Product Watch: Nuestro Culpa - A Virtual Game Station Follow-up - The JoyPort Connection


Connectix Virtual Game Station and Kernel Productions JoyPort

We had made a little mistake in our second look at Connectix Virtual Game Station yesterday when we stated that there is no current way to use Sony PlayStation controllers with your Mac apparently Kernel Productions has a solution called the JoyPort. More about that below.

First a little news about Virtual Game Station from the horses mouth - so to speak.

We emailed Roy McDonald CEO of Connectix with some follow-up questions. Specifically we wanted to know if:

VGS was compatible with G4 PowerMacs? The answer was "Yes"

Would it run under OS 9? Again "Yes".

What is the current legal situation of VGS with regards to Sony's lawsuit? Connectix is still waiting for a decision from the appelate court, which they believe will come shortly. The future of VGS depends on that decision.

Anything else he would like to share? Watch for new product announcements at Macworld in January!

And now for today's featured product!

Kernel Productions sells the JoyPort which comes in both an ADB and a USB model. What is the JoyPort? It's a joystick adapter that lets you use Playstation, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Atari and PC gameport controllers with your Mac.

You just plug the JoyPort ADB/USB into your Mac, plug the controllers into the JoyPort and use your favorite game console controllers on your Mac.

Any button on any attached joystick can be configured to perform any mouse or keyboard activity. Each button can also be programmed to move the mouse in any direction (this is not limited to just the directional pad), or generate any number of mouse clicks.

Analog axes (like the X, Y on a PC gameport-compatible stick, or the analog joystick on a N64 controller) can be configured for mouse and keyboard emulation giving you complete control over your flight sim and driving games.

Each button can also be programmed for any set of 8 keys, including any combination of keys. The JoyPort has editable labels, so it is easy to remember what every button does.

It also comes with features such as multi-click, where a button can generate three separate sets of 8 key presses depending on how many times you press the button in succession, and key toggle which emulates the action of the caps lock key, but for any set of 8 key presses. You can also program any button to generate up to 8-keypress commands that will be engaged one after the other each time you press the button.

A beta version of the JoyPort InputSprockets software is now available for use with games that support InputSprockets.

Kernel Production JoyPort MSRP: $49.95

Kernel Production
(302) 456-3026
(302) 456-3124

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