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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X Server or Client, mail it to us and we will add it.

Tri-BACKUP Offers Mac OS X Backups With Bootable CDs - TRI-EDRE has released an update to Tri-BACKUP, the company's backup utility for Mac OS X. The new version of Tri-BACKUP, 3.04, adds a significant new feature in that it allows one to make a bootable disk out of one's backup, which in turn makes it easier to restore your system in need

AOL UK Dropping Mac Software And a look at the AOL Client for Mac OS X - a young snapper on AOL send me an IM asking me to join the highly secretive "Macaction Committee." Asking what this was all about, I was being passed on to his cell-boss, who informed me that they were actively campaigning against AOL UK's decision to stop development on any more Mac software. This deemed me rather curious, as I just one hour prior to this little chat happily downloaded the new OS X client for AOL from Apple's FTP server. After a bit of adjusting to UK settings, I was quite happy to use it

OS X Odyssey 13 - Beginning To Like It - OS X aficionados will be pleased to learn that I am actually beginning to like X a bit. After three weeks of X-ploration and X-perimentation, I don't feel like a complete stranger in the strange land of the Aqua interface anymore, and I've begun to appreciate some of Aqua's strengths. I'm far from a convinced convert yet, but I'm now confident that I can learn to work comfortably with this system

MacBeat: Mac OS X Gaining Traction in Real World - New operating systems are usually slow to catch on because computer owners have to see the real value added in the new OS. Not just cool features, mind you, but real, demonstrable value in the upgrade. Sometimes, OS developers have to wait a year or two before their customers' hardware reaches a critical mass of powerful enough computers to really exploit the much-touted features and benefits of the new OS

Developer Tools - The December 2001 Mac OS X Developer Tools include everything you need to begin developing applications for Mac OS X. Project Builder 1.1.1, Interface Builder 2.2, AppleScript Studio, updated documentation, and source code examples are all included in the Developer Tools

OS X Odyssey 12 - Checking Out ICQ 3.0X - ICQ is my pick of the several instant messaging services on the Web. I'm certainly not going to use MSN Messenger, and while I've got no ideological objection to a AIM, I like ICQ better, and hope it will eventually prevail as the standard, or become integrated with a AIM (both ICQ and AIM are owned by AOL)

Reader Review: ViaVoice for OS X - In the course of dictating this review, the software made about 6 mistakes mostly with the names - not bad considering that I have a slight cold.

An Introduction to AppleScript on Mac OS X - Look out everyone--AppleScript is coming back and coming back big! AppleScript has been one of the most overlooked, cool technologies lurking in the Mac OS since 7.1, but it's usually hidden in your Apple Extras folder waiting to be discovered. Now with Mac OS X, it has a new home in the Applications folder, indicating that Apple no longer considers it just an extra

CopyPaste Goes X - CopyPaste extends this functionality to much greater proportions. Users can have up to 100 discrete clipboards. Rather than cutting parts of a word-processing document and then switching to another document to paste, CopyPaste lets you cut 10 or 20 parts in one throw and then lets you paste the contents into one or more other files.

Xinet's OS X double - The release of these products brings network-strengthening workflow solutions to OS X. Early-adopting designers, pre-press and publishing professionals can output PDF and TIFF files, and use these formats with page-layout programs. WebNative lets such users manage digital assets over the Web

Cool Mac OS X Software Mention - Breve, A 3D Simulator & Screen Saver - breve can simulate things like a creature that learns to walk on your screen, or a swarm of bug-like dots. Even if you don't have the time to learn how to program your own simulations it might still be entertaining to give the screen savers a try, which run these impressive looking simulations during your idle time

ScanSoft readies OmniPage Pro X for Mac - ScanSoft is "reaffirming its commitment" to the Macintosh market by announcing Omnipage Pro X for Mac. The new version of OmniPage sports many new features and improvements, and runs natively on Mac OS X

Apple - Mac OS X - AOL for Mac OS X - Not only does AOL now provide native support for Mac OS X, AOL for Mac OS X provides greater functionality, significant interface improvements and compelling new content features. Best of all, AOL for Mac OS X

Petition Launched To Ask Apple For Software AirPort Base Station In Mac OS X - Norm Phillips who has launched a petition asking Apple to deliver software base station support for AirPort in Mac OS X. AirPort is Apple's wireless implementation based on the 802.11b protocol, and the company offers what is called a software base station in Classic Mac OS. A software base station allows one to use one's AirPort equipped Mac as a base station to support other Macs. That functionality has yet to be delivered with Mac OS X

OS X Now Able To Run WinTel Software - Mac OS X is a true chameleon of operating systems, according to's Jeshua Lacock. When Apple Computer (Nasdaq: AAPL) purchased NeXT back in '97 and then open-sourced Darwin a few years later, it was obvious that the company was trying to win the hearts and minds of the hacker generation that had all but entirely abandoned the platform for other OS alternatives. There weren't many within this counterculture that expected Apple to gain the necessary momentum to turn things around, as Apple lived at the opposite end of this spectrum for far too long. What a difference a few years can make, as now it is commonplace to see the rewards from those seeds Apple planted a few years ago.

Mac OS X presentation coming to Mac, PC user groups - Apple Senior Systems Engineer Dave Marra has several upcoming appearances slated for Macintosh user groups (MUGs) and others, according to Chuck Joiner, editor of The MUG Center.

