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Updated: Friday, July 6, 2001

Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X Server or Client, mail it to us and we will add it.

Latest OS X News

Order - Mac OS X at MacZone , icon, ClubMac or MacMall

WebObjects OS X updated - Apple has released the first update of WebObjects 5.0 for Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 and Mac OS X 10.0.4

BareBones' X-utility move - The utility supplements OS X's built-in Show Info command, helping it provide more information about files and folders contained on the hard drive

iBooks and Sleep Under OS X - Reader Sam Chambers has encountered a problem with OS X and the Sleep command with the new iBooks. This is a known problem that many people had hoped was fixed with OS X 10.0.4. Perhaps not, though

Unix Tutorial #1: How OS X (and Unix!) Saved my Butt - I needed to create an email with a list of directories I had on my CD-ROM drive, but there were over a hundred directories. The Mac OS has no way of generating a text file list of the contents of a directory, so I was faced with typing in the list of directories by hand into my text editor. Being the consumate HTML developer, I loathed the idea of having to lift a finger to do any actual work! I wanted the computer to do this for me.

Mac OS X: Terminal is Power - This article will explain a little of the history behind Darwin and how Apple got into licensing Open Source software. For those of you who can't wait any longer to start pounding commands into Darwin, I also included some goodies to start playing with at the end of this article

Installing OS X On a G3 Accelerated Power Mac 8500 - Fortunately, Sonnet committed to bringing OS X to machines which had been upgraded with most of their G3/G4 accelerators. I had been monitoring their web site almost daily, keeping a keen eye out for the latest news on their efforts. On June 20, my patience and diligence was rewarded

Apple's OS X: Magnet for Hackers? - Unlike users of Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) ubiquitous Windows or even open-source Linux, Macintosh users have been spared the Melissa or I Love You viruses as well as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and Web page defacements. But the newest Apple operating system release has Mac users on the lookout for the same types of threats

MacPopUp Carbonized - The Kanex Group has released MacPopUp 2.5, the Mac OS X version of its instant-messaging solution

Vampire releases Mac OS X version of PcConverter - The US$20 shareware utility offers tools for converting files to and from a variety of formats. You can use PcConverter to convert text files (also RTF files) from Windows or Unix to the Mac. Or you can use it to process custom database files or to automate the conversion of text files to HTML

Oki offers Mac OS X compatibility statement - Laurens V. has forwarded us a note from Oki, a manufacturer of Mac-compatible printers, regarding its current and planned support for Mac OS X.

PowerBook users rejoice: WavLAN now works on OS X - If you have a PowerBook G3 with no airport slot (we here at TheG4 are in that category) you can now use your Lucent WavLAN cards with OS X

Another OS X Compatible HTML Editor Updated - PineHill Products releases CreativePage 2.7, the powerful and customizable web site creation package for the Mac OS and Mac OS X operating systems

New Note Pad For Outlining Ideas Released, OS X Compatible - Pocket Software has released a new application for taking notes and providing a way to easily outline ideas, PocketNotes. While providing basic note pad features, PocketNotes is designed to allow users to easily organize and outline ideas. According to Pocket Software

X-rating for Lara Croft - Aspyr has released an OS X-compatible demo of the Tomb Raider: Chronicles. The demo has been Carbonized - so will run on both Mac OS 9 and X.

Apple Releases Mac OS X Server 10.0.4 Update - Apple has released the 10.0.4 update for Mac OS X Server. The release includes enhanced networking support, a security update for MySQL and Samba (which provides Windows networking services), and more

MacGimp whipped into shape for OS X - MacGimp is the OS X flavour of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). GIMP is well established in the Linux/open source markets as the image-editing solution of choice, offering many features common to Photoshop

Meet NetBeans - When you first think of NetBeans, you probably think "It's a Java IDE." Really, it breaks down into four categories

How do I write and run a Java program in Mac OS X? - Write once. Run anywhere. That's the slogan for Java and the reason that it has become one of the most popular computer languages ever. Mac OS X integrates Java right into the core of the operating system bringing Java on the Mac to a whole new level. All of the tools required to write, compile and run Java are included and preinstalled with the operating system. You can start using Java right out of the box with Mac OS X. Here's how

OS X flaws draw hackers' eyes - The rising popularity of the current Mac OS X and the new operating system's foundation in the ubiquitous Unix operating system have started to draw the scrutiny of hackers and security experts. The result: Electronic mailing lists dedicated to security are seeing the first reports of Mac OS X vulnerabilities.

