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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X Server or Client, mail it to us and we will add it.

Free X utility posted - has been developed to monitor files for changes - tracking both what's happening on error messages to the Console in X, and when file or folder changes were made. It also opens a window showing new input. The solution is aimed at software developers and system administrators trying to track process output or debugging information

New REALbasic beta improves OS X compatibility - There's another beta of REALbasic, the development environment from REAL Software, available. Version 3.5b4 fixes issues with RbScript, Mac OS X (particularly with 10.1), in addition to numerous other enhancements and bug fixes. It also marks the appearance of Mac OS X support for office automation

Exclusive interview on VectorWorks for Mac OS X - In this interview with Sean Flaherty, chief technology officer of Nemetschek N.A., we get to the heart of the matter early, concerning VectorWorks for OS X and its expected shipping schedule. But this interview continues on to delve into more deeper territory....issues that are seldom discussed by Mac developers in the press, and which begin to shed some important light on why Apple‹at this moment‹appears to be a little behind its own curve

Plugging into Mac OS X no simple task - Besides making sure their software plays well with Apple Computer Inc.'s new Unix-based OS, developers of core Mac applications such as Adobe Photoshop and QuarkXPress must grapple with compatibility issues affecting popular -- and often mission-critical -- third-party plug-ins. Though the migration to Mac OS X is, in the face of Apple's system strategy, inevitable, many professional users within a corporation may resist the move if they find the change comes at the cost of their favorite plug-ins

New betas of iCab, iCab X released - It's a good day for browser updates. First, Netscape 6.1 is released (see separate story). Now iCab, the "lean" browser alternative, has new beta versions out for both the traditional Mac operating system and Mac OS X.

OS X-Cellent Progress - Will the rest of us grow to love OS X? I think so -- eventually. OS X is following the same slow trajectory as the original Mac. At first, that huggable little cube of computer wasn't much more than a toy. But a hard-core group of enthusiasts loved it so much they began to write great software that made the Mac revolutionary in its usefulness

Mac OS X - Applications - BIAS - Scheduled to ship in November, Peak and Deck let you digitally manipulate and alter sound by splicing, shifting, adding effects, altering and creating sounds, dialog editing and restoring audio

Mac conversion of Qt C++ GUI framework now available - Qt/Mac is the Mac OS X conversion of Qt, Trolltech's cross-platform GUI application development framework created for C++ developers. With Qt/Mac, Trolltech said that it's possible to convert the thousands of Qt-based applications already created to the Mac as well

What is Firewalk? - Firewalk is a Mac OS X configuration utility for the built in firewall. While you are running Mac OS X you should be aware that you are running on a BSD/Mach kernal. The built in firewall that Mac OS X offers is rather dirty, some like to get into the unix part of the operating system others still prefer the nice Macintosh GUI. This application makes it possible for you to configure the firewall properly with the graphical user interface that Macintosh users are used to

Whats a Samba (protocol) between friends? - One of the quieter changes included in the next update to Apple Computer Inc.s next-generation operating system could end up being one of the most significant for IT professionals. Mac OS X 10.1, announced July 18 and promised for September, should include a built-in SMB (Server Message Block) client, allowing Mac OS X 10.1-equipped Macs to connect to Windows NT, Windows 2000 and most Unix file servers that use the Samba protocol without the need for third-party software or special configuring

Hackers, viruses, the Mac, and OS X - Hackers and viruses pose more of a threat than ever for the Mac platform due to the Unix underpinnings of Mac OS X, according to Robert Franklin, Symantec's senior product specialist. Symantec is the company behind such products as Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Utilities

Classic Mac Game, Maelstrom, Ported To Mac OS X - The good people at Ambrosia have announced that someone else has ported the game that started Ambrosia (more or less), Maelstrom, to Mac OS X. Ambrosia isn't supporting this port, but they seem to be fond of it. The person who has ported the game is Sam Lantinga, the same person who ported the game to Linux several years ago. Better yet, the source code is available. From Ambrosia

Console Yourself: Understanding Mac OS X Logs - Logs are text files that form a record of what has occurred on the system, much like a journal. This column will serve as an intro to some of the key logs that you'll find on your Mac OS X system

Java Version Of E-mail Sorting Tool Released For OS - Michael Nigrin has released jPEE, a Java version of Power Email Extractor for Mac OS X and Solaris. jPEE (and PEE) allow users to sort or extract data from e-mail databases saved as text files

Canto's Cumulus now available for Mac OS X - Billed as "the ultimate metadata machine," Cumulus 5 is a flexible database system developed to manage any kind of media asset -- images, layouts, presentation, video, audio and text. Cumulus incorporates search functionality, extensive customization capabilities, and much more