Mac upgrade offers users cream of software crop - No more second-best for Mac users. Until now, Apple Macintosh users who ran the Microsoft Office suite of software tools had to wait their turn. Once Microsoft satisfied its main stable of Windows users, it slowly got around to making Mac versions of the familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook programs. But now there's Office:mac v.X, an all-new, just-for-the-Mac upgrade that takes advantage of Apple's hot new OS X operating system and delivers Mac users the most stable and feature-laden package yet.

Merry OS X-mas - I really want a Mac. Many of you are probably surprised at that statement. Im sure Digital Media Net Executive Producer David Nagel is still in shock over that proclamation. After all, if you have been following all of my columns over the years you know I havent been the most outspoken proponent of the Mac, especially when I have three PCs (or peecee for you Macheads) sitting in my home office and a Windows laptop that goes with me in all my worldly travels

Mac Users Ragin' Mad About Lack of ATI Support in Older Macs - PowerBook, iBook and Power Mac owners (yes, including iMac) of Macs officially qualified for OS X are getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of driver support for older ATI cards in Macs built between 1997 and 1999

Carbonized shareware products get upgrades - Several Mac OS X compliant shareware products and updates were released over the weekend

WinTel 1.0 Pre 1 CD for Mac OS X shipping - is now shipping a WinTel Pre 1 CD that delivers "true compatibility "with Pentium processors, disk image and CD-ROM support within Mac OS X

ObjectTools: 4th Dimension plugin is now Carbonized for Mac OS X

OS X Odyssey 10 - Checking Out Nisus Email For OS X - Nisus Email X installed without any problem, although unlike its Classic stablemate, it distributes files in three locations rather than one -- the program itself in the Applications Folder as well as other bits buried in two other folders in different locations. Had to dig with Sherlock to find them, although someone with more X experience would likely have been able to anticipate where they would be.

Interview: Final Cut Pro on Mac OS X - inal Cut Pro 3 will be the first version of FCP to offer real-time effects in software only--on desktop models ranging from 500 MHz and upwards and PowerBook models running at 667 MHz--including the new titling software from Boris FX that's built into the new version. It will also integrate in some ways with the forthcoming release of DVD Studio Pro for OS X.

It's Official: No DVD Support in OS X For Older PBs - DVD Player 3.0.1 does not work with PowerBook computers that do not have built-in FireWire ports. Based on the combined performance of microprocessor, memory, and bus speed, and on graphics architecture, Apple was able to add Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White) and Power Mac G4 (PCI Graphics) computers to the list of computers that work with DVD Player 3.0.1. Apple does not plan to update DVD Player 3 to work with earlier PowerBook computers

WindowShade X by Unsanity, LLC - As a Linux user, I used the GNOME environment using the Sawfish window manager - which I was quite used to. Having used Linux as my primary operating system for the last seven to eight years I got very accustomed to "window shading." Mac users using anything older than MacOS X know this handy feature too. Basically being able to double click on the titlebar or on a titlebar icon and having the window "roll up" into just the titlebar itself until you repeated the action. What shocked me most about MacOS X was that this feature was missing!

Schiller, FCP 3 for OS X at DV Expo - Phil Schiller, VP of Worldwide Marketing for Apple, introduced Final Cut Pro 3, a Mac OS X-capable upgrade of the company's digital video editing application, during his keynote address this afternoon at the DV Expo in L.A.

Mac OS X only VST reverb plug-in introduced - TC Electronic's Reverbs are the cornerstone of many professional recording studios. Native PerformanceVerb finally brings TC-Quality reverb to any Mac OS X VST recording, editing or mastering environment

NETBARRIER X - Intego revolutionized the world of Macintosh security with its widely acclaimed NetBarrier personal firewall product for the Classic Mac OS. Now, they have brought the same powerful and easy to use security product over to Mac OS X. This new product, NetBarrier X, written completely in the Cocoa API, brings the same security and privacy features

Cryptocard Announces Password Security for Mac OS X - Cryptocard recently announced what it calls the first positive user authentication system for the Mac OS X platform. Cryptoadmin 5.16, which won the "Best of Show - Security" award at Comdex 2001, now secures Apple's Macintosh with the introduction of the Mac ST-1 soft token for OS X

Internet Gateway for OS X Release Candidate posted - Internet Gateway for Mac OS X enables one Mac equipped with Mac OS X and an Internet connection to share that connection with a local area network (LAN). Users can share any kind of connection, from a modem to a DSL hookup. The software provides a firewall for secure connectivity, management features and much more

Apple - Mac OS X - Mathematica

OS X Odyssey 7 - Adventures With Eudora - I haven't done a lot of email work with OS X yet, but my limited experimentation sending some file attachments yesterday was not the smooth and trouble-free operation I've come to expect from Eudora over the years

Virtual PC for X ships - he application runs in both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Additionally, Macintosh users need install VPC 5.0 only once to take advantage of it from either OS. When run in Mac OS X, the solution supports multiple processors

"Metadata, The Mac, and You" - It's important to have a good picture of where one wants to be in the future. Without a clear goal, changes may seem arbitrary, and it may be difficult to weigh the value of one change versus another. Part of the concern about the direction of file system metadata in Mac OS X is due to the uncertainty about Apple's long-term goals

Microsoft updates Entourage X - Microsoft released an update tonight to fix a problem first encountered by users a few weeks ago that denied them access to their Hotmail accounts. To date Microsoft has released updates fixing the problem for Outlook Express and Entourage 2001 users

Cambridge Animation Ships Animo 4.0 for Mac OS X

OS X-compatible Nisus Email 1.6 released - this is the first product Nisus has released to run natively on Mac OS X. "This version adds several requested features and gives users of OS X the unique advantages of e-mail sending using the DragSend and the Dispatch folder features of the Classic version,"

Mac OS X versions of data analysis tools get reprieve - IDL, or Interactive Data Language, is an interactive high-level language developed for analysts, scientists, engineers or anyone else that needs to perform in-depth data analysis. ENVI, the Environment for Visualizing Images, has been developed to enable earth scientists to process, analyze and display multispectral, hyperspectral, or radar remote sensing data.