Strings in Cocoa: Part I - We'll start today by dealing with the various ways to create strings, and the basic manipulation methods that allow us to extract substrings, and search and compare strings too. However, before I get into that, I want to start with a mini-lesson about another concept of object-oriented programming: class clusters

Stitcher sews up Mac version, OS X version coming - Stitcher can be used to create high-resolution panoramas for print, architectural visualization, feature film and TV effects, and cylindrical and spherical panoramas for the Web. As the first RealViz product for the Mac, Stitcher currently supports Mac OS 9 and is in beta for Mac OS X

Multi-lingual HTML Editor Released For OS X - MAKI Enterprise has updated their multi-lingual HTML editor, Muwse, to version 1.09. Muwse allows users to easily create Web sites in a number of languages, and the latest version is Carbonized to run natively under Mac OS X

Xerox announces OS X-compatible laser printer - Xerox has released a new laser printer that may be of interest to those users migrating to Mac OS X. The Phaser 860 is the company's latest network color printer and it's Mac OS X compatible

Mac OS X 10.1 not ready until September? - Mac OS X 10.1, codenamed Puma, may not ship later this month at Macworld Expo New York as many Apple watchers are expecting

Apple: Developers supporting OS X - Based on a recently released survey conducted at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple says that developers are supporting its next generation operating system. In fact, Apple says that more than 50 percent of developers that attended the show will release a product for Mac OS X within the next six months

Apple releases AppleWorks 6.2 for OS X - With the release of version 6.2 AppleWorks adds the ability to automatically create a document in PDF format for viewing and sharing over the Internet. In addition, AppleWorks 6.2 includes DataViz file translators, allowing users to open, save and share Microsoft Word and Excel documents

Retrospect OS X-beta double - Dantz has posted free beta versions of Dantz Retrospect ¬ its system backup solution ¬ both for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X and Music: It's about time -- and timing - Apple's strategy for an embedded music architecture in Mac OS X is starting to emerge in the wake of the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) held in May

Mac & Linux Users Vs. The Spanish Government - Think of a tax service (IRS to US readers) that won°t make their online calculation and payment tool available unless you work on Windows: you actually need to get Virtual PC or go back to paper, pencil, mistakes and queues... and you°re not paying a penny less of tax, nor has Microsoft won any global tender to be sole provider to the administration

OS X Users to Get Finance Software with Quicken 2002 (with images) - Quicken 2002 runs natively on Mac OS X, bringing another leading app to the next-generation OS and providing OS X users with a solid personal finance program. A source provided us with several images of the new version in action,

Inside Mesa for OS X - past, present and future - The first major new office app for Apple's Mac OS X made its debut quietly last week, and as you can see from the screenshots below, it's very lovely indeed. But the Mesa spreadsheet actually has an interesting history in its own right

Using the Samsung Uproar MP3 Phone with Mac OS X - Alas, another product without Mac support. Being a Mac user for my entire computing life, I've heard it over and over again. But with my Uproar phone, instead of bitching and whining, I decided to do something about it. After a much wrestling on many fronts, I'm able to use the Uproar with OS X. I've written a command line utility to manage and transfer tracks to the phone

Mac OS X hosts File - Are you tired of those in-your-face popup ads? Let's nuke 'em. Here's how, the Mac OS X version

Is BSD the tortoise? - I have to wonder whether all the leaps that Linux has made in recent history will wind up being compared against the slow, steady progress of the BSDs. The BSD-based OSes all look to be doing better and better at the moment, even without Linux's marketing fury behind them.

NECC: Lucas Learning addresses future plans, Mac OS X - Lucas Learning, which recently announced plans to exit the consumer market, showcased its educational titles at this week's National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) and also spoke with MacCentral about its plans for the future, including the company's view on Mac OS X

Hands-On Mac OS X Training - These will be hands-on classes, with one student per computer. Class size is limited to insure that you get comfortable actually using OS X, instead of just watching someone else use it

Updated Beta Of OS X Word Processor Available - Stone Table Software has released an updated beat version of Z-Write for Mac OS X. Z-Write is a full-featured "non-linear" word processor, allowing users to store a wide variety of information types and formats in one file

Apple OS X - Enemy of My Enemy - There have been calls for a grassroots assault on Microsoft. The plan many are suggesting is that Linux and Mac operating system users join forces

REVIEW: Note Pad and Scrapbook in OS X - 27 Jun 12:34 Simon Aughton REVIEW: Note Pad and Scrapbook in OS X Amongst the dozens of OS 9 features missing from OS X are two Mac stalwarts, the not-so-old Note Pad and the venerable Scrapbook. Shareware developers have therefore taken it upon themselves to provide an alternative and three products go a long way to achieving just that

Joy for Mac OS X - Joy for Mac OS X, the popular developer productivity and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available in a new and improved version featuring full support for the new Mac OS X Project Builder


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Picture Play for OS X - Picture Play is a Mac OS X application for creating collections of many images. It is basically an electronic collage

Mesa for OS X - P & L Software Ltd has announced a new release of its Mesa spreadsheet for Apple's Mac OS X operating system

Reg sinks claws into OS X paperbacks - Browsing through my favourite bookstore t'other day, I noticed that the once empty Macintosh section was now filled with shiny new titles offering to help anyone and everyone make the most of Mac OS X

"All your Unix belong to us" - With the release of OS X in March, Apple Computer effectively became the largest distributor of a Unix-based operating system in the world. Maybe with the hiring of Jordan Hubbard, Apple will finally grow a conscience about it and give something back to the open source community

Quick Tip - Nifty New Feature In Mac OS X 10.0.4 (With Pics) - Until now however, if you needed to force quit a Classic app, any attempt to do so basically shut down the entire Classic environment. We discovered that one of the undocumented features in Mac OS X 10.0.4 is the ability to force quit individual Classic apps without bringing down the entire environment.

