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Below we have collected links to some of the most useful Macintosh related information you'll need if you have to make the 'Mac argument' in your place of work, school, home or social gathering. Use this information wisely!

Why Mac, Why not Windows? - Apple Toots Its Own Horn

  • Pilots Document Vietnam - the movies these pilots shot during the most exciting and horrifying time of their lives have been integrated into a new two-hour documentary, produced by Storyteller Films, edited on a Power Macintosh G4 with Final Cut Pro, and presented by the History Channel

  • Kroger - Kroger works with Cincinnati photographer Kim D. M. Simmons of Si Onecall studios, who relies on his digital cameras and Apple°s ColorSync to do the job. ColorSync is a patented, color-matching technology built right in to the Mac OS that helps Simmons shoot images of Kroger ice cream that are consistently true-to-color Ü and realistic

  • K-12 Imagine - Wildwood School - Thanks to its integration of Apple technology, says Wildwood Library Media and Technology Coordinator Karen Percak, Wildwood has been able to do an enviable job of addressing its students° wide range of educational needs, and has maintained an unswerving standard of academic excellence.

  • Science & Technology - USC Radiation Oncology - the University of Southern California (USC) Department of Radiation Oncology began developing, in house, its own treatment simulation software in the mid-1980s. Using the Macintosh, one of USC°s top radiation physicists created a state-of-the-art 3D virtual simulation and pre-treatment planning system in his spare time, at very little expense

  • Education - Stanford Academy for New Media - Could this Desktop Movie be an escapee from ¿Mike°s Twisted Festival of Animationî? No, it°s just your (not so) average end-of-class project at Stanford University°s Academy for New Media. And it was all made possible by Schoen°s fertile imaginationÞ with some generous assistance from Power Mac G4 computers and Final Cut Pro

  • The Orphanage - The Orphanage was asked to beta-test Apple°s new authoring tool, DVD Studio Pro. At last, they had a chance to create the DVD portfolio they°d always dreamed of. There was just one catch: They needed the portfolio for the Sundance Festival Ü and that meant a production schedule of a mere five days

  • Science & Technology - The Advanced Computation Group - Not everyone realizes that Apple continues to focus on cutting-edge research in computation. To help satisfy the curiosity of our many technical customers, we are proud to present this overview of the Advanced Computation Group. We hope this will prove a useful reference for interested researchers, teachers, students, and programmers

  • Science & Technology - Designing Maks on a Mac - There was a time, not long ago, when Yuri Petrunin built opto-mechanical devices for nuclear power plants in the former Soviet Union. That is, until one day, he walked right out of his homeland and into the United States. Eventually, he built a healthy, growing company in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, building finely crafted Maksutov astronomical telescopes. And he does it all on his Macintosh

  • Apple (UK and Ireland) - Newstec 2001 - Newstec 2001, the UK°s largest dedicated news publishing event, which takes place at the Metropole Hotel in Brighton from May 21st to 23rd, will see Apple underline its commitment to one of its most important marketplaces. We°ll be demonstrating the Mac as the hub of a newspaper workflow and showcasing our industry-leading solutions for the print, pre-press and advertising industries

  • Final Cut Pro at Kent State - With its combination of Power Macs, PowerBooks, digital cameras, giant plasma screen, and high-speed wireless networking, Kent State°s Carl E. Hirsch Media Lab provides all of the tools young journalists, videographers and producers need to cultivate skills for a new era of electronic communications

  • Apple - Hot News - Evan and Jaron - The Evan and Jaron touring PowerBook is equipped with Digital Performer for recording audio, iMovie and Final Cut Pro for editing footage shot on the road and iTunes for making MP3 copies of their newest songs to send to their friends via email

  • Apple - Hot News - Sifl N Olly's Liam Lynch - I started making up stories and songs at a really young age. I think it actually started with GI Joe dolls when I was 5 or 6 years old. I would get into extremely elaborate plots that would go on for days. It was kind of like a soap opera,” explains Liam Lynch, the creator of MTV’s hit series “Sifl N Olly,” who now tells his stories with Final Cut Pro.