QuicKeys X Updated to Version 1.02 - QuicKeys can automate literally thousands of common tasks by inserting keyboard macro commands. Rather than reaching for a mouse and navigating through a plethora of menus or tabs, QuicKeys allows users to designate one or two keys to launch a application, open a file or perform a particular function within an application

VectorWorks Industry Series 9.5 supports OS X - The VectorWorks Industry Series products provide Mac users with a variety of different and varied 2D drafting and 3D design tools. Nemetschek North America said that the new and improved 9.5 versions sport performance enhancements, improved printing and reliability improvements

PiXELS 3D version 4 designed for Mac OS X - The new incarnation has also been redesigned from the ground up to provide "the maximum flexibility to designers and animators, while improving the interface to make the product easier to use for less technical users

Update For OmniWeb Released - The Omni Group has released an update for OmniWeb, bringing it to version 4.0.6. OmniWeb is a Cocoa Web browser for Mac OS X. The update has performance enhancements and bug fixes

Mac OS X Exclusive TC Native PerformanceVerb VST Plug-In Released - TC Works announced that TC Native PerformanceVerb, a new VST Reverb Plug-In exclusively for Apple's OS X, is shipping. The product is available only on the web, direct from TC WORKS' web-site

OS X Odyssey 8 - The Way X Does Windows - As I've discussed in several replies to letters this series of articles has generated, one of my biggest complaints about OS X is the way it handles open document windows.

Adobe Photoshop for Mac OS X Development Advancing - One tipster says that development on Photoshop 6.5 is advancing rapidly, and a beta will be seeded in the coming months. The new version will reportedly feature -- aside from carbonization -- a new anti-aliasing engine that uses OS X's Quartz layer, live transformation previews, and a new text tool that enables you to wrap text around shapes. Additionally, Photoshop 6.5 is said to have fairly good performance, and it may ship with ImageReady 3.5

Scripting Cocoa with F-Script - Thanks to Objective-C, Cocoa is built on a highly dynamic, reflexive, and open object model. Among other things, this makes it possible to build visual object graph editors like Interface Builder, runtime monitoring tools, object browsers, and numerous other programs making use of the capabilities of the Cocoa runtime.

Office v.X: What's in a name? - There's been a lot of grumbling on the Mac web about the name of Microsoft's newest version of Office. Officially, it's called Microsoft Office v.X for Mac. There has also been some online grumbling about how to name OS X updates. The latest is officially called Macintosh OS X 10.1.1. I think you can safely call them Office X, and OS 10.1.1

XRay 1.0b6 - powerful "Get Info" utility for Mac OS X - XRay offers users a much more detailed view of files, folders, applications and volumes than Mac OS X's "Show Info" window does. Permissions can be changed without resorting to obscure terminal commands. Type, creator and extension can be examined and changed, and their effect on file-application binding is shown immediately. Types, creators and extensions can be selected from pop-up menus built from the system's own databases

OS X secure password technology system coming Dec. 5 - CRYPTOCard, a company that specializes in "secure password technology," has announced what it describes as "the first positive user authentication system for the Mac OS X platform."

After Effects 5.5 goes OS X native, adds features - Adobe Systems Inc. has announced the release of After Effects 5.5, the latest update to the company's motion graphics and visual effects software. The software is Mac OS X native and is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2002

Tenon's iTools updated to version 6.5 - The iTools Web Server Suite is an Apache-based Web server package that takes advantage of the preemptive multitasking and memory protection of Mac OS X

Sick Of Having Only One Clipboard? ClipDoubler X To The Rescue! - ClipDoubler offers both OS 9 (with CarbonLib) and OS X users the ability to create and access multiple clipboards. Unlike some other clipboard enhancers, ClipDoubler is an application, so doesn't muck around with your system software. But it needs to be active to enable multiple clipboards. Instead of manually launching it every time, you can make it a Login Item in your Login System Preference (OS X) or put an alias in your Startup Items folder (OS 9)

Stuffit Engine SDK updated improving compatibility with Mac OS X

Postscript Printing a Major Bug in OS X - Things go wrong when I try to print Web pages from OS X browsers like Explorer 5.1, Mozilla, or OmniWeb. It takes the computer about 7 minutes to produce printouts from moderately complicated Web pages that classic mode browsers like Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0.8 can print in just one minute

The 17th Annual Editors' Choice Awards - OS X Shaped This Year's Selections

OS X and the iMac 266 - Postscript: When the OS X 10.1 update was released, it required installing OS 9.2.1. That version somehow installed itself into the first partition (where OS X resided). The system booted anyway. So it seems like whatever the problem was with my older system, OS 9.1 and the original OS X, it was fixed in the update

