The Performance Edge: 21% Off Your Next G3/G4 Upgrade Card - Newer's Temporary Rebate And The Price/Performance Equation


NewerTech has a rebate of up to $150 on two of their cards for PCI based PowerMacs. The rebate is good through April. The cards in question are a 350MHz G4 and 500MHz G3.

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are intended for. We also take a comparative look at the price/performance equation of each card.


New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

MAXpowr G3/500/250/1MB
Old Price $699 New Price $549

MAXpowr G4/350/175/1MB
Old Price $499 New Price $399

Power Mac 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8515, 8600, 9500, 9515, 9600
Power Computing PowerCenter, PowerCenter Pro, PowerTower, PowerTower Pro, PowerWave, PowerCurve
UMAX J700/S900

Previous Prices For Newer Cards


What kind of performance gain are you getting for the money you'll be shelling out for the various cards?......

Scores marked in Red indicate this information was provided by PowerLogix. Scores Marked in Blue indicate that this information was independently verified by MacSpeedZone. Also keep in mind that MacBench does not stress the G4's accelerated functions. For Applications that are accelerated for the G4 you can see up to a 2 - 5 times speed improvement over a similarly clocked G3 processor.

And how much do you pay per performance point (price divided by performance score) ....

Previous Price/Performance Comparison For Newer Cards

Ready to spring for that G3 card yet? Ask the MacSpeedZone community how they like the G3 upgrade cards they have bought.

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Newer Press Release

April 12, 2000
Newer Technology offers awesome rebates on several MAXpowr G3 & G4 upgrades
Wichita, KS USA - April 12, 2000 - Newer Technology, Inc., the original
developer of third-party processor upgrades for the Power Mac, announces a
$150 rebate on the purchase of any 500MHz MAXpowr G3 card, as well as a
$100 rebate on the purchase of any 350MHz MAXpowr G4 card for PowerMacs
7300 through 9600. 
The $150 rebate on the 500MHz MAXpowr G3 cards, which carry an estimated
street price of $699, brings the purchase price after rebate to $549. Newer
Technology's part numbers for the cards involved in this rebate are
7MXP+500/250 and 7MXG+500/250. These upgrades earn MacBench 5 processor
test scores of approximately 1600, running roughly seven-to-ten times
faster than many of the stock computers.
The $100 rebate on the 350MHz MAXpowr G4 card, which carries an estimated
street price of $499, brings the purchase price after rebate to $399. Newer
Technology's part number for the card involved in this rebate is
7MXAP350/175. These G4 cards contain Newer's award winning MAXLogic
hardware. This is the nearly magical circuit that provides 100% ROM
compatibility. In conjunction with our award winning software drivers it
provides foolproof operation of exciting new G4 applications. These
upgrades earn MacBench 5 processor test scores of approximately 1150, which
is roughly seven times faster than many of the stock computers. However,
when AltiVec * Velocity Engine-enhanced software is run on a Newer upgraded
machine, the performance gains are often much greater than what a simple
benchmark routine is capable of showing. 
The rebate is good on purchases made from April 11 through April 30, 2000.
A dated sales receipt and completed rebate form are required. The rebate
form can be downloaded from the Newer Technology website at
. All rebate materials
must be mailed to Newer Technology for consideration by May 15, 2000, and
must be received no later than May 31, 2000 -- no exceptions. Customers
should allow six-to-eight weeks for rebate processing.
Newer's iPresident, John Nelson, states, "Our new manufacturing
relationship with Tri-M is paying dividends. Their fanatical devotion to
quality, along with an ability to source components at great prices, is
allowing us to provide an awesome rebate to our customers."
Newer Technology has led the development of performance upgrades for the
Macintosh since 1987. Newer's "firsts" include the first 4MB, 8MB, 16MB,
32MB, 64MB & 128MB SIMMs & DIMMs for a variety of Macs, processor upgrades
for the Power Mac, the first G3 upgrade for the Power Mac, and the first G3
processor upgrade for the Power Mac 6100, 7100 and 8100 series, as well as
the first G3 upgrade for the iMac. Newer Technology has more than 15 years*
experience and is the leading developer of performance upgrades for both
PowerBooks and desktop Apple Macintosh computers, as well as Mac OS
compatibles. For more information, contact Newer Technology, Inc., 4848 W.
Irving Street, Wichita, KS 67209; phone: +1 316-943-0222; fax: +1
316/943-0555; E-mail:, or visit the website at