  • Apple - Small Business - Defying Gravity with the Mac - Bream’s business, Gravity Skateboards, sells skateboards, accessories, and clothing into over 600 accounts. With help from Macintosh computers and software such as Final Cut Pro and MYOB, Gravity Skateboards continues to cruise at top speed

  • Apple - K-12 Imagine - Hawthorne Option School - Hudson calls Apple’s introduction of the wireless technology a “godsend” for Hawthorn Option. By placing six AirPort Base Stations around the building, Hudson and his team were able to create “zones” in which teachers could instantly access the Internet

  • Apple - Hot News - Mixing via Rocket - Although Rocket Network works on both Mac and PC platforms, Trott, Crow and Tickle chose Macs when it came to recording and mixing “Kiss the Girl.”

  • Apple - Hot News - Jordan Miller - “Most kids his age are playing Nintendo. Jordan’s at this huge editing bay at home, playing Apple Final Cut Pro,” says Brian Wimmer, former “China Beach” star and X-Dance organizer who saw Jordan’s work and invited him to participate in the festival

  • Apple - Hot News - Motion Theory - Mathew Cullen, who studied graphic design at Loyola Marymount, and Javier Jimenez, who was a communications and film student at UCLA, doubt it would have been financially possible for them to set Motion Theory in motion without the Mac

  • Apple - Science & Technology - Webcasts: Visual Communication Via the Web - Right before each webcast begins, the webmaster activates QuickTime Streaming Server and Real Media encoding software on two PowerMac G4s that digitize the audio and video signals for streaming on the web. Using Picturetel videoconferencing units on both ends, the remote location is connected to the museum floor — and the show begins.

  • Final Cut Film Pro: Bob Sarles - I've been editing on film, video tape and on non-linear editing systems dating back to Lucasfilm's non-linear EditDroid in the mid-'80s,' says Bob Sarles, filmmaker, producer and editor for Ravin' Films. “I have seen many changes during my 21-year career. The advent of Final Cut Pro means that there is finally an affordable editing system that really works.'

  • Creative - The Sacramento Bee - “My very first video took two days to shoot, but only because we'd never done video before, so we were feeling our way through. Then it took me a day to edit it in Final Cut Pro, and we had it on a loading dock that night. It was a piece of cake. We basically paid for the entire system with the first video we made.'

  • Snow Hill: Making videos for the greater good - “With our old digital editing system, we used to have to digitize in low res, and then res up when we were making our final output,' says Thomas. “And this never looked as good as the uncompressed video. It's great to use Final Cut Pro, which allows us to work with the uncompressed original video.'

  • Breaking New Journalistic Ground - Equipped with a digital video camera, a PowerBook G3, and a translator, Fox captured a powerful set of stories about a retired widow forced to sell heirlooms on the street; a family of refugees who fled Kosovo after NATO's victory; a Serbian rock group formerly banned from the state media; and two leaders of a resistance youth organization who played a role in bringing down Milosevic

  • iMovie Gallery

  • Mac, Music & Mac - Since he bought his first Mac more than a decade ago, Kurtis Mantronik has owned virtually every kind of Mac. He's also discovered that the Macintosh has become a critical tool in overall creative process

  • Small Business - The Norm - Michael Jantze, creator of the comic strip “THE NORM™,' is anything but normal. Using his Mac, Jantze developed a digital brochure that inspired a major syndicating company to not only take on his comic strip, but also develop its own Internet presence

  • A Mac On Every Desk - how big of a support staff does it take to manage and integrate 115 processor-intensive computers in three different time zones for a high profile branding and design consultancy? Before answering, throw in a dozen printers, including a $100,000 30-page-per-minute color laser printer. And then add managing a robust phone system

  • Creating The Digital Highschool - Fremont High School Advanced Placement Biology teacher John McGee used to spend most of his class time tied to the blackboard, lecturing. Now he strolls around the classroom, answering questions, elaborating on a concept in his PowerPoint lecture slides, and directing students to web movies and simulations on iBook computers

  • International Music Products Association - For a Mac user the show spotlights a plethora of tools for learning, composing, performing, mixing and producing music, even if you've never touched a musical instrument before.

