Product Watch: Typing Skills Not What They Should Be? Spell Properly In Any Application, In One Of 8 Different Languages!

Spell Catcher 8

Casady & Greene's Spell Catcher 8, a powerful spelling and writing tool, now has more of an international approach. It now supports 8 languages including US English, UK English, French, Canadian French, Swiss German, Italian, and Spanish. The new version also has a more intuitive interface and sleeker design.

One of the new features is a Look Up window, which provides Definitions, Pronunciations and Thesaurus entries. This feature will also speak the word for you for English or Spanish languages using Apple's Text to Speech technology.

Additional references included in the product are medical, legal, scientific/technical, computer, biological/geological and HTML.

The original Spell Catcher was a global tool which could be used with any program the User chose. In the new version the User no longer has to select the progams in which it will work. Spell Catcher 8 is automatically available in every program and is now a full-fledged application.

One of the most useful features of Spell Catcher has been present in all versions of the program. That is the Personal Glossary expansions dictionary. This feature allows the user to create custom shorhand, (such as "vty" which is automatically expanded to "very truly yours"). The glossary can include carriage returns, punctuation and tab formatting, thus making salutations and routine repetition a breeze.

Another new feature is the Modify Selection of text. This includes 18 modules such as the ability to change multiple spaces to single spaces, tabs to spaces or capitalize sentences. These modules can be combined to create your own macros.

"The comprehensive reference sources in Spell Catcher 8 mke this one of the most powerful proofing tools available to anyone who writes on a Mac", said Clent Richardson, Apple's Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations

A recent review of Spell Catcher 8 by MacAddict gave Spell Catcher 4 Addict out of possible 4 and said this about the product:

"It's pleasing to see all the new features and refinements in this latest revision of Spell Catcher. Anyone who uses a word processor or sends emails is doing a disservice to themselves and their readers if they don't have Spell Catcher 8 installed on their Mac"

A recent Macworld review gave it 4 mice out of a possible 5 and said this:

"For those who are sloppy typists or work with programs that don't include spelling checkers, Spell Catcher is a must-have product. It's less compelling if you work in Microsoft Office, but even then, the extra features may be worth the $50 price tag"

Spell Catcher 8 has a MSRP of $49 .......... Check for lowest price

Casady & Greene, Inc.
22734 Portola Dr.
Salinas California 93908
800-359-4920 (us sales)
831-484-9218 (fax)

Additional Features

  • Checks your spelling and punctuation interactively as you type
  • Corrects and modifies your writing using an extensive collection of writing modification modules, including form paragraphs, search and replace, statistics
  • Much faster than previous version
  • "Smarter" and larger word list for each dictionary which provides you with more and better suggestion
  • Spell Catcher is now an application, not a control panel. As a result, the program is less likely to cause system conflicts. (Spell Catcher does come with a small extension, but its primary function is to create the new Spell Catcher checkmark menu.) The program has also been redesigned for better looks, clearer terminology.
  • Better word list Spell Catcher 8 has a smarter, larger word list. The program provides more, and better, suggestions when you make a typo.
  • Support for 8 languages - Spell Catcher can now check your spelling and look up synonyms, in eight different languages. Lookup definitions for English words
  • Interactive mode tracks multiple errors Spell Catcher keeps track of more than one error during interactivewindows, making Spell Catcher's interactive checking compatible with many more applications, including graphics programs.
  • More Modify Selection Modules You now get more Modify Selection modules, such as Strip Characters, Strip White Space, and Word Count. And you can combine these modules into multi-step Macros, which make it easy to do things like cleaning up incoming e-mail by removing "quoting" characters, removing extraneous white space, and forming proper paragraphs by removing "hard" return characters. You can assign macros to keyboard shortcuts for easy access.
  • Greater Compatibility - Spell Catcher's Suggest Spelling and Lookup windows are now floating windows, making Spell Catcher's interactive checking compatible with many more applications, including graphics programs.
  • Learned Words Editor Spell Catcher offers new editors for Learned Words (formerly called Supplementary dictionaries) and Shorthand Glossaries (formerly Glossaries). You no longer have to edit plain-text files; you can edit these word lists right in Spell Catcher, or drag-and-drop text from another program for easy bulk addition of words. The new editors contain features for easily finding duplicate learned words or shorthand glossary entries.

Spell Catcher 8 Mac System Requirements: System 8.1 or later, CD-ROM Drive

Not satisfied? Visit the Spell Catcher 8 FAQ.

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