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Write For Us - It Could Change Your Life!

MacSpeedZone and MacReviewZone are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to write columns for our sites on a one time or ongoing basis. Our sites feature content as diverse as the audience we reach. We are therefore willing to consider almost any article pertaining to the overall Mac "ecosystem", general computing or the Internet. All you need is knowledge and interest in the topic you wish to write about and the desire to share your wisdom, insight, perspective or humor with others. You supply the text and we'll provide the forum.

We cannot afford to pay for your article but will publish and promote what you have written as widely as possible and provide pertinent information about you, your web site, your business etc on the article page - if you so wish. Our audience is of very high quality and each month we get thousands of visits from the most influential corporations and schools, both national and international, including Click here to load MacSpeedZone's site statistics page. We can expose your ideas, expertise and insights to this audience. If you are involved in a Macintosh related business, writing for us can be an excellent way to get some exposure for yourself. A few possible areas where you might find a home are outlined below.

Area Description
AppleTalk Our editorial section on the MacReviewZone site. Voice your opinions about recent headlines that impact the Mac Community. We welcome insightful and well thought out commentary.
"How-To" column
Share your area of expertise with others. This could be a one time article or an ongoing series.
Guest Review
Could be on Mac hardware or software. Initial reviews would have to be on products you already own, but we would probably be able to send software your way for review (and for keeps) down the road.
You name it! The three areas above are just a starting point. We are always open to new ideas for features and ongoing columns. If you have an idea you would like to run by us, drop a line to the Editor


    Because no one deserves to be heard more than you!
    The MacSpeedZone & MacReviewZone Gang