  • Previsioning Special Effects - Behind the closed doors of JAK Films, movie makers are deploying a new force for pre-planning visual effects sequences in films. This method is pre-visualization, and the prophecies are written on Macs.

  • The Florida Educational Technology Conference - Vedoe, one of the featured speakers at the conference, described Apple's solutions in the areas of student achievement, teacher professionalism and administrative leadership

  • Desktop Movies Help Business Students Strike The Right Notes - Professor of Economics Jeffrey Weiss now, as a supplement to his in-class lectures, his honors MBA students at Baruch's Zicklin School of Business are watching Desktop Movies of the presentations. And in their professor's estimation, their retention levels just may be higher than that of their pencil-wielding colleagues.

  • Michael Phillips Finds Creative Freedom - A neuromuscular disease may have robbed AppleMaster Michael Phillips of the use of his arms and legs, but it hasn't kept him from fulfilling his potential as a straight-A student, digital artist and source of inspiration to people with physical disabilities

  • Recording in the Outback ...Mix via the Internet - Behind the scenes of America's current favorite "real-life' program, which begins its second installment Jan. 28 on CBS, some of the hottest technologies in the world have just recorded and beamed the new Australian "Survivor' theme song across the world—from Australia to Hollywood—via Macs on the Rocket Network

  • Joseph Cartright - FireWire was the only way to go.All other cameras other than those that use FireWire use a big, bulky cable that have a certain limit to them, about 12 to 15 feet. FireWire is a thin cable, it's flexible, and you can go up to 200 feet with it. That's the real day-to-day use advantage

  • Nicole Wineland-Thomson just fulfilled a lifelong dream: Climbing to the top of Africa. What does a 12-year-old do next? - As the youngest member of the trek, Nicole kept a diary of her experience climbing the slopes of the volcano. Instead of using a traditional diary, though, Nicole recorded her impressions on a blueberry iBook.

  • Apple Masters Asia - At an inaugural event in Singapore, Apple celebrates 18 leading athletes, musicians, artists, educators and civic leaders from five countries — Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines

Why Mac, Why not Windows? - General

  • The Death of a Thousand Stings - What I am going to talk about are the day-to-day annoyances of Windows 95 -- the grab-bag of glitches, quirks, and nuisances that make my typical Wintel PC workday feel like an eight-hour struggle with a temperamental mule.

  • Windows - Macintosh Comparison Site - objective side by side comparisons for the savvy shopper

General Arms

  • MacFacts - archive of positive articles about the Mac

Business Arsenal


  • What's Mac Got To Do With It - The Apple Creative markets team went backstage to find out how Macs drive one of the most exciting stage shows in the biz today.

  • Apple

Educational Arsenal

Macs In Science & Technology

  • From artists and teachers to aerospace engineers, everyone agrees: you don't have to be a rocket scientist to use a Mac. But in the case of independent research scientist Andrew Santangelo, it doesn't hurt.

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Articles Of Interest


  • MacAddict - this pro Mac magazine makes the people at MacWeek seem like a bunch of carping mother-in-laws

  • MaKiDo Temple - very informative and pointed commentary on how the Mac is covered in the press plus technical info.

  • MacMarines - a SuperPower of partisan sites

  • MacPower.Org - resistance is not futile

  • Macs Rule - interactive forum for Mac enthusiasts - get your xxxx@macsrule.com email alias

  • MacToday Magazine - bills itself as "An Irreverent, Off the Wall, PC- Slamming, Totally - Biased Look at the Macintosh

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