Apple hires open-source leader - Apple Computer has hired Jordan Hubbard, founder and leader of the effort behind the open-source FreeBSD version of Unix, to work on Apple's operating system derived in part from FreeBSD

OS X Compatible HTML Editor Updated - [11:00 AM CDT] OS X Compatible HTML Editor Updated by Staff Split Software has updated their recently released HTML editor, NetSmith, to version 1.1. NetSmith is a full-featured Web authoring tool providing users with the ability to easily apply formatting and styles to various aspects of a Web site

SmartDisk Releases New iBook Charger Bay - [10:00 AM CDT] SmartDisk Releases New iBook Charger Bay by Staff Building off of the iBook's popularity in the education market, SmartDisk has released a new Charger Bay for Apple's latest laptop offering. The SmartDisk VST Charger Bay allows users to easily and securely store and charge their iBook

Corel Releases Bryce 5 For OS X - Throwing their hat into the OS X ring, Corel has announced that their powerful and popular 3D application, Bryce 5, will soon be available for Mac OS X. Bryce allows users to create visually stunning 3D landscapes and animations

App For Creating 3D Mesh Models Updated, Gains OS X Compatibility - Codenautics Software has updated their tool for creating 3D mesh models, Meshwork, to version 1.8. Meshwork allows users to easily create 3D mesh models for use in computer games, presentations, or Web sites

Cuckoo for Cocoa: an interview with Mac OS X-only developer OAAI - Mark Onyschuk, President of OAAI, discussed the advantages of creating software for Mac OS X and OAAI°s latest Cocoa-based product, GlyphiX

Corel Carbonizes Bryce 3D app - Corel will release its 3D-graphics application Bryce 5 for Mac OS X in August

What's New & Improved In Mac OS X 10.0.4 - The biggest noticeable improvements appear to be a much faster Finder, a much more efficient Classic environment, better Dock performance, and more

Can Quartz Crack Adobe?

Support This! New Utility Allows OS X To Be Installed On Unsupported Machines - Unsupported Utility X. The new utility allows users to install OS X on pre-G3 machines. No word on performance or stability, this utility helps get users past the first step

How do I force a folder to open into a new window in the Finder? - If you hold down the Apple key (aka the Command key) when you double-click on a folder it will open the folder in a new window instead of replacing the contents of the current window

Finder 10.0: Foundering Flop But With Fantastic Future? - Unlike other aspects of Mac OS X, opinions on the Finder tend to be much less controversial. Agreement is almost universal: it sucks. But rather than just list the flaws of the Finder one by one, I want to take a different angle this time. Although I will mention the problems and issues with the current Finder build, my main goal here will be to talk about how Apple can address these faults and how they can turn the Finder into something that is a revolutionary leap beyond that which came before

Mac OS X and Toasters - I hate to be a nag, but have you done a firewall for your Mac yet? If you have, congratulations. Now you have partial protection from hackers and malcontents. If you haven't, well, times are going to get interesting for you, I guarantee it

Quake 3 1.29f Speed Tests: Mac OS X vs. Classic w/ GeForce3 - Release 1.29f is the first release that runs natively within Mac OS X. The release as been widely anticipated as it's expected that a Mac OS X version would improve performance for Mac gamers. Combined with Mac OS X features such as symmetric multiprocessing and improved OpenGL 3D graphics, Mac OS X promises great things for 3D games

Apple Updates Mac OS X To Version 10.0.4 (ReadMe Included) - Apple has released the long awaited update to Mac OS X, version 10.0.4. The new update includes improved Classic performance, security enhancements, support for Apple's new 17" flat panel display, and more

Mac OS X's Finder: Cocoa rewrite not the answer - Apple should have written Finder using OS X's other API, Cocoa. But is that really the case? Certainly Carbon seems to be getting all the bad press, while Cocoa is being held up as some sort of shining beacon lighting the way to 'true' Mac OS X native apps

Focus on Fonts: A Look at OS X's Font-Management Tools - Font Features in New OS Could Make Your Life Easier -- Or Hamper Your Productivity

BBEdit 6.1 for Mac OS X - Understandably, many Mac OS X users are anxious for Microsoft Word to be Carbonized. I wouldn't mind seeing it myself. But since I'm a web author, MS Word isn't my critical text application -- BBEdit is. And BBEdit is ready to roll right now on Mac OS X

Is OS X On Track? - Apple is currently behind. We'll all have to cross our fingers that the company gets back on track between now and MacWorld New York.