PowerBook users rejoice: WavLAN now works on OS X - If you have a PowerBook G3 with no airport slot (we here at TheG4 are in that category) you can now use your Lucent WavLAN cards with OS X

Hang Ten: Sherlock In OS X - How To Avoid Searching Your Whole Hard Drive - Sherlock can be customized in an almost infinite number of ways to search for precisely what you want. If you just want to keep it simple, however, and look for files in a specific folder, here's a quick way to do it

SendStory, Quitling, ForgotIt? come to Mac OS X - It's not just the big companies that are unveiling software for Mac OS X, as three new product announcements/updates make clear

4D's WebStar Server X-ready - This beta benefits from Mac OS X's multiprocessor support, pre-emptive multitasking and faster networking

Quark denies making 'bug-free' claim for Carbonised XPress - Quark says it never promised that the next version of Xpress would be bug-free, as Macworld UK reported, and that it's all a terrible misunderstanding. Macworld's Jonny Evans tells us that production gremlins were to blame for the claim that appeared before Macworld Expo, and no Quark rep said that. Here's what Quark's Glen Turpin told us

iOrganizer Now Ready for OS X - Channel 8 Software today updated its easy-to-use organizational application for Macintosh and Mac OS X, iOrganizer. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite websites in your web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers.

OS X Default OS by April? - Schiller said "the finishing touches on OS X would not be done until around April of next year." Needless to say, this would surprise a lot of Macintosh users if true, and at the same time sound perfectly reasonable to more informed, technically-savvy types

SmartDisk's X driver range - SmartDisk/VST has posted Mac OS X drivers for its Tri-Media and Dual Media card readers, further reinforcing its commitment to Apple's next-generation operating system offering educational discounts - For an unlimited time, a new business dedicated to serve the budding Mac OS X community, is offering members of educational institutions a US$5 discount per CD or CD-subscription ordered

Test version of latest OS X leaks onto Web - Apple Computer, famously tight-lipped about its product releases, is finding it difficult to keep a lid on an important upgrade to Mac OS X upgrade

Burning Monkey Solitaire 2 unleashed for OS X - The wildest, the wackiest (and by far the hairiest) solitaire game is now available for Mac OS X. Colorful graphics, obnoxious sounds, bad jokes, and the world's most extensive cheating mode make Burning Monkey Solitaire II a "must have" for all card players

Spring Cleaning Adds Mac OS X Support - Aladdin Systems has updated their system management and uninstaller utility, Spring Cleaning, to version 4.0.1. The latest version adds complete support for Mac OS X. The program allows users to remove unneeded or unwanted files from their hard drive while also providing a complete solution for uninstalling applications.

Griffin Releases New OS X iMate Driver - Griffin has released an OS X driver for their iMate USB to ADB adapter. The iMate supports all of the current ADB drivers, including those for the Kensington line of input devices, and allows ADB devices to function as "hot pluggable."

Seapine bringing bug tracking solution to Mac OS X - The folks at Seapine Software say they're committed to providing the best bug tracking solution for Mac developers and are actively working on porting TestTrack Pro to Mac OS and OS X.

FiLMBOX 3.0 ships for Mac OS X - today marks another important milestone for Mac OS X's acceptance as a competitive, production-quality 3D content creation platform. Kaydara Inc. announced today the release of FiLMBOX 3.0, the latest major upgrade to its 3D content authoring and delivery tool. For the first time, the Mac is supported -- the company has added Mac OS X to its list of supported platforms (FiLMBOX is already available for Windows 2000, Irix and Red Hat Linux platforms)

Music Production Suite for OS X due in September - Emagic, a manufacturer of software and hardware for music and audio production, is beta testing Mac OS X versions of Logic Audio 5.0, and drivers for the Unitor8 MkII, AMT8 and MT4 MIDI interfaces, and the EMI 2I6 audio interface.

OS X Web Site Creation Package Updated - Pine Hill Products has updated their OS X compatible Web site creation program, CreativePage, to version 2.7.5. CreativePage provides users with a number of WYSIWYG tools for Web page design, layout, and maintenance

Mac OS X Security Part One: Cable and DSL - Network dial-ups are a numbers game, whereas permanent connections such as cable or DSL give malicious hackers a 100% time opportunity to hack you. If you choose to do internet via cable or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), then you place yourself in the line-of-fire full-time

Margin Notes Mac OS X 10.0: A MacFixIt Perspective A second look - With Mac OS X now out for several months, and OS X 10.1 on the horizon, the timing seemed ripe for a second look at troubleshooting the new OS

