The Performance Edge: Want a Multi Processor G4 Upgrade? Want to Set the Price?
Bend Newer Technology's Ear!

October 19th, 2000
Newer Technology is in the process of mapping out their upgrade product line for 2001. With G4 processors currently maxed out at 500 MHz, coming up with products that "push the envelope" is a challenge to put it mildly. Newer Technology is considering the "two brains are better than one" approach that Apple introduced with their MP machines. To gauge interest in Multi-processor upgrades, Newer has posted a survey on their web site.

The survey consists of 16 questions covering a variety of topics: computers owned, primary OS in use, adoption plans for OS X and, interestingly, what a fair price would be for G4/400 MP and G4/500 MP upgrade cards. Only these last two questions accept keyboard input, with the remainder consisting of "select one" or "select all that apply" choices. Fortunately, we have a Newer Tech. staff person monitoring our Newer Technology discussion forum so if you have additional comments or questions after filling out the survey, post them below. Someone from Newer should get back to you. As an added bonus, your completion of Newer's survey will automatically enter you in a drawing for a G4 upgrade card. The winner will have a choice of a PCI or ZIF style upgrade... If you want a chance to win you had better enter soon as Newer will probably conclude the survey next week.

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