How do I force Internet Explorer to use the Carbon version of Stuffit Expander instead of the Classic version? - When I download a compressed file in Internet Explorer, it automatically launches the Classic version of Stuffit Expander to handle the file instead of the Carbon version

The Command Line Makes Your Mac More Powerful - The commands and responses may be bewildering at first, but even the most visually oriented user should consider learning this lingo--some tasks can be accomplished much more quickly in the command line, and some are possible only in the command line

Quake 3 Beta Released for OS X, Classic Soon - Currently, only the OS X build is ready for download, though id's Graeme Devine assures IMG a 'Classic' build will be out soon

An Interview with the Authors of Learning Cocoa - Apple Computer recently teamed up with O'Reilly & Associates to publish books aimed at Macintosh developers and administrators. O'Reilly is working with Apple to produce titles on Mac OS X, Apple's new operating system--a move consistent with O'Reilly's commitment to the Open Source Movement

Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa - In this column we°re going to create a simple Cocoa application that will allow us to explore how we interact with interfaces and obtain information from user controls

Looking For A Good, Free OS X Spreadsheet? Welcome Mesa! - you buy and use Office 2001 under Classic mode. Or, you can wait for the release of Office for OS X, some time this Fall, but if you want an advance peek at a Cocoa spreadsheet, with a long history on the Mac and other operating systems, check out Mesa

Apple Releases Selected Mac OS X Server Extensions as Source - Apple has released selected components of Mac OS X Server packages in their source code form

How can I make an application launch automatically when I start up? -

OS X Tip - Force Quit Apps From The Dock (With Pic) - If you are using, say, Internet Explorer and your cursor turns into the Spinning Wheel of Death, but the rest of your apps remain responsive, you probably need to Force Quit Internet Explorer. The two most common ways to do that are ...

Apple padlocks UI decor - APPLE HAS TALKED a lot about how Mac OS X demonstrates the company's belief in the open-source business model, but its treatment of a group of free-software developers suggests that the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker actually wants to put a few more locks on its traditionally closed box

OS X Developer tools - step in right direction - By providing powerful development tools at no cost, and making them very accessible, Apple is promoting development for Mac OS X. While this won't necessarily increase the commercial apps for Mac OS X, it will increase the amount of shareware and open source software available for Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Diary: The Final Frontier - I'm the guy who threw up his hands a couple of weeks ago when my partner -- a man with a bachelor's of science degree who's written a Unix-based OS -- had trouble installing OS X on a 233MHz iMac. I'm also the person who wondered what kind of problems a new computer user such as my 73-year-old grandmother would face with OS X if the next-generation operating system was causing these kind of headaches for my partner and me. Still, I installed it on her iMac -- and not because I've magically transformed into the world's cruelest grandson. Instead, the more I think about it, the more I believe OS X may be an ideal operating system for new computer users

InsideX: State of the OS: 10.0.3 - Here we are, three update iterations into Mac OS X. Is it ready for average Mac users yet? No. The more I work with it and delve into its details, the more I come to that conclusion. Mac OS X needs maturity. I'm not interested in slagging it, or coming up with nags and whines to throw in Apple's face. The fact is that this is one incredibly complex operating system, and Apple is still trying to pull it together into something Mac users will actually like, not merely tolerate

Building Building GD on Mac OS X 10.x - GD is a set of utilities for creating and manipulating JPEG and PNG images, as well as libraries for adding graphics support to other applications, notably PHP and Perl. The compile is fairly straightforward, but requires a couple of additional libraries be installed first (isn't that always the way?)

Windows XP hits where Apple's Aqua misses? - I'm going to get a lot of stick for this, but it has to be said: Mac OS X's Aqua user interface isn't the revolutionary leap forward Apple thinks it is

Fair Game: What OS X Means for Gaming on the Mac - Part Two: OS X Tackles Gaming Developers' Longtime Complaints, Creates New Challenges

Two More for X: Symantec Updates Software Latest Versions of Norton AntiVirus, Personal Firewall to Run Natively in New OS

Mac OS X Little Black Book - A few books on Mac OS X are already available. One of the first, if not the first, is Gene Steinberg's Mac OS X Little Black Book. We purchased Gene's book in late May to read on a two week trip that included two gruelingly long airplane flights

Email Servers and Mac OS X - Are you becoming frustrated trying to make your Mac OS X machine act as a proper email server? Have you been considering turning your Mac into an email server but you were not sure where to start? Are you intimidated by sendmail? This suite of documents may help

Unix for the Rest of Us - How is it that this OS, billed by Steve Jobs as Apple's code base for the next decade, is built on a core that's decades old? To some, it might seem strange that such an important strategic building block depends on seemingly ancient technology

How "Human" Is The Mac OS X Interface? - So what does the human interface of Mac OS X look like now, three months down the track? What can be said about the controversial dock, the menus, the Finder? These are the questions that I will address in this column. I'm not concerned here with technical interface issues, such as the lack of speed and the lack of threading in the Finder; rather I'm interested in discussing the interface paradigm shifts that Apple's new OS has brought with it

Mac OS X versus Windows 2000 in the heavyweight round - Mac OS X and Windows 2000 are the sumo wrestlers, the Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson of the operating system world.