Why X? Why not! - Most people seem to detest change, others embrace it. Whether it's simply having to learn something new, to missing the elements you've come to know and love from your OS, everyone has their reasons. It's more than just getting past the psychological barriers, there is a slew of reasons for the change

Mac OS X: Little Black Book - How to evaluate such a book? It is certainly worth the price. As for content, I like it. Would I purchase and use it? Certainly. In conjunction with the aforementioned highly-rated Mac OS X Visual QuickStart Guide, it's easy to recommend both

Hold-Up accounts app out for X - This finance-management software - created by Pierre-Olivier Latour and Didier Larue - organizes accounts, creates scheduled transactions, and defines categories and payment types

Free OS X Native Desktop Calendar App Updated - Panda Systems has updated their handy desktop calendar utility, PandoCalendar, to version 5.7. PandoCalendar is Carbonized to run natively in Mac OS X, and allows users to place a fully customizable calendar on their desktop

Peak and Deck music apps coming to Mac OS X - BIAS has made some exciting announcements regarding the Mac platform -- Peak and Deck, the companies flagship professional audio programs, will soon support Mac OS X

X 'best OS for audio' - Mac OS X is the best Mac OS ever for audio, outstripping all other operating systems and platforms, new in-depth research shows

FileMaker Server 5.5 ships, now native for Mac OS X - he company announced that FileMaker Server 5.5 is now shipping for Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and Red Hat Linux.

Quark: Commitment to Mac OS X is 'firm' - n our July 12 article, "Quark talks XPress 5, Mac OS X," we reported that Glen Turpin, Quark's corporate communications manager, said earlier this year that the upcoming QuarkXPress 5 would not be Carbonized for Mac OS X and that no timetable was given for a Mac OS X version. However, things have changed

Mac OS X 10.1 Previewed At Macworld Expo - At this year's show in New York, Jobs introduced Mac OS X 10.1, Apple's first major update to its new operating system - but you won't be able to get your hands on it until September. Here's some of what you have to look forward to.

Developers snub users with no OS X news - Some developers seem to be complaining that they are having problems producing applications for Mac OS X while others are having no problem. There appear to be three sides to this argument, and one overwhelming issue needing answers.

Carbonization of Sims Expansions Underway - they released a patch to bring OS X support to the original Sims, along with some patches to fix some minor bugs. Now it seems that Westlake Interactive is also working on Carbon patches for both the Livin' Large and House Party expansion packs.

Kill OS Xs Aqua - Im going to show how to install Darwin on your Mac. Darwin is the industrial-strength core of Mac OS X. Apple has been doing wonders with this modern open source miracle. Some of you may think the only way to use Darwin is by purchasing a copy of Mac OS X and dropping back to the command line via the Well, youre wrong!

Mac OS X Criterion - I suppose I've come to another operational conclusion too. I no longer believe that Mac OS X is for everyone - yet. At the moment most of the software for it is "Preview", which means beta, which in turn means that you are the software tester! So I have an additional criterion for people considering an upgrade to X. You need to be a little bit adventurous

Mac OS X Security Introduction - First of all, we need to establish that there is a security issue. That should be pretty simple. The ILOVEYOU virus took the whole issue to the streets. Yet there still remains a certain "It can't happen to me" mentality out there. Well, it can.

Keeping the faith: Sorting out the Web browsers for OS X - When it comes to speed in rendering, it may surprise people when I say that Mozilla is the king, from what I can see. Although the initial feedback when entering a page is light, the content just "pops" into view with little waiting. iCab and Opera are not much farther behind. IE and Omni do an admirable job and lag behind the others by a small margin on initial page loads

Omni boss lauds OS X - Omni Group founder Wil Shipley has lauded Mac OS X as a dream for developers and gamers alike

First Take: OS X 10.1 - While OS X was a thrilling release for much of the Mac community, it's also been an obvious work in progress. Four months out of the gate, it had been updated four times. But version 10.1 could provide the finishing touch

OS X for the Masses - Apple's newest operating system is ready for the average Mac user -- almost. I'd still wait until September to jump operating systems

No Mac OS X Myst III: Exile = Apple's Fault? - Myst III: Exile is not currently compatible with OS X whether run on the OS natively or through the OS 9.1 emulator. This is because the OpenGL functionality with OS X has known problems processing low geometry/high graphic quality (vs the standard high geometry/low graphics). We have been in contact with Apple since long before we finished coding and have yet to confirm with them when they will release an OS X update that addresses this OpenGL trouble

Vicomsoft To Move Internet Gateway To OS X, Requires Beta Testers - Internet Gateway permits a number of networked computers, in an office or home environment, to access the internet through individual or multiplexed modems, or via cable. Users can share the bandwidth and two or more users can access the net over the same line simultaneously

