The Performance Edge: "Help! iMac Processor Upgrades Are Taking Over The Planet!" - The Price/Performance Equation For PowerLogix's New iMac Upgrades


PowerLogix ,contrary to our expectations, has come out with not one but two upgrades for the iMac. Dubbed the iForce, these upgrades work in iMacs A-D (233MHz to 333MHz machines). How do these cards compare with Newer's iMac upgrade? Well for one thing there is a low-end card running at 400MHz with 512K of backside cache running at half the processor speed (200MHz) and also a high-end card with a processor speed of 500Mhz and 1MB of backside cache running at 40% of the processor speed (200MHz). The Newer card has a processor speed of 466MHz and 1MB of backside cache running at 30% of the processor speed (155MHz). While the Newer card has a full MB of backside cache it is hobbled somewhat by the slower speed.

In addition PowerLogix says that they have created this card from the "ground up", instead of recycling old iMac processor daughter cards, which is the way Newer creates their iMac upgrade.

We are waiting to hear from PowerLogix how they did this (since the Apple ROM resides on the original daughter card and you cannot run an iMac without it). This approach will be a boon for iMac users who want to upgrade, as they will be able to hold onto their old processor cards instead of returning them for a rebate (which you have to do with Newer, or the card will cost you $150 more than the current price of $449).

PowerLogix says the iForce should be available at retailers sometime later this month. We plan to do a review of both cards as soon as they are stay tuned.

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are made for. We are including scores for the current iMacs so you can make a speed comparison to those as well. We also take a comparative look at the price/performance equation of each card.


New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

PowerLogix iForce G3/500/200/1MB
Price: $499

PowerLogix iForce G3/400/200/1MB
Price: $299

iMacs A-D G3/233-333MHz

Previous Prices For PowerLogix Upgrade Cards


What kind of performance gain are you getting for the money you'll be shelling out for the various cards?......

Scores marked in Red indicate this information was provided by PowerLogix. Scores Marked in Blue indicate that this information was independently verified by MacSpeedZone.


And how much do you pay per performance point ................

Note: we have added the current crop of iMacs from Apple in the chart above to give you an idea of how much you would pay per processor performance point to acquire a new machine...You are of course getting a lot more when you buy a new machine!

Previous Price/Performance Equation For PowerLogix Cards

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PowerLogix Press Release

AUSTIN, TX --June 8, 2000 -- PowerLogix announced today that they 
have expanded their award-winning line of G3 and G4 processor 
upgrades to include the dynamic, new iForce upgrade for the immensely 
popular iMac computer from Apple.
"We are the first manufacturer to offer a no-hassle, low cost 
alternative to the millions of iMac owners," said Robin Sharp, 
Marketing Director for PowerLogix R&D, Inc.   "The iForce offers bold 
performance increases at only a modest cost.  This is the first and 
only "from-the-ground-up" iMac processor card design, not simply a 
remanufactured Apple card.  We are offering a full 1mb of backside 
cache on our high-end iForce model.  This is double the size of even 
the latest iMacs from Apple, resulting in more performance at 
hundreds of dollars less than the cost of a new iMac.""
The iForce ships with either 512k  or 1MB of backside cache running at 200 MHz.
iForce Model            List Price
400/200/512k              $299
500/200/1MB               $499
MacBench 5.0 tests indicate that even with the low priced 400MHz 
card, users can increase the performance of their iMac by 150%.  The 
high-end 500Mhz iForce will make even the early iMac 233 a full 145% 
faster than the latest iMac DV.
Model                           CPU Score
iMac 233/117/ 512k                       721
iForce 400/200/512k                     1196
iForce 500/200/1MB                      1539
iMac DV 400/200/512k                       1131
PowerLogix iForce upgrades will be available through resellers later 
this month.
For more information, contact PowerLogix R&D, Inc, 3921 Steck Avenue, 
A-105, Austin, Texas 78759, 877-849-2504, Fax: (512) 795-2981,,