Product Watch: More G4 Upgrade Cards Out The Door!

XLR8 Ships 400Mhz G4 Upgrades

400 MHz MACh Carrier G4 for pre-G3 PowerMacs

400 MHz MACh Speed G4Z for all PowerMac G3 systems and some G4 systems

On the shoulders of its shipping of 500 MHz G3, and 350 MHz G4 Upgrades, XLR8 begins shipments of a new high speed duo of PowerPC 7400 (G4) Upgrades at 400 MHz.

Included with XLR8's upgrades are the MACh Speed Control for automated compatibility, XLR8's Velocity Extensions for AltiVec performance in Photoshop 3.x/4.x and XLR8's PowerPack for testing, benchmarking, performance and graphics.

"Not only are we delivering the fastest upgrades available, we've also ensured that our customers receive the latest and most compatible revisions of the G4 CPU and software," said Gary Dailey, Director of Marketing for XLR8.

About XLR8 400 MHz MACh Carrier G4

This new performance upgrade utilizes XLR8's Carrier Technology to deliver full compatibility, and ZIF upgradeable options. The upgrade provides plug & play functionality, with additional performance optimization utilizing XLR8's MVP (Multiple Variable Processing). The MACh Carrier G4 simply replaces the existing CPU card and is compatible with OS 8.6 and 9.x in the PowerMacs 7300,7500,7600,8500,8600,9500,9600; the PowerComputing PowerWave, PowerTower Pro; the DayStar Genesis MP 720 up, Millennium; the UMAX S900, J700.

MSRP for the MACh Carrier is $999

About XLR8 400 MHz MACh Speed G4z

This is the G4 ZIF offering, for ZIF based systems. The compact upgrade provides plug & play functionality simply replacing the existing CPU daughtercard and is compatible with OS 8.6 and 9.x in the PowerMac G3 Desktop, All-in-One, MiniTower; The PowerMac G3 Blue&White; The 350 MHz and 400 MHz PowerMac G4.

MSRP Pricing for the MACh Speed G4z is $879 .......... Check for lowest price

Gary Dailey

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