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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X that have been culled from around the Net.. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X, mail it to us and we will add it.

Collaborating with Office X for Mac - Now that Office v. X for Mac is out, people who work in a cross-platform environment might wonder what new collaboration tools it brings to the mix. Does it even support the tools put out in Office XP? The answer is that, while it does make working cross-platform more seamless than ever, the best collaboration tools haven't made it to the Mac just yet

Red Faction for OSX almost ready - Red Faction is a futuristic FPS featuring and engrossing story, and Geo-Mod technology, which allows the landscape to be deformed in real-time, by explosions from all types of high-tech weaponry

OS X Gamer's Guide - Below we have several sections on supported hardware, the OS itself, many of the available games, and other miscellaneous tidbits

Stone Design Ships TrueBlue The Free Font Convertor - Stone Design, veteran Macintosh OS X software house and makers of Stone Studio today announced immediate availability of TrueBlue. TrueBlue is a free application to quickly convert TrueType fonts to PostScript

Technogeek Falls in Love with OS X - I'm a hard-core technogeek. I've used Linux since the days when it was only available on floppies. I have a degree in computer science. I chuckle condescendingly when people complain about the vi editor. Most importantly, I'm the guy people talk to when they're shopping for a new computer. And now I tell them to buy a Mac.

Commentary On Andrew Orlowski's Withering Critique Of OS X Aqua - The Register's Silicon Valley correspondent Andrew Orlowski has followed through on his promise to elucidate his reasons for abandoning OS X, at least temporarily, after giving it a good workout.(eight months), and as he puts it "trying to justify the investment. And watching the gold CD-ROM cursor spinning, and spinning." The problem, says Andrew, is the Aqua user interface, which, if you have followed my own OS X Odyssey musings here on Applelinks, you will know is my own main complaint about X

Mac OS X hosts File Revisited - Are you tired of those in-your-face popup ads? Let's nuke 'em. Here's how, the Mac OS X 10.1 version, which also works for previous versions. What a great way to clean up your Mac browsing experience for the New Year

InsideX State Of The OS: 10.1.2 - There was a rumor that Steve Jobs was so aggravated with the lack of quality control in Mac OS 10.1.1 that he will delay further updates to ensure that what is delivered actually works. Apparently that was yet another worthless rumor as 10.1.2 is here, and a nice upgrade

Apple updates printer drivers - Apple tonight posted updates from several printer manufactures via its Mac OS X Software Update control panel. Updates are available from Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard

Getting to know OS X and liking it more - Changing computer operating systems can be like moving into a new home. You explore. You find annoyances, but enjoy the improvements. Ultimately, you feel comfortable -- or you don't. On the eve of the annual Macworld conference and expo in San Francisco, the largest event of its kind, I find myself at a midpoint of sorts with Apple's Mac OS X. I'm using it, even if I'm not feeling as committed as I'd like.

Microsoft Office X - Like it or not, Microsoft is important to Apple and Office X is vital to OS X's existence. Considering that the 2nd largest collection of Mac programmers are located in Microsoft's headquarters, there is little doubt that Microsoft also values the Mac

Short Take: OS X Dock Is More Than A Wannabe Start Menu,Thanks To 'Docklets' - Forcing myself to undertake a full-immersion Aqua plunge has helped me realize two things more clearly: 1) OS X is better than I have given it credit for -- gripes notwithstanding and 2) the Dock is ultimately a better-designed "Start Menu" than the Windows Start Menu has ever been

CASPR Unveils LibraryWorld for Mac OS X - A powerful and technologically advanced library management system

Will your G3 work well with OS X? - Apple claims that all G3 based Macs are MacOS X compatible but that does not mean that it will run well. This is designed to give you an idea of just how well your Mac will run with OS X

OS X Odyssey 22 - The Dial-Up Bottleneck - one element of my productivity suite of applications that is still missing in an OS X version is WannaBe, David Pierson's cool little text-based browser that I use extensively as a speedy Internet reference tool. I would guess that WannaBe saves me up to an hour a day by loading Web pages significantly faster than full-featured Web browsers do

InterMapper with Multiple Routers - Mark Persiko from the IT Division of Boulder Valley School District in Colorado sends in this tip for handling InterMapper running on MacOS X on a network segment with multiple routers

Trash X Trash Utility For Mac OS X Updated With New Shredding Features - Northern Softworks has released an update to Trash X, the company's trash can utility for Mac OS X. Trash X is designed to offer additional functionality over Mac OS X's built in trash can, and the new version offers new features and other improvements.

