It Cost $59 In 1995 And Today Cost Only $3 - The Amazing Saga Of Apple's Professional PowerBooks

The Price/Performance equation of Apple's PowerBooks has been dropping like a rock since the introduction of the 5300ce/117 (aka the "barbecue") in August 1995. Today, for the same amount of money, you can get 21 times the processing power of the 5300ce/117 (you would have to buy several of today's top of the line PowerBooks to do this - but were talking about how much power you could buy for the same amount of money). Below we take a look at the history of Apple's top-of-the-line Professional PowerBooks from a price/performance perspective - we think you'll agree, there's never been a better time to become moble!

First a little history......

A Family Tree Of Top Of The Line Professional PowerBooks

PowerBook 5300ce/117
Introduced August 1995
Discontinued September 1996
Price: $6,499
MacBench 5.0 Processor Score: 110

PowerBook 3400c/240
Introduced April, 1997
Discontinued April 1998
Price: $6,399
MacBench 5.0 Processor Score: 317
Performance: 188% faster than the 5300ce/117

PowerBook G3/300
Introduced: August 1998
Discontinued: June 1999
Price: $4,999
MacBench 5.0 Processor Score: 970
Performance: 205% faster than the PowerMac 3400c/240
PowerBook G3/400
Introduced: May, 1999
Discontinued: Current
Price: $3,499
MacBench 5.0 Processor Score: 1235
Performance: 27% faster than the PowerMac G3/300

**Comparative performance is based on processor capability alone and does not take into account FPU, graphics or hard drive performance improvements which have and will continue to improve exponentially . Prices do not take inflation into account.

Now that we have dispensed with the history onto the price/performance equation.........


Conclusion: The processor performance that cost you $59.08 in 1995 costs only $2.83 today!

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