The Performance Edge: A 20% Speed Improvement For Your G3 Machine Though Simple Software!

XLR8, manufacturer of CPU upgrade cards, sent us the following press release yesterday covering the update of their MACh Speed G3 Control software which allows you to set a faster cache speed than the default speed that is set on your G3 upgrade card or machine. New features include compatibility with other manufacturer's G3 upgrade cards and with Apple's G3 Machines. We plan to do a full review of the cache utility shortly, with complete benchmarks. After the press release below you will find some preliminary MacBench 5.0 processor, fpu and graphics results carried out on a revision "B" iMac.




May 13, 1999



Version 1.3.2 is 8.6 Compatible for All G3 Systems

ATLANTA, GA - - XLR8, a leading developer and marketer of performance

Enhancement products for Mac OS based computers announced yet another enhanced version --1.3.2 -- of its MACh Speed G3 Control w/ PowerPack Software.

Right on the heels of its SmartControl, Virtual Firmware, and Automated Cache Technology, XLR8 introduces a new performance wave for all G3 systems. From iMacs, to PowerBooks, to its own MACh Speed G3 Upgrades, the new MACh G3 Control delivers compatibility and performance -- cache speeds boosted 33% faster (tested via Macbench 5) on most Apple® systems.

New Performance for Native G3 Apple Systems

The MACh Speed G3 Control completely tests the CPU and cache on start-up, then offers the user the option of running the cache faster than its shipped speed, when possible. Testing shows that over 75% of the standard systems are actually shipped with cache speeds faster than their promoted speed. For example, all 233 MHz iMacs with caches at 116 run successfully at 155 MHz. Users now receive the benefit of full cache (and RAM testing via the PowerPack) plus maximum speed from a simple software package. MACh Speed G3 control is fully 8.6 compatible, OS X server compliant, and supports the iMac, PowerBook G3 and Power Macintosh G3 systems.

New Compatibility for Upgraded G3 Apple Systems

For users of any branded G3 CPU upgrade, XLR8's G3 Control 1.3.2 provides new compatibility and ease of use. The new version provides automated cache and CPU testing with cache speed options not available with non-XRL8 brand G3 software. MACh Speed G3 Control delivers full compatibility with all add-in cards and software (that previously suffered G3 upgrade incompatibilities) such as Adaptec 2940, Media 100 video, and Dantz Retrospect. This new 1.3.2 version has been tested and is compatible with boards from XLR8, NewerTech, Sonnet, Mactell, Vimage, and PowerLogix on Mac OS 8.5.1 and 8.6. "We promised extreme engineering when we brought the DayStar team to XLR8", said Gary Dailey, Director of Marketing, "now everyone can benefit."

Available today, all users of XLR8 brand G3 upgrades such as the MACh Speed G3 and G3Z and its newly announced MACh Carrier, and CarrierZIF upgrades will receive the new G3 control 1.3.2 with their product, or they can download for free via Users of native G3 systems (iMac, PowerBook G3, Power Macintosh G3) and other brands of G3 upgrades can download the software for $29, or purchase a CD version for $49 via (an XLR8 and DayStar authorized electronic reseller).

Additional G3 Control benefits include the following, per earlier release:

    • Safe Cache Settings and improved user feedback - through informative instruction dialogs and process bar during cache testing

    • Automated Startup - Exclusive feature allows the user to set a selected speed from built in list of speeds available, or at the user's option - - thus automatically selecting the fastest and most compatible speed on startup
    • Virtual Firmware - Exclusive software routine/technique that allows G3 Control to execute performance and compatibility routines before any hardware or software initialize

    • User-Friendly Interface - No more "ratios" and "buses". G3 Control simply uses choices based on megahertz (MHz) and megabyte (MB). All the mathematical equations are calculated automatically. A "tab" based interface lets users move easily from settings to support information, to an advanced setting area that allows customization configurations.

Finally, XLR8's G3 Control includes the PowerPack - PowerControl and PowerFrax software. The PowerPack is a spin-off of DayStar's base engineering software and diagnostic tools. PowerControl provides configuration testing, RAM configuration, testing for RAM, SCSI, and full CPU load analysis with Internet updating. PowerFrax is the exclusive multi-functional fractal generator that builds 2-D and 3-D graphics and is also AltiVec and Internet ready!

For more information on XLR8's entire line of performance tools, you can reach them at 316-636-5544, or via the website at

About XLR8

XLR8 is the Macintosh focused division of Interex, a 17-year leader in the connectivity and power protection industry. XLR8 products lead the industry with engineering, compatibility and performance. Product offerings include: the MACh Speed G3 upgrade series, MACh Carrier G3, CarrierZIF, MACh Speed G3 Control w/ PowerPack, InterView USB, DualPort USB, the USB Performance Package, Point&Scroll Mouse, and additional accessories for all Mac OS based systems. XLR8 products are available in more than 16,000 computer superstores, mass merchants, wholesale clubs, computer electronic superstores, wholesale distributors, resellers and online catalogs worldwide. XLR8 maintains a full information resource center on the Internet at All products are backed by toll-free tech support at 800-513-9744, ext. 333, a full two-year limited warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee through authorized dealers.

XLR8. . .tools to perform and create . . . on your Mac!

Media Contact: Lori Vierthaler, 316-636-5544, ext. 229
Technical Contact: Gary Dailey, 770-564-5679


Below is how the Mach Speed G3 control panel performed in preliminary MacBench 5.0 tests when performed in an iMac 233Mhz Revision "B". Cache speed was set at 155.4Mhz the suggested highest rating possible. We will have real world results shortly to see how this plays out with actual applications.


Question: Ready to shell out $30 for a 20% speed improvement? Have you used this cache utility under real-world conditions? What are your impressions? Share your input with the MacSpeedZone community.

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