New Products Ready to Make Their Debut At Macworld Conference & Expo; Companies to Showcase the Latest for Mac OS X, Creative Professionals - Exhibitors will showcase software, hardware and services for creative professionals, educators, and consumers, most of which will be Mac OS X-compatible

New York Times Techno-Geek's Year In Review Features Apple Technology - With all the hoopla about Windows XP, it is easy to forget that there is another good-looking, super-stable operating system gaining popularity: Apple's Mac OS X

Ten Mac OS X Loose Ends - As the year closes, we naturally want to tie up loose ends, etc. Over the year, we dealt with many Mac OS X issues in this column. Some issues were raised and never solved; some cropped up since. I would like to tackle them today, and prepare to start the New Year with a tabula rasa

OS X Odyssey 21 - A New Appreciation - The good, open source programmers at KDE and GNOME, as well as the various Linux distribution outfits like SuSE, Terra Soft, Mandrake, Red Hat, Debian, and sundry others, have been toiling for a very long time attempting to make LInux easy to install and friendly to the user, and they are still far short of the mark. I've discovered that SuSE has produced a reasonably smooth Linux installation experience, but that the Linux graphical user interfaces are still quite ragged and crude compared with OS X Aqua, let alone the slick and polished legacy Mac OS.

Choice shareware programs improve upon Mac's OS X - for the past few months I've downloaded more than 1,000 different programs and selected over 100 to be included on the CD. Here are three I not only recommend, but use, a million times a day:

The Performance Edge: Hey Not So Fast! PowerBook G4/550 vs PowerBook G4/500 - Newer, Faster Clocked PowerBook Not Always Faster - A Performance Review Under OS X - As you will see from the scores below, the lack of a large back-side cache in the newer 550 MHz PowerBook, stunts its performance in some tests

A Better Word from Microsoft - The latest version for the Mac finally allows users to keep it simple. Still, the bloatware king has a ways to go

Apple Mac OS X PPP Authentication Credentials Disclosure Vulnerability

Customize Your OS X Mac: Change Boot Images, Login Panel, Dock Backgrounds, Startup Strings With Ease - Visage gives you a front end to things you can change using if you don't mind getting yourself elbow-deep in the shell. Changing these things once or twice through the shell method isn't bad if you don't lose the instructions, but when you like to change them frequently it gets to be a real headache▄and Visage is like ibuprofen

Latest AIM Client for Mac OS X is Slick - One of my hopes is that software companies view Mac OS X as a opportunity to enhance their offerings instead of merely porting the same old applications to the Unix-based OS. The latest AIM client for Mac OS X, version 4.5.4, adds some features I've never seen before on a Mac, and brings back a couple of favorites

Unsanity Releases FruitMenu for OS X - FruitMenu in OS X is what BeHierarchic is to the classic Apple Menu. It lets users totally redefine the behavior of the menu. You can put hard drive shortcuts there, view, open files, folders and disks from the Apple Menu, run scripts, or open whatever Preference Pane you choose

Latest Version of OS X Envelope Printing Utility - A Sharp has released version 1.0.3 of Addressix, its envelope printing utility for Mac OS X

Mac OS X - How to Upgrade - Up-To-Date - Apple would like to give you the opportunity to upgrade to Mac OS X version 10.1. Customers who purchased a Mac OS X retail software package or a Macintosh computer that came with Mac OS X can upgrade to Mac OS X v10.1 for US $19.95

Beta! Beta! Get your X-compatible AIM beta! - AOL has released a beta of the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) for Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x

Palm Desktop 4.0 Public Beta Supports Mac OS X - Palm Computing today released a public beta version of their Palm Desktop, version 4.0. This new version sports many new features, the most popular of which is native support for Mac OS X!