The Road to OS X: Carbon Chronicles Developers Under the Gun to Deliver Native Applications - If you're a Mac developer and you don't have plans to release a Mac OS X-native version of your application by the end of the year, Steve Jobs has a question for you: What are you waiting for?

Carbonize Your Canvas - Next Version of Deneba Illustration and Layout App to Run on OS X

QT Authoring on Native Mac OS X - I don't want to run Classic when I'm on the go with my laptop. After all, I'm just a writer with a mere 192 Mbytes of RAM. I can't afford to be opening up Classic willy nilly unless I really need to. I want to work as much as I can in native Mac OS X, at least on the PowerBook. It's too late to turn back now.

Apple climbs a mountain - Out in the main office, Mac OS 9.1 continues to be in the mainstream, which is probably only to be expected for mission critical stuff on which most folk tend towards severe conservatism, but use of OS X is obviously growing quickly.

No Mac Is An Island

The OS X User's Duty: Improve Performance - My mailbox overflowed this week with e-mail from readers questioning my authority on OS X. Apparently, my foolishly overlooking the minimum RAM requirements for OS X fired many of you up, and led you to conclude my iMac troubles were due to a lack of RAM. Let me assure you, that wasn't the problem. Unless that RAM was bad, it would not affect the startup of my iMac, OS X or no OS X

Xfree86 4.1.0, OS X Instructions Posted - The X Window Server system, Xfree86, has been updated to 4.1.0. Xfree86 is an implimentation of the X Window server, which allows users to compile and run applications written for the X Window server on a wide variety of Unix based operating systems, for OS X

Cocoa Carbon Classic and Compatibility - Today, Mac OS X seems exceptionally stable and usable. However, there still remains a considerable number of Mac users who are hesitant to switch to Apple's shiny new operating system. It leaves one asking, why would anyone choose to stay with Mac OS 9 and below? There is an important reason for that choice, but there is little Apple can do about it. Here's why.

Mac OS X crashes: Radeon not guilty - Fellow Mac OS X adopters who have bought - or are thinking of buying - ATI's retail Radeon graphics card can rest assured: Radeon Mac Edition is supported by Mac OS X - despite all my curmudgeonly complaints that it wasn't

Fair Game: What OS X Means for Gaming on the Mac - This is the first of two parts on OS X and gaming on the Mac. This installment focuses on how games are ported to the Mac, while Part Two will cover OSX's impact on gaming development

WWDC Fires Up Java on Mac OS X - Without any introduction, Steve Jobs walks onstage holding a Mac OS X box. He begins by saying how glad he is not to be talking about some future OS but about the currently shipping Mac OS X. He smiles and explains that he's been back at Apple for almost four years and that the "biggest reason I came [back] was I didn't want to use Windows for the rest of my life."

Missing Some OS 9 Features In OS X? Try X-Assist - Sure, there are some new, interesting features in Mac OS X, but some may long for some of the navigation features available under OS 9. OS X has a Dock, and an Apple menu, but they don't offer the same functionality the good ol' Application and Apple Menu of OS 9. All is not lost however, because you can add some of this functionality back into OS X with X-Assist

Using a Dedicated Swapfile Partition to Speed Up MacOS X - One of my biggest gripes with MacOS X is that although the Aqua interface is beautiful, it requires tons of overhead and a very fast processor to keep things moving along. While there are a few tactics that work well in speeding up MacOS X including turning off Finder zoom rects, adding more physical RAM, regularly defragmenting the drive and reducing display colors to thousands, the single most effective procedure I have come across is to dedicate a partition to the vitrual memory swap file used by the BSD subsystem

Mac OS X: Reg box stable - at last... - Two issues face anyone migrating to Mac OS X: ensuring the system is sufficiently stable and feature-equipped to be used on a solid, day-to-day basis, and having the applications to do productive work. As reinstall followed crash followed reinstall followed crash, I began to wonder whether I'd even have to worry about the second point

The Whole Widget - If the majority of users shouldn't be using OS X yet (as the OS is an early-adopter release), then in what fashion would these users be using OS X? Is the software merely something to wet the users' appetite, so that they might wait in greater anticipation for "the real thing?" Why would any developer change their adoption plan for what many are calling a "practice" OS?