Apple Releases AppleWorks 6.2.2 for OS X 10.1 Update - Apple today released an updater for AppleWorks 6.2.2 for OS X. Apple's release notes state that this version is for users of OS X 10.1 only

Platinum-like "Sosumi" Theme for OS X and iTunes Available - Have you been dying for something to do away with Aqua? Sick of staring at those goofy multi-colored window widgets and jelly bean buttons? The Sosumi theme will help return your OS X Mac to the clean lines of Classic Platinum, mixed with a little bit of sophistication for a stylish update

Watson joins Sherlock for Mac OS X - Mac users have Sherlock. Now we have Watson, an extendable application from Karelia Software that gives an "Aqua" user interface to a number of Internet-based services such as stock quotes, telephone lookup, and movie listings

Formac studio line gains OS X support - Formac Electronic Inc. today introduced its tevion OS X software. The new TV/video playback and capture application has been built from the ground up for Mac OS X using the Cocoa development environment. Formac said that tevion responds faster than previously offered software. Because it supports Mac OS X's protected memory architecture and multitasking environment, the tevion application is crashproof and can be used to capture and play back video and TV seamlessly while running with other applications

Livin' La Vida Equis, Part One - I've spent nearly three years with some form of Mac OS X on at least one of my Macs, from the earliest versions of Mac OS X Server through most of the developer betas, press betas, consumer betas and even a beta or two from an undisclosed (and, indeed, unknown to me) source. That's what it took to write an 800-page book on a brand new OS and get it done last spring -- especially one as mutable as that pre-release Mac OS X was. But, through all that, I'd never made Mac OS X my primary OS. While I've had it running on nearly every Mac in my office, it's been relegated to second-class status -- running on the left-hand test iMac, for instance, not on my main system

Apple OS X Gets Hacked - Usually when the website MacFixit posts new Apple information, the folks over at Apple are grateful for the free promotion. But this time the information posted on the site has lead to a legal threat and a firestorm of controversy. The information that was posted details the method of turning a Mac OS X 10.1 Update CD into a full version of OS X

Apple pulls OS X guidelines after developer protest - Published four days ago, Apple posted Technical Information Note TN2034 containing advice on good programming practice for Mac OS X. Traffic on the list - usually confined to discussion of arcane programming tips - mushroomed as developers expressed their dissent. And some, with the encouragement of Apple developer support, reported the Technical Note as a bug

Apple Slows Mac OS X Rollouts - Amid internal concerns over the quality control of recent OS updates, Apple Computer Inc. has reportedly pushed back the release date for the next significant revision to Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.2, the upgrade code-named Jaguar that was originally slated to arrive at January's Macworld Expo/San Francisco, has been delayed until early summer, sources said. According to sources, the move is intended to address concerns that recent updates have been pushed out the door too quickly to address outstanding bugs

Pundit goes Mac after disastrous XP experience - Windows user and political pundit Andrew Sullivan has recently decided to switch to the Mac after experiencing a disastrous Windows XP upgrade.

iBuild 1.1: OS X, Quicktime ready - iBuild is a good alternative to both HyperCard and PowerPoint for interactive and human-led presentations. The app is suitable for educational courseware, computer based training, kiosks, tests and quizzes, and the Lite version is available as freeware

Cocoa Spreadsheet Has a Few Smart Features--and Some Gaping Holes - P & L Software's Mesa 3, a full-blown spreadsheet program written in Cocoa, lets you build a budget document, map out complex statistical data, and produce presentation-quality reports. But how does Mesa measure up to Microsoft Excel when it comes to slicing and dicing your numeric data? Not very well, unfortunately

VideoClix for Mac OS X completed - VideoClix for Mac OS X is finished and ready to go from eline Technologies. The interactive video authoring application lets content providers build rich interactivity right into "Video Hotspots" that let viewers get feedback by clicking on actual "objects" in the video purchase product, play along in game shows, or vote, all without even having to stop the stream

PCMCIA/ATA PowerBook Driver for OS X - Developers Wanted - Project administrator Gregory Block with the assistance of Michael Fox are running a project to write a PC card driver for OS X which will address the operating system's current shortcomings. At present, even with OS X 10.1, users cannot address 16-bit PC cards such as Compact Flash, SmartMedia and Sony's Memory Stick. Other PCMCIA interface cards which work with OS 9, but not X, include iRez's Capsure zoomed video card and a wide range of third-party 802.11b (Airport) cards, such as Lucent's, the manufacturer of Apple's Airport card

OS X Odyssey 3 And Letters - This topic certainly has captured readers' imagination and interest, at least from the volume of letters that is pouring in. Keep 'em coming, folks, as the information I'm receiving will not just be helpful to me in my journey, but I expect to many other OS X newbies as well.