Finder Enhancement Zingg! 1.0 Released - Zingg! 1.0 is a fast launch contextual menu designed to enhance the Mac finder. Zingg! allows users to select certain apps from a list for secure launching.

Where Apple and ATI Have Gone Before - By my estimate, somewhere between 4 and 6 million Macs that can run Mac OS X are negatively impacted by ATI's and Apple's decisions to offer no more OS X driver support

Apple sauces up OS X for gizmos - Apple Computer has released another update for its Mac OS X operating system, adding more support for peripherals such as digital cameras

Apple loyalists cheering Microsoft - Just four years ago, many a Mac user cursed at the mention of Microsoft, a company they blamed for stealing Apple's ideas and stifling its prospects. But these days, when Microsoft people turn up at an Apple trade show, the Mac loyalists cheer for them

Is software keeping up with Mac OS X? - How can you tell whether OS X is for you? Start by determining whether the programs you need are available in native OS X form. Here's an end-of-year report card that grades how well OS X addresses each major program category

Improved Cataloging App For iPod and OS X - CDFinder is a cataloging app designed for the file management of hard disks, DVD's and MP3's. The update features improved mouse scroll support and bug fixes

Xnet Communications Releases Captain FTP Freeware FTP Client For Mac OS X - Captain FTP is an absolutely new FTP client - especially designed for Mac OS X. Captain FTP enables all users to take full advantage of all services available through using FTP along with a lot of additional functionalities,

illumineX ships RoX game for Mac OS X - The game is clearly inspired by the coin-op arcade game classic Asteroids. In RoX, you must destroy space rocks hurled by alien invaders at the Earth. Your fleet is all that stands between the planet and destruction.

Apple's new AppleScript Studio delivers on Architosh ideas - Over two years ago this site published a series of articles on an idea. A really good one -- or so we believed! And many others did as well. In fact, we think Apple believed it too. So much so that they went out and built this great idea. We called it CocoaCard! They call it AppleScript Studio

Browsing Cocoa with F-Script - Until now, in order to directly interact with your Cocoa/Objective-C objects, you had to use a programming language, be it Objective-C itself, Java via the bridge, or F-Script. Now, with the F-Script object browser, there is a new option: direct access to objects through a graphical user interface

Apple Updates Open Firmware Password App - The Open Firmware Password Application does address a serious security issue, but the problem is most serious in corporate or security sensitive areas, and not so much a concern for home users. Other UNIX systems have similar security features, which indicate that Apple is making its new OS at least equal to its well established corporate cousins

BlueYonder OS X-friendly - BlueYonder claims it was the first UK ISP to offer a full broadband service to Mac users in February.

Cambridge Animation Systems Ships Animo 4.0 for Mac OS X - The Animo cartoon animation system has an installed base of more than 3,000 seats in over 50 countries worldwide

TestTrack Pro 4.5 adds Mac OS X support - TestTrack Pro tracks bugs and is a cross-platform solution designed for enterprise environments. Version 4.5 also adds Visual C++ add-in access, administration support from a Web browser and SCC integration with Perforce and CS-RCS

TypeIt4Me X debuts as public preview beta - With TypeIt4Me X, you define a set of abbreviations and the terms they represent. TypeIt4Me then watches for those abbreviations and automatically expands them into the full text, saving you the keystrokes.

Everyday Software Injects OS X With Carbon Fuel - This version adds support for long file names, allowing REALbasic applications to fully support them under Mac OS X with this plug-in

Trash Shredder Update From Northern Softworks - Trash X is a trashcan utility designed for shredding and deleting files. The update includes improved secure shredding with drag and drop support.

A Mouse-free Mac with OS X - Once you enable this feature, you too will be mouse-free and able to whiz through menus

Jiiva, Inc., announces Application Builder Collection is now for sale! Application Builder Collection is the first professional-grade set of reusable Cocoa frameworks for building solid Mac OS X applications

Sweet Mac OS X Dreams - While you can read about the wonderful features and technologies of OS X on Apple's site, I can tell you that it was the stuff under the hood that sold me on it right up front. In particular, I bought into OS X for its stable memory model and enhanced security. With time I have come to increasingly realize and appreciate that security model. Fundamentally, this model is shared among virtually all flavors of unix. Open source software packages, while sometimes rough around the edges, have some amazing strengths, and OS X can plug into them all.

