Product Watch: Barely Out The Door And Prices On G4's Are Dropping Already

Sonnet Drops Prices On G4 Processors

Sonnet has hardly got their G4 upgrade cards to retailers and they are already wacking up to $200 off the price. This is of course to keep up with the competition still it's welcome for consumers that want to upgrade to the latest and the greatest. The G4 chip may not be for everyone. There are few current applications that take advantage of the "Velocity Engine" (Altivec Instructions) of the G4 chip. But this should change substantially in the coming months. Still if you are going to be using mostly current applications you can get more bang going the G3 route where you can find upgrades in the 500Mhz range.

The G4 is really a forward looking chip. If, however,you are a heavy duty user of Photoshop 5.5 working on large images, you will find that a G4 chip will really speed up the functions of some filters.

Without further ado the price cuts:

The Encore G4/400/1MB went from $999.95 to $799.95. This upgrade is a Zif card that is compatible with the following machines: G3 Desktop, Mini-Tower, Server, All-in-One, Blue and White G3 and Gray G4 (Yikes motherboard). The Encore simple plugs into the Zif socket of compatible models and automatically configures itself to run at 400Mhz, whether it is in a machine with a 66Mhz system bus or a 100Mhz system bus.

Sonnet also has two cards for PCI based Macs (Power Macs 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8515, 8600, 9500, 9515, 9600; Workgroup Servers - 7350, 8550, 9650; Power Computing - PowerTower Pro, PowerWave; UMAX J700, S900; Daystar - Genesis Series, Millennium; Mactell - XB Pro). The Crescendo G4/PCI 400/1MB has dropped from $999.95 to $799.95 and the Crescendo G4/PCI 350/1MB has gone from $699.95 to $599.95.

Sonnet cards require no setting of jumpers, switches or control panels. Just install the Crescendo extension and the upgrade and go.

MacSpeedZone will shortly be doing reviews of Sonnet's G4 cards

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