Apple Seeds Mac OS X 10.1.2 Update to Developers - In the read me file for the new update, Apple included a partial list of the release's fixed bugs. Notable resolved issues include: Windows NT volumes not showing up in the Finder, AFP problems, issues with printing Microsoft Word documents, long filenames leaving parts of label shadows on the desktop, and cutting and pastine taking too long to process

Apple releases DVD Player Update for OS X - the update states that the DVD Player update delivers improved performance and stability, as well as support for Blue and White Power Mac G3 and Power Mac G4 systems with PCI-based graphics

Perforce SCM system brings code management to OS X - Perforce Software Inc. has announced the release of its Software Configuration Management (SCM) system for Mac OS X. The software enables developers to manage changes they make when developing software. The Perforce SCM System runs on over 50 platforms, and provides version control, workspace management, atomic change transaction and a branching model. Because the Perforce SCM system supports multiple platforms, the developer claims it's easy to share code between operating systems

ScientificAssistant Application Discovers OS X - ScientificAssistant is a database based Document Management and Scientific Wordprocessing System for MacOS X. Unlike other wordprocessors and typesetting applications, ScientificAssistant has been built from the ground-up with scientists in mind, that need to create, exchange and update documents with formula intensive contents very efficiently

New SNAX offered for Mac OS X - SNAX is a Finder replacement for Mac OS X, but with many more features. It was written entirely in Cocoa, exclusively for Mac OS X

Webkool for Mac OS X available - With it's architecture based on XHTML and SQL, Webkool will allow multi-platform development of high-performance applications on various operating systems, servers and databases

inetd: PowerPoint X - First off, the new graphics handling capabilities are fantastic. You get a lot more control over elements, more formats, more effects, and for an application like PowerPoint, this is what you want. I find that PowerPoint X is much snappier, both when building slides and using the slide sorter view, than PowerPoint 2001. The new packaging feature is a welcome addition, and one that I always liked from the Windows side of the house. It's a nice alternative to the QuickTime Options, as there are times when QuickTime is not as good an option as you might think

OS X Odyssey 2 And Letters - It's nice to have these little Finder hacks available, but why, oh why did Apple not include the traditional Mac OS Finder functionality in OS X? The Dock, whatever its virtues, is simply not an adequate replacement for the Application Switcher, Window Shading, pop-up folders, etc. And while I'm at it, I really miss spring-loaded folders.

Drive 10 1.0.3 gains OS X 10.1 compatibility, more - Drive 10 offers Mac OS X users various disk diagnosis, repair and testing functions, and can also help to recover data and back up hard drive information as well. The software supports OS X's Aqua interface, and has been developed specifically to support Mac OS X

Spreading the power of X - Word has arrived from one Ryan Rempel, an enterprising US programmer, of a utility that allows some of the more recent pre-G3 Macs to run OS X. These unsupported machines include the 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600, plus some of the clones based on those systems, such as the Umax S900 and J700, the PowerWave and PowerTower Pro. All of these were sold in Australia and many are still in use. Other machines using PCI architecture are expected to join the list in the future, though, according to Rempel, it is unlikely that machines using Nubus architecture will ever come into the fold

Killing the CAPS LOCK Key in OS X - uControl maps your control key to it's rightfully intended place on your laptops keyboard; the place thats currently occupied by the oft-unused caps lock key. No more finger acrobatics are required for using control-intensive Unix applications. Caps lock functionality is still available by pressing the Apple modifier key in conjunction with the caps lock key

High-end developer makes X port - VVI, a high-end corporate-software developer, has released Vving for Mac OS X 10.1. The application, which is based on OpenGraph, has been developed as a diagnostic tool to monitor network performance. It sends a signal each second to a remote computer and waits to receive it back in an echo fashion

Develop Java apps in OS X using Borland JBuilder 6 - JBuilder enables developers to build business, database and distributed applications designed for the Java 2 platform. The software offers two-way visual designers and rapid deployment to J2EE platform application servers. JBuilder incorporates UML code visualization, refactoring, unit testing and documentation tools

Font Reserve Single User on the way to Mac OS X - The folks at DiamondSoft -- makers of font management software -- say that Font Reserve Single User for Mac OS X is right around the corner. The Mac OS X version of Font Reserve Single User, officially version 2.6.5, takes full advantage of the new operating system's elegant and intuitive Aqua user interface. All registered purchases of the full Font Reserve 2.6 product will receive a free upgrade to the Mac OS X version. Font Reserve is designed to help users organize their fonts and troubleshoot problems caused by corrupt fonts. fonts. You can use it to activate, view, sort, and copy fonts

OS X - My Personal Odyssey Begins - One of my primary objectives in purchasing a new computer system this year was to begin the transition process to OS X. I'm not in a big rush. OS 9.x is still doing a superb job for me as my workhorse system. However, I accept the inevitability of making the switch if I want to remain relevant as a Mac-oriented writer and commentator, and I'm of course hopeful that OS X will eventually provide a better computing experience then the classic Mac OS has for these past 17 years

To upgrade OS or not to upgrade, that is the question - The "modern" operating systems are finally upon us. Windows XP and OS X are the two major operating systems, for the PC and Macintosh respectively. But should you upgrade your current OS to the new one or wait for a while? The old adage of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" has proven to be golden so many times. Given the complexity of the subject and the shortness of this column, here are a few points for you to consider before making the plunge

Vving updated for Mac OS X - Vving is a front-line diagnostic tool that graphs the response of any computer on the Internet in real-time. It runs on either Mac OS X 10.1 or Mac OS X Server 10.1

EtherPeek OS X preview, free training coming to MWSF - If you're a system manager or network administrator with an interest in analyzing your network traffic using your Mac, you may be interested in a series of free seminars WildPackets Inc. are sponsoring during January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, CA. WildPackets will host four free Mac OS X protocol analysis training sessions during the event -- two sessions each day on January 9 and 10. WildPackets will hold the seminars at the Argent Hotel, nearby to the Moscone Center where the Expo itself is held

Internet Gateway for Mac OS X b3 released - If you have a need to host a shared Internet connection from your Mac and want to use Mac OS X to do it, Vicomsoft has released a new build for its public beta of Internet Gateway for Mac OS X. The software suite enables Mac users to host a shared Internet connection for a local area network (LAN) from a single Macintosh

Mac OS X gets some audio SparkLE - SparkLE, a real-time audio editing and authoring application for Mac OS X, is now available from TC Works, which also released SparkME, a free Mac OS X audio editor, earlier this month

iMap Opens The World To OS X - iMap 2.0 runs natively under OS X. (This version can run on Mac OS 8.6 or higher, but is optimized for Mac OS X).