Mac OS X: The Trauma Of Change - In all the excitement, I didn't notice that Mac OS X doesn't appear to have an uninstall utility. My further investigation only confirmed that there isn't one, unless you consider Wipe 'n' Load a legitimate option. Good protocol would suggest that an uninstall option should be part of every software package. That said, I positively endorse OS X and encourage you to work through the teething pains if you've upgraded recently

Desktop Freedom - Like many things, you need a personal reason why you want to upgrade to OS X. Mine was all about reliability. Sure, I love the interface too, and the way Finder works, but those were icing on the cake for me. Remember that I had the warm-up experience of OS X Beta as well, where I learned how things worked

A Piece of Cake With Cocoa - Steve Jobs is banking that programmers will acquire a taste for this easy-to-use package of OS X software-development tools

Mac OS X Server can meet all your business neeeds - At first glance, one might be quick to summarize OS X Server as OS X with a collection of add-on Apple and third-party tools. The reality though is that this is a completely integrated package and not just an ad-hoc collection of tools. For years, users have been asking for "Enterprise-class" server hardware and software. Apple is finally delivering on one of these. OS X server has enough functionality and features to easily supplant Windows 2000 and Linux in most situations and is well worth a look for any Mac-based business

Cocoa Dreams - Rather than chanting monks of the Mac, I find a fractious and argumentative bunch, as often up in arms against Apple Computer as they are singing it's praise, and the general respect afforded Steve Jobs is tempered by doubts and accusations that sometimes border on the libelous. Especially now, while we're all caught up in the upheaval of changing our operating system from the hallowed classic to the brand new Unix based model, I find a tremendous tension between Cupertino and the Macintosh army

The OS X Curmudgeon Grumbles Again, Part 2 - First, I have used OS X -- not a lot, but my son has been running it on his Lombard PowerBook since the developer preview builds of early 2000. It's been his main working system since the public beta was released last summer, so I have a fairly extensive and comprehensive reference to draw on

Mac developers offer WWDC perspectives - Attendees of this year's World Wide Developers' Conference, Apple Computer Inc.'s annual assemblage for those who build applications for the Macintosh, are noticing marked differences in the company's stances on such issues as Java and games

Help Yourself Help Others - Recipe to add a help book to your app

Building Apache 1.3.19 and PHP 4.0 for Mac OS X 1.0 - Open source software is always evolving, and so it isn't a huge surprise that since Apple sent the Mac OS X golden master to pressing Apache has been updated once again. However, it is somewhat surprising that none of Apple's downloadable updates have included an upgraded version of Apache (with PHP working, since PHP is broken in the release). So, we can build it ourselves

The Best Way To Optimize Mac OS X - One of the biggest and most oft-voiced criticisms of the new OS is its lack of speed and responsiveness. Despite all the good things about Mac OS X many users find themselves switching back to Mac OS 9 because they are frustrated. "Things are simply faster in 9", they say. "I spend half of my time watching the spinning rainbow (busy) cursor," they say. In this edition of Hot Cocoa I will talk about some ways in which I personally have overcome these frustrations

Creating Photorealistic Icons for Mac OS X - "Who cares about icons?" you may be thinking to yourself. Remember that icons not only represent your application, but they are your brand, your identity. They have always been an important part of the Macintosh experience, but in Mac OS X, the size and prominence of icons is elevated to a level never seen before in an operating system

Mac Technologies Enabled for Java - For more than a year now, Apple has hammered the message of wanting to make Mac OS X the premier desktop for running Java applications. In general, that seemed to mean that apps would look prettier when running with the Aqua look-and-feel, and that performance would be a priority -- both of those are laudable goals. Now the Apple engineers have opened up a whole new range of possibilities by wrapping some of the Mac OS X APIs into JavaBeans

Finally, made-for-Mac OS X applications turn the corner - One of my biggest complaints has been the dearth of made-for-Mac OS X applications; I devoted an entire column to that subject last March. Now, I'm happy to report, things are changing for the better. Since then, hundreds of programs have been released that are made for Mac OS X

Mac OS X Diary: Buyer Beware - Installing OS X on an older iMac Proves to be a Challenge

Big Mac Heart Attack - Finally! I found a way to crash Mac OS X! Twice! It wasn't easy

First Images of Warcraft III on OS X - Close on the heels of E3 and during WWDC it seems the perfect time for Blizzard to release more Warcraft III screen shots -- and these were taken on a Mac, with the game running native in OS X

Finders to Keepers - Reg readers on speeding up Mac OS X - How can Apple rescue Mac OS X from its sluggish performance trough? And what should Mac developers really write to, Carbon or Cocoa?

Mac OS X interface makes other OSs look bland - Living in Apple's new operating system for a month was not something I had planned. But after I started using Mac OS X's fluid, jewel-like "Aqua" interface, the rest of the computing world began to look homely

Cocoa Vs. Carbon? - With Mac OS X, there are a number of frameworks that can access the functionality of the system. So many in fact, that a fair share of Monday's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) sessions were devoted to explaining the four primary frameworks of Java, BSD, Carbon, and Cocoa and how they fit together

Java Plays Prominent Role at WWDC 2001 - At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2001), Steve Naroff, Apple's senior director of Java technologies and core tools, gave developers an overview of Java support on Mac OS X. Naroff wants to be known as a developer too, and not just a director. So the introductory slide also listed him as "Dynamic Object Dweeb."