Is OS X The Real User Friendly Linux? - I would estimate that the prospects for a Linux GUI of anything remotely approaching the slickness and refinement of OS X, or even Windows XP, is now almost nonexistent. For the desktop market, Mac OS X is for all intents and purposes the "user-friendly Linux."

Architosh RenderMan for OS X Petition: $2.3 million revenue opportunity for Pixar - Architosh has been running a petition/survey on Pixar's RenderMan for Mac OS X. Since the announcement of Alias/Wavefront's Maya for Mac OS X the Mac market has seen an exponential demand and interest in the 3D market. Our continued survey results (shown in preliminary fashion here) substantiate this fact.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.1.2 (Updated Features Included) - This is the kind of update that frankly tickles our fancy. Several improvements, support for new devices, some other updates included in it (AppleScript and AirPort)

Apple bugfix cheers mobile mavens - While Apple sites were awash with leaks of the next major point revision of Mac OSX, 10.2 codenamed Jaguar, Apple quietly sneaked out a point-point revision: 10.1.2.

Os X Server 10.1 Is No Laughing Matter - Traditionally, putting the words "Mac" and "server" together was a good way to get a laugh. Macintoshes made lousy file servers and even worse Web servers. But eWeek Labs' tests of Apple Computer Inc.'s OS X Server 10.1 showed the now-Unix-based Mac finally makes a good server

Adobe Illustrator 10 for OS X - The support of leading companies like Adobe and Macromedia for OSX will ensure that pro-users migrate to OSX, and help ensure that our new OS reaches maturity. So without any reservation run out there and buy Illustrator 10. Score: 4 out of 4

FreeHand 10 - Macromedia has succeeded in bringing FreeHand squarely into its product family though, and the future release of Macromedia's line in OS X should fall nicely beside FreeHand. But, given the flexibility and recent entry of competitors, if you have waited this long to look for a vector app, consider FreeHand but look around. There are some niches FreeHand can fill if you are looking for some specific advances, but likewise there are some niches FreeHand doesn't fill adequately enough. Good program, but not great

Mac OS 10.1.2: Still No Support For Rage Pro Macs - If you have a pre-FireWire bronze PowerBook G3 (Lombard), or various other iMacs and iBooks, you may be looking forward to downloading Mac OS 10.1.2 in the hopes that your built-in video board will finally be functional. Unfortunately, these machines (with Rage Pro and similar ATI boards) are still unsupported, despite meeting the system requirements listed on the Mac OS X box and Web site

Canvas 8 for OS X - Canvas 8 is the answer to the challenge of diversified function, a slick, full-featured integration of vector and bitmap manipulation. While still lacking in tools familiar to "high-end" design competitors, as well as the spectrum of export options and web-editing functionality of a dedicated web authoring application (i.e. Macromedia PageMaker), Canvas 8 (carbonized to work seamlessly with OS X) is a precision vector application with very respectable bitmapping capabilities and HTML support

Qualcomm: Eudora for OS X coming in early 2002 - When Mac OS X hit the scene the company that develops Eudora, Qualcomm, had released some development versions designed to work with the operating system, but efforts have stalled in recent months. Now Qualcomm Vice President of Technology Steve Dorner has good news for Mac users who have been waiting for a finished version to be released for Mac OS X

China report: OS X now truly 'global,' many apps not - Forest Liu, a Mac user and advocate who works for Founder, one of Apple's distributors in China, says Mac OS X finally lives up to its promise as a "global operating system" as of version 10.1, but finds that many applications still haven't been localized sufficiently

OS X Odyssey 18 - Spellchecking with Excalibur - I have been quite happily getting along with the SpellTools, and before that the SpellCatcher freestanding spell check utilities in OS 8/9. However, neither of these programs has been released in an OS X version. I would be surprised if Casady & Green don't eventually port SpellCatcher to OS X, but I'm less optimistic about SpellTools, which is my favorite. Happily, the venerable little freeware spell checker, Excalibur, does support OS X