Drop Draws Reveals OS X Goodies - Drop Drawers X 1.5.8 fixes all known outstanding issues with OS X 10.1, including recognizing all package files correctly and no longer emptying out the login list on some systems. Both versions of Drop Drawers 1.5.8 include several other minor fixes and improvements

Toon Boom Studio in Final Release for OS X 10.1 - Following a long and difficult experience with Mac OS X, Toon Boom Technologies has released the final version of Toon Boom Studio for Mac OS X 10.1. Toon Boom is a 2D animation suite targeted primarily toward small animation houses and Web animators. The company had previously released a version for OS X 10.0.4, but it would no longer work when Apple released OS X 10.1. Problems were numerous, but the chief one was the inability to save projects

Animation Software Shapes Up for Mac OS - The strongest support for Mac OS X to date has come from developers of animation software. Early on--even before the official release of OS X 10.0--3D software makers had their ports in the works, and now every major piece of 3D software has found its way onto the platform. This includes NewTek LightWave, Electric Image Universe, Maxon Cinema 4D XL and, most recently, Alias|Wavefront Maya. But the 2D animation space is beginning to shape up as well

Mathematica for Mac OS X shipping - Mathematica for Mac OS X is now shipping from Wolfram Research. This fully native version of Mathematica offers users significant speed gains and vastly improved stability compared to running Mathematica on earlier Mac operating systems

inetd: Word X - Word X is pretty much unchanged from the 2001 edition, but given that Microsoft's focus was on porting Office to OS X, this isn't surprising. There are some new features in Word X, chief among them being non-contiguous text selection. This is old hat to users of Nisus, but it's been a long time in coming, and good to have. Oddly enough, one of the biggest changes in Word X ends up being the preferences. Microsoft has dumped--and good riddance, I say--the n-tab interface of Word 2001 for a more coherent, vaguely System 6 control panel-ish window.

Microsoft Office v. X is on time for Apple - For Apple, Microsoft Office v. X is the right software at the right time - a well-polished, critical Mac application designed to show off all the best features of Mac OS X when Apple needs to give Mac users good reasons to switch to the new operating system.

Microsoft retools Office for OS X - Microsoft Office v.X for Apple's OS X operating system went on sale Monday for $500 ($300 to upgrade from a previous version). It happens to be the best-looking piece of software I have ever seen. More impressive than that, Office v.X is more than just a pretty face; Microsoft engineers put that beauty to work, and created a productivity tool that is easier to navigate because it's so good-looking. This is not to say that Office v.X is groundbreaking. It's not.

Microsoft Office X for Mac - CNET Rating: 7 out of 10 The good: Uses Aqua features and adheres to Mac OS X standards; lets you customize key commands in Excel and select multiple, discontinuous text blocks in Word; Entourage interface is easier to navigate. The bad: Expensive upgrade; applies antialiasing sporadically, causing ragged text; doesn't sync directly with Palm OS devices; Word and Excel don't read Microsoft Access files. The bottom line: If you've been waiting for a good reason to purchase Mac OS X, Office X is it. But if you're happy with both Office 2001 and OS 9, you won't find enough improvements to justify the $299 upgrade price.

Text processing app provides OS X Custom Services - Text Wielder is a text processing application that can be used to create and provide custom services via the Mac OS X service menu, according to MacTech magazine. Services can be used to process text, generate and open URLs, generate and execute AppleScripts, display processed text in a dialog box or create new text files

Is That A Dock In Your Pocket? OS X Launcher Updated - Pocket Software has released a maintenance update to their OS X utility, PocketDock. PocketDock is a launcher and application organizer for OS X. Version 2.22 fixes some specific bugs

Look for RealNetworks' Mac OS X products next year - RealNetworks are the folks behind RealPlayer, the most popular of the top three multimedia players (the other two being QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player) with an estimated 28 percent of the market. The RealSystem Media Commerce Suite enables rights holders to distribute movies, music and other digital content to over 200 million RealPlayer users.

OpenOSX replacing glitched OpenOSX Office CDs - Be careful if you're using OpenOSX Office, which began shipping Nov. 15 from OpenOSX. Due to glitch on the master CD, some of the CD installers can delete the contents of the system directory, etc, and you'll have to install a new system

Apple releases Mac OS X Server 10.1.1 - According to Apple, the update delivers improved reliability and performance of Apple file services, and Apache web and Mail services under heavy load. Enhancements have also been made to improve server administration, SMB printer sharing, WINS registration and system clock accuracy.