A New Beginning - What does OS X offer graphics professionals? - I’m more excited about MacOS X than any new development in personal computers since that day back in 1984 when I saw my first Macintosh

Building Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Mac OS X - The BSD core in Mac OS X allows for any program that is able to be compiled on Linux, BSD, or any other UNIX or UNIX derivative to be compiled and run in Mac OS X. The fusion of the Mac OS's ease of use with the power of UNIX has attracted much attention from the open source community, and many open source developers have worked to make sure their projects will work well on the new system

MacAddict Tips for Mac OS X - We asked the folks at MacAddict if we could reprint one of their lists, and they gave us a big thumbs up. I chose "10 Ways to Customize OS X" because I wanted to include a little something for everyone

Platform Agnostic - We believe that running on OS X may be an important feature for, our primary target market, publishing companies. Many publishing companies are Mac-only shops. Many are moving forward to the new OS X and will want to include it in their web publishing plans. In testing on the new OS X we came across a surprising speed differential between Macs and Windows PCs

Jobs to Developers: No Time Like the Present - Jobs was speaking to a sympathetic house. As soon as the doors opened 15 minutes before the keynote started, the crowd rushed in -- stampeded, actually -- obviously anxious to be as close to the stage as possible to get the latest news

Apple offers free OS X upgrades for new Mac buyers - Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced yesterday during his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference that Apple is now shipping all Macs both with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.1 pre-installed.

Games Demonstrated on OS X at WWDC - the games being demonstrated on the latest Apple hardware at the World Wide Developer's Conference, just getting underway. Among the list of games running natively on Apple's next-gen OS you will find American McGee's Alice, Oni, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

WWDC Keynote - The temperature outside was soaring to 95, but a fire blazed inside the San Jose Convention Center, setting the scene for a Fireside Chat by Steve Jobs, opening event of Apple’s 2001 Worldwide Developers Conference. The keynote also starred Avie Tevanian, Apple senior VP of software engineering, and his team’s creation, Mac OS X

Relational Databases and Mac OS X, Part 2 - As Mac users confront the geeky realities associated with Unix as the core of Mac OS X, they may not be aware of their newly acquired capability to run powerful relational database software. In part one of this article, I discussed the basics of how relational databases work (see TidBITS-580). This week, I want to cover some commercial and open-source databases currently available for Mac OS X.

WWDC - Apple Unveils New OS X Server - At today's World Wide Developers Conference Apple has released the next version of their OS X Server software. Based on OS X 10.0 and the Aqua GUI, OS X Server offers users and system administrators a full array of powerful network management and maintenance tools. Including Apache, WebObjects 5, Samba, and the QuickTime Streaming Server

Cambridge Animation Systems Brings Animo to Mac OS X - Animo seamlessly integrates 2D and 3D animation for development of feature films, animated television series, commercials, games and multimedia projects

Big Bang: A Whole New Universe of Applications Available for the Mac - Thanks to Trolltech, the Apple software universe is getting a lot bigger

Mac OS X: Then And Now - My first observation is to note how the Mac press toned down its criticism. I remember the massively pessimistic opinions when Apple unveiled Aqua and demonstrated the new OS. It became even more sour when the public beta landed on people's drives. If words could kill, I think that many Mac fans' outbursts would have ripped Steve Jobs apart, into small pieces

Build Your First Cocoa App - In this article, I want to get you started using the developer tools, with a bit of exposure to Project Builder, but more specifically Interface Builder. We will also create our first Cocoa application, which I think you will find to be quite rich in functionality despite its unique nature -- that is, it requires no coding on your part at all

Will OS X's Unix roots help Apple grow? - By choosing to build Mac OS X on Unix, the company opens up thousands of new applications to Mac owners--potentially expanding Apple's market share--and gives Unix developers access to a lucrative new audience

Apple installs OS X on all new Macs - Apple Computer has started installing the new Mac OS X operating system on all of its new computers, CEO Steve Jobs told developers at a conference here Monday

Cro-Mag Rally Updates for OS X - Pangea Software has released a minor update for their action racer Cro-Mag Rally which improves the function of the game under OS X

Making The Most Of - Part 2: Mail Preferences - This week we are going to dive a little deeper into OS X's and talk about the application's preferences. This column is targeted more toward the user that is just getting his or her feet wet with OS X, or someone who has not spent a lot of time with Mail

Unix is Complex - most of the opinions about OS X today are moot: without Apple shipping OS X as the default OS on all Macs, most popular applications running only in Classic, critical hardware drivers absent, major features like DVD movie playing missing, and lots of bugs and potential interface changes, OS X is in a state of transition. It won't be more or less "finished" (and comparable to OS 9 for real work) for a least a year. Until then, everything about OS X is like reviewing beta software.

