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Timbuktu Pro 5.0

Netopia is a market leader in collaboration software. Timbuktu Pro 5.0 is newest version of their remote control and file transfer software for the Macintosh. Timbuktu Pro's functionality has been significantly enhanced to enable easier use over the Internet and Intranet connections as well as faster screen-sharing for modem based connections. Timbuktu's cross-platform screen-sharing capabilities allows any Macintosh to communicate with another Macintosh or Windows 3.x, 9X, or NT machine through modem-to-modem, ARA dial-up, Internet, LAN or WAN connections.

"With the iMac leading the way as the worlds first Internet appliance we focused directly on the needs of the evolving Internet Macintosh user," said Jeff Porter, director, Software Product Marketing, Netopia Inc. "Remote control, file transfer, and communication over Internet-based, dial-up connections is what the market wants and Timbuktu Pro 5.0 delivers on those needs."

New Features

Faster Screen Sharing Performance - Timbuktu Pro 5.0 uses new remote control technologies, that Netopia claims, dramatically improve remote control over dial-up and Internet connections. Resulting in connections up to 200% faster.

Internet Locator - The new version of Timbuktu makes it easy for anyone to quickly find other users on the Internet or LAN. Even those Timbuktu users who have dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned at the time of dial up, can be found. Netopia hosts 24 hours a day the Timbuktu Pro Internet Locator server which matches a Tibuktu Pro 5.0 customer's email address with his or her most current TCP/IP address in real-time, whenever the customer is online. Any Timbuktu user can connect to any other user simply by knowing that user's email address.

Tele/Modem Toggle - When using an analog phone line, Timbuktu Pro allows the users at each end to switch between a Timbuktu Pro connection and a live telephone conversation. This eliminates extra phone calls, the need for extra phone lines and eases communication.

Timbuktu's remote access and fast file transfer capabilities enable business travelers and remote users to control their desktop computer to find and retrieve files, draft documents, create presentations, or perform any other operation. Its collaboration features allow Macintosh owners to work remotely with others in real time to facilitate work on projects, graphics creation, copy editing and more. With Timbuktu's Chat and InterCom capabilities, live remote communication is easy over virtually any type of Internet/Intranet connection.

Large organizations, IT professionals, and help desk managers will find Timbuktu Pro to be an indispensable tool to troubleshoot and resolve problems over the network or across remote dial-up connections. Administrators can update software, train users on new applications and operating systems, and manage servers from any location to solve network problems instantly or perform routine maintenance tasks. Common Timbuktu tasks such as file and web server back-ups can be automated through the use of AppleScripts

A recent Macworld review gave Timbuktu Pro 5.0, 4 mice out of a possible 5 - "Timbuktu Pro is one of those programs that gets better with each update; version 5.0 is a worthwhile upgrade for most users and indispensable for those who aren't on a LAN"

Timbuktu Pro 5.0 MSRP: $99 single user $53 per licence for a 100 pack Upgrade $30 per computer .......... Check for lowest prices

Netopia, Inc.
2470 Mariner Square Loop
Alameda, CA 94501
Ph: (510) 814 5361
Fx: (510) 814 5028


Key Features

  • Mac OS 9 Compatible
  • Up to 200% faster
  • Remote Control over modem connections
  • Internet Locator offers IP & Email Address Matching for dynamic IP addresses
  • IP Browser creates lists via TCP/IP to locate current users on the network
  • New keychain support for passwords
  • Tele/Modem Toggle allows you to switch between voice and remote control over same connection
  • Built-in Intercom for voice over IP conversations over the Internet
  • File Synchronization automatically synchronizes information, files and directories between your computers
  • Send Recovery automatically picks up when a large file transfer is unexpectedly interrupted
  • Timbuktu Pro 32 and Timbuktu Pro for Windows compatibility
  • QuickTime VCR allows recording of Timbuktu sessions

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • A PowerPC-based Mac OS computer
  • 16 MB of physical RAM
  • 12 MB of available disk space
  • An Internet (TCP/IP) connection (including Apple Remote Access dial-up) network connection.
  • For modem connections, a 14.4kbps modem (28.8 kbps or 33.6kbps or faster modem is strongly recommended)
  • For the Intercom service, a microphone on each computer with both machines using Timbuktu Pro

Minimum Software Requirements

  • Mac OS 8.1 system software (or later)
  • One copy of Timbuktu Pro software on each computer that is to make or receive Timbuktu Pro connections
  • For TCP/IP or AppleTalk connections, properly installed and configured transport software

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