Apple - Mac OS X - ViaVoice - In a scene from the 1986 movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, chief engineer Scotty has traveled back in time and is trying to coax an old Macintosh through its paces. Believing the mouse to be a microphone, he dictates a verbal command and of course, nothing happens. Had the Enterprise landed in late 2001 instead, Scotty would likely have succeeded using IBMs new speech recognition software, ViaVoice for Mac OS X.

Apple exec: Office X shows benefits of Mac platform - With the release of Office v. X earlier this week, Mac OS X has reached another milestone. Being one of the most anticipated applications -- the biggest to reach the new operating system to date -- the release of Office validates the platform to many in the business world

Jobs Likes Gates' New Office - This is not a full review of the new Office: For all its beauty, Office X is still just a standard productivity program, so there's no need, really, to pick apart its every feature. Virtually everyone who's used a computer is familiar with Office's four applications -- Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the e-mail program, which is called Outlook in the Windows version and Entourage in the Mac version. Instead, this is an appreciation of a great-looking application, something so pretty it almost doesn't look like real software -- it's more like concept software, a product that designers dream of but never quite achieve, given the exigencies of coders and the particular limitations of an operating system.

Apple Seminar: Simply Powerful Web Serving - At this informative seminar you'll discover how Mac OS X Server delivers a no-compromise solution for creating sites that exceed expectations-not budgets and deadlines.

Free audio editor only for Mac OS X - SparkME includes features such as fast editing with unlimited undo, sample-accurate waveform display and VST Plug-In support, he added. The Play List section allows for the preparation of projects for CD and includes real-time crossfades and exporting of play lists in Roxio Toast format. Its QuickTime movie feature enables digital media production with frame accurate and stutter-free movie playback, including different sizes for the movie window

Instant Interactive Drills available for Mac OS X - If you're into math education and are frustrated with the lack of math software being migrated to Mac OS X, you may want to check out the Instant Interactive Drills from the company of the same name

AOL UK abandons Mac OS X - AOL UK has pulled the plug on Mac OS X support, effectively freezing the development of the Classic version of its online access software - all to focus its efforts on Windows software development.

OS X for Legacy Macs - While Apple has limited its support for Mac OS X to those machines that originally came with a G3 or G4 processor, it is possible to install Mac OS X on some earlier machines. The unsupported machines that work now are the 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8600, 9500 and 9600, as well the clones that were based on one of these systems (the Umax S900 and J700, and the Power Computing PowerWave and PowerTower Pro). The original processors in these machines will work, as will G3 or G4 upgrade cards

Carbon Programming with Kevin Bricknell - Game programming requires knowledge of many of the topics in your book. Why not include a chapter on programming a simple game to help teach general programming?

inetd: Entourage, part two - Today, I'll cover more of the specific parts of Microsoft's comprehensive e-mail application

A Much Cleaner Office for OS X - Microsoft's Office suite of productivity software has never been, as the English say, a "looker." The company's programmers are famous -- or infamous, depending on your point of view -- for stressing function over form. They strived to cram every new version of Office with more and more features. Never mind that some of them didn't work as advertised or that most people used only 20% of what's there. "Bigger is better" has long been the mantra at Microsoft. Now comes Microsoft's adaptation of Office to Apple's new OS X operating system. And for the first time, function has taken a backseat to style

Word Is Sick, Send It To The Doctor - Stone Design has released DOCtor, a file translator for Macs. DOCtor is designed to allows users the ability to change original Word documents into PostScript and PDF files. DOCtor is OS X ready

French Developers Announce OS X-Native Search Tool - Mouans-Sartoux, France -- Sockho Software has just released a new version of their native MacOS X application SockhoEasyFind, available in 6 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German,Japanese) which makes searching on the Internet an easy task

What Else Were You XPecting? - A mole at Microsoft leaked the following internal memo, apparently an in-house employee newsletter at Microsoft.

BIAS shipping Peak DV for Mac OS X - Peak DV for Mac OS X is a special edition of the award-winning digital audio editor. Previously only available to Final Cut Pro users, Peak DV is now offered to the entire professional content creation community. BIAS is committed to bringing its entire product line to Apple's next generation operating system and the full version of Peak and Deck for Mac OS X will arrive in the near future

Looking For An AIM Client On Steroids? Adium For OS X Fits The Bill - Sure, the good folks at America Online do offer an OS X version of their AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) client. However, it is still has a "beta" status, and lags behind the other version in terms of functionality. If only someone offered an alternative to the AOL offering... Fortunately, our friend Adam Iser has come to the rescue and developed a rival client called Adium. It is already a favorite with several members of The Mac Observer staff, and with good reason.

Office v. X arrives - Office v. X takes advantage of many of the built-in technologies of Mac OS X like the Aqua interface, Sheets and the Quartz graphics engine. Sheets have replaced select dialog boxes and alerts in Office v. X, enabling users to multitask within or between applications. When a user clicks to save a Word document, for instance, a Sheet appears in place of a dialog box. The user can choose to open a different Word document or continue working in another application, without having to complete the save first

Microsoft Releases Office v. X For Mac OS X, Hits Store Shelves Today - The Technology Guarantee is a handy way of getting versions of Office for both your Classic and OS X environments, and is a good offer from Microsoft. We would have been happier to see the offer grandfathered a bit further back, say six months, but that's just us. In any event, this is a very important release for Mac OS X, and is already getting Apple (and the Mac platform) some favorable press.