Under the Desktop: Should You Upgrade to Mac OS X? - Under the Desktop: Should You Upgrade to Mac OS X? It's easy to get caught up in the Mac OS X frenzy, but does it make sense to install this new operating system? David Morgenstern advises looking at your workflow and pain tolerance before taking the plunge

Mac OS X and Battery Life - I received a note from Peter Fraterdeus, who is a longtime Mac user, developer, and Linux webmaster, saying that he had some insights into the battery drain problem on laptops running early versions of Mac OS X. Peter ran some tests and was willing to share his discoveries with the O'Reilly audience

Mice to Get OS X Treatment, Too - Kensington Updates MouseWorks Software to Run Natively in New OS

Lynch blazes trail on OS X - With FreeHand 10 first past the post in the race to port a major application to Mac OS X, Macromedia is helping to bed-down Apple's next-generation operating system. Here, in an exclusive interview with Macworld news editor JONNY EVANS, Macromedia president of products, Kevin Lynch speaks about Mac OS X, as well as throwing light on Internet trends, and the past, present and future of the company

FileMaker Pro goes OS X-native - FileMaker Pro 5.5 has been released with native support for Mac OS X.

Relational Databases and Mac OS X, Part 1 - Love it or hate it, Mac OS X ships with Unix under its hood. As a user, I worry the Mac experience could degrade into editing brittle text configuration files and typing obscure and unforgiving commands. As a programmer, I'm overjoyed because we Mac users now have access to certain industrial-strength software. This is the type of software that drives Fortune 500 companies, calculates extremely complex chemical reactions, and generates the movies we watch. Since I don't make movies and I'm not a scientist, I'm most interested in the business side of this software. In particular, I'm interested in relational databases

Writers' Talk With Guest Wil Shipley - We thought that the OmniGroup president, Wil Shipley, who designed and coded the UIs and front-ends for OmniWeb, would be a terrific guest on Writers' Talk. Wil agreed to join Aqua columnist Alan Graham and me for a chat about his OmniWeb browser

Apple - Mac OS X - FreeHand - Today’s illustrators face a dizzying array of publishing options from static print images to dynamic Web animations. Professional tools should make your life easier. FreeHand 10 on Mac OS X does.

Packaging and distributing your software on Mac OS X - Now that you've written your killer Cocoa application for Mac OS X, how do you package it for distribution? Where can you put it for download?

Mac OS X's Command Line -- What's All The Fuss About? - Debates have long raged between advocates of CLIs and those of GUIs (a good source of info on GUI design is David K. Every's MacKiDo Web site). On one side, staunch CLI aficionados argue that there is nothing that can't be done with a CLI and that certain operations are undeniably faster. On the other, GUI devotees point to the Mac's ease of use and take a line of argument very similar to that of the CLI cognoscenti: they say there's nothing a GUI can't do and there are some things that are much easier and faster

The Multiprocessor Option - Apple has not been too strong in the multiprocessor area. Up to the launch of OS X, there was no Mac operating system with good multitasking, let alone strong multiprocessor support. A multiprocessor system can speed up individual applications if they are multithreaded, but the easiest speedup you can get from extra processors is running multitasking more effectively. OS X has the potential to turn the situation around

Tell Me about OS X - *NIX, UNIX or Trademark Violation? - Ever since Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) introduced OS X, there have been a handful of individuals who've debated whether Apple's latest operating system -- which incorporates technologies from both Apple's Open Source Darwin Operating System, as well as those from BSD -- is in fact a true UNIX operating system

Making The Most - Part I: Accounts & Mailboxes - I imagine that most of you reading this column have taken a stab at using Apple's included Mail application as your OS X e-mail client. While mail is not the perfect solution for the uber-mailers amongst us, it is a solid application and will serve the basic needs of most OS X users. This column is going to provide an overview of Mail, as well as a few hints to get the most from the new application

Mac OS X for Web Developers - The biggest change, at least as far as Web developers are concerned, was to the Web serving side of things, which is a whole different ballgame under Mac OS X.

A New Millennium For The Macintosh? - We're finally in the new millennium, and Apple has marked the occasion with the release of its new operating system--the much-discussed OS X. Since the Macintosh rarely gets the sort of IT executive attention its users say it should, the advent of a new operating system offers a good juncture to review the state of Macs in the enterprise Internet world.

To OS X or not to OS X: that is the question - With all the hype about OS X, many of us are asking one important question: should I or shouldn°t I upgrade to OS X? Here are some pros and cons

Mining for Quartz in Cocoa - Documentation Overview - Apple's Quartz drawing technology is accessible through various interfaces, which are all together very convenient to use and extremely powerful. Although a lot of documentation about Quartz is provided with the Developer Tools (included with MacOS X) as well as available online, much of this information is currently difficult to find

Can Apple score a perfect ten? - OS X - pronounced "ten" - has been delivered with a minimum of fuss and fanfare. A beta version of the software, released last October, was greeted with cautious approval by the Macintosh faithful. Now we have the real thing. And it's not bad

The Road to OS X: Carbon Chronicles - Developers, Big and Small, Push Ahead on OS X Updates

What Does This Mac OS X 10.0.3 Update Do Anyway? - We reported yesterday that Apple had released an update to Mac OS X bringing it to version 10.0.3. However, Apple's own update page had mixed up information on what the update did

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