Captain FTP for Mac OS X debuts as public beta - Captain FTP sports "quick" buttons, an address book and the ability to resume downloads after reconnection. Drag and Drop is supported, and users can transfer either files or entire directories

Must Have Mac OS X Games - What about the big-ticket titles that have blipped onto the screen for Mac OS X, or even the smaller titles that made their way under the radar? Yes, they're out there, and they're just waiting to be played. Many are promised, but many are available now. Without further ado, let's take a scan of some of those games available for Mac OS X

Look and feel of OS X makes transition easy - There is something so oddly serene and uncluttered (or perhaps merely well-organized) about OS X, that I find myself reluctant to pass judgment about software written for Apple's new operating system

Mac OS X 10.2 in Early Development: Jaguar Hits 6B11 (with images) - Of late, most of the discussion about Mac OS X has been devoted to 10.1.2 and its imminent release. The other half of this is that Apple has kept the next major upgrade, version 10.2, very much under wraps

A look at Mac OS X 10.1.2 - The update installed smoothly for me. There are no very large changes, though the updated AppleScript version will come in handy now that Apple Script Studio has been released. The PC Card Storage is great for Powerbook users, though basically useless for everyone else

Games for Mac OS X - By now you should be finding your way around Mac OS X with ease. And, if you░re a visual person like me, you░re probably obsessed with those great Aqua graphics. They look good enough to eat, don░t they? Similarly, the OS X games have just as much eye candy. For December░s Shareware Roundup, I░ve looked at what I call ┐quickţ games (as in no building armies, or searching for treasure, etc.) for OS X. And I must say, they look and play fine

Mac AOL users get OSX-savvy software, plus a wireless option - America Online released a version of its software that is fully compatible with Apple's new Mac OS X operating system. Second, Apple announced a new version of its AirPort wireless-networking technology that works with America Online. Both are significant developments because they help bring AOL back into the Macintosh mainstream where it belongs

What is Skwonk! (?) - Skwonk is an application that will listen to your Ethernet interface for traffic. All traffic. Like a traffic monitor. Difference is, Skwonk plays specific sounds for the type of packets that go flying by. For example, if a TCP packet for port 80 goes flying by the network to another Mac, Skwonk can blurt out a belch, or hoot like an owl, etc

OS X Odyssey 15 - Sunday Afternoon In Knowledge Base Purgatory - Macs are elegant, but Apple's Knowledge Base support site is decidedly not. Go figure. On the weekend, I decided that, while 0S X 10.1 works pretty well for me, having to reconfigure and then unreconfigure my Network Preferences every time I want to log onto the Internet was getting a bit old,. So, hopeful that the 0S X 10.1.1 upgrade might fix that bug, I set about executing the upgrade

Building OpenSSH 3.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.1.1 - These days it pays to be security aware and protect both your system and your communication. Leaving telnetd off on Mac OS X (the default) provides you with a fairly secure starting point, but it is very common to have to have to access remote hosts over the net. Using the basic telnet command from will transport your password and data 'in the open'. This does present somewhat of a risk as your packets could be intercepted, and the password for the remote server seen. SSH allows you to use an encrypted communication channel for logging into other machines, as well as copying files. It also uses a public key host/user identification to identify connections in a more secure manner than the traditional "r" suite of commands (rsh, rcp and rlogin)

Adobe cozies up to Apple's OS X - Upcoming software upgrades from Adobe Systems could help reinvigorate sales of professional-oriented Macs, though the biggest boost--the release of Photoshop for Mac OS X--is still up to six months away.

