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The Quicksilver Power Mac From The Inside Out - A Pictorial Review

This the second part of our on-going exploration of the new Quicksilver Power Macs. Below we give you a pictorial presentation of the inside components and the outside exterior. The inside is clean and uncluttered and the outside is rich and polished. They are truly works of art, and show once again the ability of Apple to meld function, form and beauty into a package that is more than the sum of its parts. Be sure to click on these scaled down pictures to get a larger, more detailed representation.

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Apple design is not only artistic on the outside but the inside of these modern Macs are well laid out, clean, and almost Zen like, in their simplicity. This is looking at the bulk of the unit with the side latched down.Drive bays are towards the rear. Click the image for details

This is looking at the motherboard of the Quicksilver. All the components are easily accessable. Four PCI slots, 1 graphics slot, 3 RAM slots, a monster heatsink and Airport slot (in the upper left-hand corner), round out the motherboard. Click the image for details

The Power Mac comes completely unhinged Click the image for details


The Back of the computer.... not its best side. Firewire, USB, Ethernet, ADC & VGA, headphone, speakers and modem ports. Click the image for details

Not so bad from a distance ... flowers optional. Click the image for details

Now that's better. Top drive bay contains the optical drive (either a CD-RW or CD-R/CD-RW). The drive bay underneath is for an optional Zip drive - though third party developers may find other uses for it. There are three buttons in the middle; power, reset and programmer's. The round indentation at the bottom is the speaker. Though it looks cooler than other speaker schemes Apple has used, it sounds about the same. Click the image for details

Simply gorgeous. Compared to Apple's first effort at this form factor (the Blue & White machines) - these things are works of art. The Blue & Whites really had kind of an industrial look to them, with that big G3 logo stenciled on the side. Click the image for details


The way the machine is packaged make you really feel that the company cares about the product they have sent you. Apple knows that presentation means something. Click the image for details


And this is the end of our little story. Click the image for details