Product Watch: What Does The XLR8 Velocity Extension Speed Up?

About XLR8's Velocity Extensions

XLR8's Velocity extensions deliver substantial performance improvements for XLR8 G4 upgrades when running Adobe Photoshop 3.x or 4.x according to the company. Since these extensions utilize custom Altivec performance code, XLR8 claims that users can expect performance gains of 50% to 300% faster than the same application running on non-XLR8 G4 systems or upgrades. The first release of the XLR8 Velocity Extension gives advanced performance with the following Photoshop functions:

  • Blend Color, Blend Gradient Tool
  • Blur, Blur More, Blur Motion, Blur Radial, Blur Smart, Gaussian Blur, High Pass, Motion Blur
  • Despeckle, Feather, Find Edges
  • Rotate, Rotate Canvas 180, Rotate Canvas 90, Rotate Canvas Arbitrary, Rotate Canvas Flip Horizontal, Rotate Canvas Flip Vertical
  • Sharpen, Sharpen Edges, Sharpen More, Unsharp Mask
  • Image Size, Resize, Canvas Size

Components of the above functions are called for in various other areas of Photoshop so users should also see additional performance gains in Variances, Duplicate, Transform and Free Transform. XLR8 says that it has also further optimized Gaussian Blur and Unsharp Mask large radius filters claiming that they perform up to 5 times faster.

"We are continuing to expand the list as well as working to investigate advanced functionality for newer versions of Photoshop. We also hope to deliver Velocity Extensions for additional applications" said Gary Dailey, Director of Marketing for XLR8.

The XLR8 Velocity Extensions ship on a CD included with the purchase of XLR8's G4 processor upgrade cards.

XLR8 Velocity Extensions MSRP: Free with the purchase of an XLR8 G4 Processor Upgrade Card

Gary Dailey

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