Office for Mac: Strange bedfellows' baby - "The relationship (with Apple), when we first started this business unit, was we could barely talk to each other without there being lawyers present," said MacBU General Manager Kevin Browne. "Things have changed so dramatically."

inetd: Office v. X, an overview - One thing to keep in mind is that if you're looking for a plethora of new features, you aren't going to find them. Microsoft chose (wisely, I think) to make the first version of Office v. X a truly outstanding Carbon application. Considering the size and complexity of the suite, they accomplished this. The interface, the way Office works, the integration with the OS, everything. Office v. X is, for me at least, the premiere Carbon application, and shows just what can be done with Carbon.

A Look at Adobe GoLive 6 for Mac OS X (with images) - GoLive 6 is carbonized, and sources said that the carbonization has been done well. The speed of the program is already acceptable, even in beta. "The overall app will look pretty good," said one source who used it, pointing to the Aqua interface. The interface will also have several tweaks that will make it more user-friendly. Additionally, GoLive 6 will take advantage of OS X's Quartz graphics engine.

OS X Audio & Music Worth Waiting For: Part I - Eight months after its release, Mac OS X still lacks software for one key Apple market sector: music and audio creation. However, finally there are some indications that, once the wait is over, OS X will make musicians from beginners to pros wonder how we ever lived with anything else.

Hands on with Excel, PowerPoint and Word X - If you lose a document (due to, say, a power outage or system crash) Excel will proceed to AutoRecover all files in reverse save order so that the focus will be on the file that was saved last. AutoRecover can be customized to save even more frequently if you wish.

Mac OS X: Developers and Users - Mike Vannordsel really has it in for those who don't wholeheartedly embrace Mac OS X, as is evident from his latest tirade on Applelust, Flies in the OS X ointment. Vannordsel's article attempts to undermine Jim Champlin, the author of An Everyday User Looks at Mac OS X

Apple OS X Upgrade Delivers Fast, User-Friendly Unix OS - I know I'm going to get flamed for writing this, but Apple Computer's Mac OS X 10.1 is what Linux-on-the-desktop people crave: a Unix-based OS with an interface even a novice can handle. Although it contains some quirky parts, this free update for OS X users delivers a much needed speed increase, CD- and DVD-burning capabilities and some interface tweaks.

inetd: Entourage X - For me, the most important part of Office is Entourage. I love this application, and in truth, outside of Baldur's Gate II, it's my favorite Mac program. I use it to run my life in something vaguely resembling an organized fashion, and have since its inception.

Upgrade to v10.1-Get Mac OS X Server version 10.1 for performance boosts, enhanced workstation management and software RAID support. All Mac OS X Server version 10.0 customers are eligible for this upgrade

BackUp ToolKit is FWB's first Mac OS X product - Besides Mac OS X compatibility, BackUp ToolKit sports a new user interface and other new features, including password encryption for compressed files, and a folder comparison function to ensure folders or volumes are identical. Also new is a streamlined configuration panel for programmed backups and a backup mode called Evolutive Mirror backup.

FWB Ships BackUp ToolKit For Mac OS X - FWB Software, LLC, a leading developer of storage software solutions for the Macintosh, today announced the immediate availability of BackUp ToolKit version 3. Developed by FWB's French partner Tri-Edre, the latest version of BackUp ToolKit represents FWBs first entry to the Mac OS X software utility market. The "Carbon" version of BackUp ToolKit not only gets a new user interface, but also includes many exciting new features

OS X Is Bringing Macs & Mac Users Just A Little Bit Of R-E-S-P-E-C-T - It's felt good to be a Mac user for the last year. Maybe it's always felt good to be a Mac user, and only now have I noticed it. By "felt good," I mean that I haven't experienced lately that involuntary, inward twinge that I used to get whenever I commented in mixed company that I own a Mac and actually like using it. Go back a few years -- to, oh, I don't know, 1997 -- and you may have also heard similar comments right after you said "I have a Mac" or "I like Macs": "Isn't Apple going out of business?" Twinge. "Hasn't Apple gone out of business?" Twinge. "I heard Bill Gates owns Apple now." Twinge. "You've got to be a lunatic to own a Mac." Twinge. Okay, so I made up that last comment. No one ever called me a Mac lunatic. Well, I don't think so, anyway

AirPort Made For Mac OS X - Apple has incorporated 128-bit security, tight enough for web-based commercial transactions. It takes a lot of smarts and horsepower to break 40-bit encryption; it takes a lot more to break 128-bit. Unless someone is monomaniacal, no-one will crack your 128-bit connections anytime soon.

Is MySQL for OS X ready for your production applications? - With the current release of Mac OS X and OS X Server, it is not possible to do a proper shutdown of a MySQL database. Most instructions would have you type the command mysqladmin shutdown to shutdown the database. This ensures that any cached writes are flushed to disk. Failing to do a proper shutdown, especially on a very active database can lead to major data corruption issues

How well does OS X run on the PowerBook G4 "rev B" and 600MHz iBook "rev B"? - It would appear that OS X gains from the presence of a G4 cpu. The 600MHz iBook did better than I expected, especially when running two apps simultaneously.

Public beta of MacOS X Internet Gateway available - Internet Gateway is a software router used to connect networks to the Internet. It's designed to offer shared, secure Internet functionality for networked Macs. Internet Gateway is designed for modularity and expandability for a range of applications.

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