'Smart' browser ships for X - Glucose has introduced Surfboard 1.0 for Mac OS X, an application that summarizes Web pages and searches for specific information

AppleScript's Studly Studio - Users of Mac OS X, when Apple releases version 10.2, will find a little something extra in their holiday stocking - AppleScript Studio. Since its announcement in September, though it immediately won a Macworld award, AppleScript Studio has been mostly just a name; beta-testers weren't allowed to tell what it was. But last week AppleScript Studio's documentation was made public, and AppleScript Studio itself was released in the free December Developer Tools, so the cat's out of the bag. And what a cat! AppleScript Studio isn't a mere scripting tool; it isn't just AppleScript with some interface widgets wrapped around it. AppleScript Studio is Cocoa

Red Faction OS X Update, Review Posted - When GraphSim released Red Faction last month, the company was forced to delay the release of the Mac OS X version due to substantial performance issues. IMG contacted GraphSim's Jeff Morgan to get an update on the OS X version, and here's what he had to say:

IT asset management solution adds Mac OS X support - Asset Insight lets users track and manage IT assets and related data -- such as hardware, software, configuration files, software usage and network devices -- throughout the enterprise. It can be used in tandem with Enterprise Insight, Tangram's lifecycle asset management solution for tracking and managing financial and contractual information

Upcoming Insight Client to be Carbonized - Insight Collaboration is the Solaris-based, client-providing connectivity to Microsoft Exchange users

ODBC kit adds Darwin support - August Software has announced the release of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support for Apple's Darwin kernel. Darwin is the open source "core" of Mac OS X that's freely available for download from Apple's Web site

GamePad Companion gives game controllers support under OS X - GamePad Companion gives game controllers support under OS X Michael Flaminio, Insanely Great Mac December 18, 2001 GamePad Companion 1.2 was announced this week. The software adds support for USB game controllers under Mac OS X. When Mac OS X was released, Apple overhauled the the OS's input architecture. Under OS 9, a generic InputSprockets toolbox could be used to control virtually all compliant input devices. Such wide-ranging compatibility is currently not available under Mac OS X

OS X Odyssey 16 - Why Are We Doing This, Anyway? - As for OS X, if I am to remain credible as a journalist covering the Macintosh beat, I must learn and use Apple's new system enough to report on it intelligently. However, as a production 0S, my policy all along has been that the professional approach is to use the best tool available for the job, and that tool has been up to now, and I think still is, Mac OS 9.x

Commentary: OS X, an unfolding epic - Mac OS X represents Apple Computer's attempt to ensure that the company is in the forefront of innovation. But the story has unfolded slowly, and it won't have a happy ending until more business applications arrive

Native Assault 1.2 for OS X - Native Assault is a traditional 2D shoot'em up game with 16 bit 3D graphics. Adding a twist to the old school arcade game, Missile Command, Native Assault keeps this tradition vibrant and fresh

IOXperts: Final Candidate of Its FireWire DCam Driver for Mac OS X

3D Toolkit gets Mac OS X upgrade - The 3D Toolkit is designed as a visual training system that ships with a full version of the Electric Image 2.9 software. Its goal is to teach 3D principles and techniques to visual artists in all industries,

Omni Group releases Cocoa version of Oni for Mac OS X - The Omni Group -- the same team that makes OmniWeb, and who partnered with MacPlay to produce the OS-X only game Giants: Citizen Kabuto -- announced today that they've released a Mac OS X-compatible version of Oni, the 3D fighting action game released early this year by Gathering of Developers. To play the new version, all you need is a copy of the commercial release of Oni.

Discribe for OS X at Macworld Expo! - Discribe, an industry proven, universal CD mastering utility for the Macintosh, boasts support for over 250 CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW mechanisms and supports the creation of CDs in most all popular formats

Beta Version of Synchronize! Pro X Available - Synchronize! Pro X can back up your OS X system disk in a bootable form, preserving all file and folder permissions

OS X Odyssey 17 - PPP Monitor To The Rescue - for some reason, after my PowerBook has been put to sleep and reawakened, the Connect/Disconnect button in Internet Connect refuses to respond. The workaround I've been using is to open the Network Preferences window and select another ISP configuration, apply it, and then immediately reverse the process back to my regular ISP configuration. Once I do that, the Connect button responds normally, and dial-up is commenced. Unfortunately, when the time comes to log off, the Disconnect button won't work. I've been logging off with the Sleep command. This is all tiresome and annoying to say the least

