almost any TCP/IP application running on the client machines, regardless of platform, simplifying configuration and offering the maximum in compatibility.

A comprehensive setup facility makes installation and configuration a breeze, with Darko, the setup assistant, configuring available options to suit your system configuration.

The software automatically detects the available hardware and configures itself appropriately, prompting the user with simple questions if required.

SoftRouter Plus allows multiple users to share a single Internet account by sharing a single IP address, reducing connection costs considerably. As SoftRouter Plus uses Network Address Translation (NAT), it offers all of the advantages of transparent NAT Internet Connection Sharing and proxy web caching. Each user accesses the Internet as if they were directly connected, but with the security features of an inbuilt firewall to prevent unwanted entry from the Internet back into the local network.

SoftRouter Plus supports almost any connection method to the Internet and other TCP/IP networks, including Telco Return Systems, offering possibilities for Extranets between offices, customers and suppliers.

With the flexibility of supporting different network connections also comes the ability to connect and route TCP/IP information between different network types, such as Ethernet networks to Token ring networks, or in the case of the MacOS based SoftRouter Plus, the ability to support Localtalk networks.

The Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus WebCache Module reduces Internet Delays by storing copies of the web content on the user's LAN. The WebCache dramatically improves web browsing response times through rapid delivery of frequently accessed web content from a high performance caching server.

An in-built, fully enabled & configurable DHCP Server distributes TCP/IP information automatically to client machines on the local network, simplifying considerably any client configuration: Set the client to automatically get it's configuration information (a standard feature supported in Windows 95/NT, MacOS, Unix systems and most other systems that follow TCP/IP standards); Thats it! The combination of SoftRouter Plus' Network Address Translation and the DHCP server gives ease of use, performance and reliability.

DHCP/DNS integration allows users to retain the benefits of accessing hosts by name rather than by IP number while enjoying the advantages of DHCP. Frequently used Internet DNS Lookups are stored in the DNS Cache, eliminating many delays and speeding up browsing for the end user.

Access rights can be configured to restrict certain users from Internet access or restrict access from remote users or other TCP/IP networks connected through the SoftRouter Plus.

A fully implemented Remote Access Server supports dial-in access for remote networks and users, giving the opportunity to offer Intranet services, such as email, online databases or Intranet web servers to remote users, suppliers or customers.

Simple to use, configure and monitor, SoftRouter Plus continuously displays graphical & numerical real-time status reports of active connections, such as the Internet connection, Local Area Network connections, dial-in ports and Wide Area Network connections attached to the SoftRouter Plus machine. The client who triggers a connection to the Internet can be seen along with the users who are currently accessing the Internet through the Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus. TCP/IP traffic throughput monitoring gives feedback on network and Internet connection utilization.

System Requirements

Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus:

  • PowerPC (Including G3, iMac), 68040
  • Highly optimised application for PowerPC
  • System Software 7.5.3 or later
  • Open Transport 1.1.1 or later
  • 6M bytes free RAM
  • Up to 6M Bytes available disk space

Plus requirements below for the WebCache Server Module:

  • PowerPC (Including G3, iMac), 68040
  • System Software 7.5.3 or later
  • Open Transport 1.1.1 or later
  • 5M bytes free RAM
  • At least 100M bytes available disk space for practical use

Vicomsoft Administrator Console:

  • PowerPC (Including G3, iMac), 68040
  • System Software 7.5.3 or later
  • Open Transport 1.1.1 or later
  • 3M bytes free RAM
  • 3M bytes available disk space

If you are using an old 68K machine and dial-up connection then a high speed serial port is recommended (PowerPC and G3 Macs already have these ports as standard).

Being software based, SoftRouter Plus is a future proof connectivity method. As your Internet requirements grow, and higher performance connections become available, Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus can be simply reconfigured to support any new connection methods.

Initially a dial-up connection could be all that is required, but may expand to an ISDN, xDSL or even T1 connection.

As SoftRouter Plus is a true TCP/IP Router, with no proprietary client configurations or incompatibilities with client software, it will support almost any Intranet/Internet based TCP/IP applications running on any hardware platforms, including any web browsers, email servers, email clients, FTP clients etc.

A recent Macworld review gave SoftRouter Plus 6.0, 5 mice out of a possible 5 saying that "the big improvement in version 6.0 is a bundled caching Web server [...] In tests over an ISDN Internet connection with five remote users, SoftRouter Plus demonstrated T1-like performance when accessing cached sites."

Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus 5 user pack MSRP: $149

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Mountain View CA
94043 USA
Sales: 1-800 818 4266
Fax: (650) 691 9838

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