The Performance Edge: Save 100$ On PowerBook Upgrades - What Sonnets Price Cuts Mean To You

Saturday, September 2, 2000

Sonnet has come out with price cuts of $100 on two of its upgrades for 1400 PowerBooks. They are currently the only upgrade manufacturer making upgrades for these machines.

Below we explore what performance gain you will see with these cards installed in the machines they are made for. We also take a comparative look at the price/performance equation of each card.


New Prices and the Machines The Cards Are Intended For

Note: It may be some days after this is posted that new prices will be reflected at retailers

Crescendo G3/PB 400/200/1MB
Old Price $499.95 New Price $399.95

Crescendo G3/PB 333/167/512K
Old Price $399.95 New Price $299.95


PowerBooks 1400/117, 1400/133, 1400/166

Previous Sonnet Prices


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Previous Sonnet Price/Performance Numbers

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Press Release


IRVINE, CALIFORNIA Ø September 1, 2000. Sonnet Technologies, the
worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh€
computers, lowers prices on PowerBook 1400 G3 upgrades by $100.00. By offering
consistently competitive pricing, Sonnet Technologies maintains its
market leadership by setting the best price/performance standard for G3 and G4
processor upgrades. 

Crescendo G3/PB 333/512         $299.95 (was $399.95)
Crescendo G3/PB 400/1M          $399.95 (was $499.95)

The Crescendo G3/PB upgrades replace the original 117, 133, or 166 MHz
603e processor in the PowerBook 1400 machines. The Sonnet upgrade card uses
a specially-configured, low-power copper IBM G3 processor which actually
extends the battery life of the PowerBook 1400, in this case up to 18% with
the 400 MHz upgrade, and up to 30% with the 333 MHz upgrade. 

The Sonnet Crescendo/PowerBook 1400 400 MHz upgrade touts the new
Fortissimo technology which introduces a separate bus on the upgrade card running
twice the speed of the host motherboard. The PowerBook 1400, which has an
original bus speed of 33.3 MHz, would normally support a G3 running no
faster than 10x the bus speed or 333MHz. With a Fortissimo bus speed of 66.6
MHz, the Sonnet Crescendo takes full advantage of a 400 MHz processor.

Sonnet Metronome
Every Sonnet processor upgrade includes the Metronome Profiler Utility
software, giving users useful system performance information such as
processor type, speed, and bus speed.

Simply Fast€
Sonnet cards have unequaled ease-of-installation and reliability. The
Sonnet Presto, Crescendo and Encore cards work in every compatible Macintosh
without the need for the antiquated methods of hardware configuration.
Free from switches, jumpers, and control panels, the Sonnet upgrade cards are
Simply Fast€. Sonnet products are guaranteed to operate reliably over
variations of machine, time and temperature. The ability to move an upgrade
card from one machine to another without the need to tweak any jumpers,
switches or control panels is a significant advantage to resellers and
organizations that want to maximize their flexibility, while minimizing the long
term technical support requirements.

About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.
Sonnet Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is the
worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards and enhancement
products for Apple Macintosh€ computers. Founded in 1986, Sonnet upgrades
more Macintosh models with processor upgrade cards than any other company.
Sonnet products are easy to install, are backed by a three-year warranty,
include free technical support, and require no switches, jumpers, or control
panels. To locate an authorized reseller or purchase product, visit the
Sonnet Technologies web site at , or call the
company at 1-800-786-6260 (USA and Canada) or