Suite it is - Outside of Apple itself, Microsoft is the largest Mac software developer. More than 3.5 million people around the world now use Microsoft products on Macintosh, says Kevin Browne, the head of Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, who, incidentally, sees Australia as a market important enough to bring him here for a launch this week

Microsoft Office v.X for Mac has plenty going for it - Microsoft Office v.X, the Mac OS X-only version of the industry standard productivity suite, is finally available. It has most of the features found in Office 2001, plus a plethora of new features and improvements and one of the best Aqua interface makeovers I've seen

X on Mac OS X - A Step Forward - One of the joys of Mac OS X is its inherent ability to use standard unix software. Apple having already performed the miracle of melding a command line operating system with a graphical user interface, Mac OS X users will be happy to learn of, a site that specializes in compiling unix applications into OS X packages. They've done it again with another great release of XFree86, the X Window server for OS X. If you do X, you need this release

Mac OS X 10.1.2 Update Released Internally - As previously noted, areas of revision in 10.1.2 include -- among other components -- FireWire, Ethernet, USB Audio, Classic, Image Capture, CD-RW support, PCMCIA, and IRDA.

Bioinformatics Meets Mac OS X - Traditionally, scientific research has been performed on Unix workstations. This is partly because of the Unix operating system's long, stable history, and partly because Unix systems allow for the easy sharing of information. Now that Apple's Mac OS X operating system is Unix-based, scientists will more easily be able to run their favorite number-crunching or sequence-searching applications on their desktop Mac

Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2 - Before we turn on features, we need to know where Apache's configuration file lives. To find out, we'll query the Apache web server itself, with the following command line:

Learning the Mac OS X Terminal: Part 1 - Mac OS X░s Terminal application. There it sits in your Utilities folder, foreign and mysterious. You░ve heard that it's a portal to the new world of the Unix command line, a world where your flurries of mouse clicks can be replaced with a just few keystrokes. But you░ve been wary of rushing into this new territory where the keyboard is king, concerned that without enough knowledge you might get lost, or stuck, or worse. Or maybe you're an adventurer who is just waiting to dive into uncharted waters. This article is for you

Can░t find my way home - With all my enthusiasm and experience using OS X, there is still one major area of the OS that I can░t get used to: file navigation. It always trips me up. I try to go one place and end up in another. I can░t remember where to find things. Open and Save dialog boxes do not consistently operate the same way as Finder windows. The spatial relationship between files and directories is changed from OS 9 and lacks its consistency

Entourage X integrates e-mail, contacts, calendar - It takes a spectacular piece of software to break through the rind surrounding this crusty old Mac user. Microsoft Entourage X shredded my defenses. It's powerful, simple, and completely integrates e-mail, an address book, and appointments.

Macworld San Francisco to be X-rated - R/com Networks, the media publisher known for eLearning and digital media solutions, will produce a reality-based digital film during the week of Macworld San Francisco in January. The film, titled X-Rated (Ten-Rated), will follow five individuals as they try to improve their professional lives using the latest Mac OS X solutions from Apple

OS X and the Beige G3 - try to upgrade your beige G3 to OS X. You will find that this "advanced operating system" removes some of the not so advanced features on the beige G3. The first time I tried to use a floppy disk, I thought my disk drive had died. A quick check of Apple's site reveals that to use a floppy disk in a beige G3, you must start up in OS 9.

Microsoft Office v. X High-Quality Carbonization Delivers a Strong Office Suite for OS X - Office v. X is far more than a mere port of Office to OS X. With its superior integration into the OS X environment, nicely reworked Entourage X, and improved overall performance, Office v. X is a compelling upgrade. Office 2001 will remain available for people still running Mac OS 8 and 9, but Microsoft will be releasing only bug fixes (not updates) for that version. Office v. X requires OS X 10.1 or later to run,

VPC 5 Prevents TiBook Sleep Under OS X - Now that I have had a chance to work with things a bit I have discovered what appears to be a bug. My TiBook 667 will not sleep correctly if I have VPC 5 running. The screen darkens, but in some cases the HD continues to run. In addition, I have not been able to reactivate the screen without forcing a system restart.

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