Installing Mac OS X Is Quick and Easy - I am a veteran of around 40 Windows installs from versions 3.1 to 2000. These were both new installs and reinstalls/upgrades. Some went well, and others were more difficult. I have breezed through the process in a few hours while maintaining my cool. I have also had installs which lingered for days in which I drank profusely and cursed the fact that I ever became involved with a computer

Okito Composer - New OS X Word Processor - Okito Composer is an powerful word processor in development that is extraordinarily easy to use. With many of the features you need already available, and many more in development, Okito Composer is intended to become the only word processor you will need, or want, to use on Mac OS X. By using the industry standard, cross-platform Rich Text Format, you can exchange Composer documents with users on many platforms other than Mac OS X

What is a Mac OS X Application, Anyway? - Mac OS X is a strange hybrid beast to be sure; it has a slick GUI on top of a tried-and-true Unix base. Mac users can finally use the command line to have unprecedented power over their computers. Why would anyone not include the Unix applications that also run on OS X? The reason is simple: Unix applications usually don't follow the Mac's graphical user interface (GUI) guidelines

Thank Goodness! Password Management App Now OS X-Ready - ForgotIt? for the Macintosh. The tool is an easy-to-use multi-document application for managing passwords and Internet addresses

100 Percent Aqua - That cool blue wash on the display of your Macintosh computer reflects the fact that World Book Encyclopedia 2002 was built from the ground up to take advantage of Mac OS X‹ both its Aqua interface and its underlying technology.

OS X Graphing Tool Updated - The Omni Group has updated their OS X only graphing application, OmniGraffle, to version 1.1. OmniGraffle allows users to easily create outlines, graphs, and flow charts for use in a wide variety of settings

OS X for the Masses - Apple is scheduled to release 10.1, its first major upgrade to OS X. From what I saw at Macworld, this is really the first version ready for the Mac masses. It's fast, smooth, and stable. Applications launch quickly and windows scroll and resize in real time. This version supports most printers, drives, scanners, and Internet protocols

Contest Announced For OS X Coders - eVision has announced a contest for Mac OS X Java developers. A new version of the eVe visual search SDK is available, and developers are encouraged to create eVe applications for a chance to win US$1,000.

Developers' relations with Apple at all-time low - Relations between Apple and third-party developers have hit an all-time low. Developers at Macworld Expo New York expressed anger and frustration at AppleŠs tardiness in supplying the necessary code to enable them to build Mac OS X-compliant applications

Apple Narrows Version Gap With Web Sharing Update For OS X - Apple has released the Web Sharing Update for Mac OS X through it's Web site and through the Software Update control panel. The update does not alter the build number of the OS, but adds, "enhancements and security improvements to Apache, including support for the case-insensitive Mac OS Extended file system (HFS+), and the latest version of OpenSSH.

Everyday Software Jumps On The OS X Train - Everyday Software has announced that two of their products, Bookit 2.0 and clipEdit 2.5b1, are now available for Mac OS X. Bookit is a full featured Web bookmark manager, while clipEdit provides users with a tool for easily editing picture clippings

OS X is cool, but not for everyone - Mac users have waited years for Mac OS X, Apple's first complete operating system overhaul since 1984. Now it's here and available for $129. And while I'm X-cited, even a bit X-static over the next generation operating system's potential, I wouldn't be X-actly honest if I said it was for everyone. In fact, longtime Mac users who don't like change may find the transition X-cruciating

VectorWorks demonstrated on Mac OS X - VectorWorks on OS X is still a ways off. Described as a late alpha by the Nemetschek guys, the product looked like it was coming along fine. The Aqua-fied interface looked not too different than under OS 9, with the exception of the tops of tool bars and palettes

Eliminate OS X Dock Clutter With Snard - Snard is a dockling, so you should probably place it in your Dock Extras folder. You can then drag the icon to your Dock, to make it available. When you first click on the icon, you won't see much, but that will change once you start adding your own documents to the menu.

Making NFS Work On Mac OS X - Jobs obviated the need for products like Sharity by Objective Development (described in my last column), which provides transparent access to Windows fileshares using the Samba/SMB/CIFS protocol. Given that 10.1 is slated for September release, it may be that Sharity's days are numbered. Even the easier-to-use commercial offering of Dave from Thursby may be relegated to a niche position

OS X Native Fax Software Solutions For The Mac - there are still powerful, OS X native fax software solutions for the Mac available

Aladdin Systems Ships Stuffit Express 1.1 for Mac OS X

inetd: Application Packaging in Mac OS X - One of the radical changes that Mac OS X brought the Mac community was how our applications are put together. While they still appear the same--application file with an icon, double-click to run--they are beginning to be built differently. Instead of a monolithic executable file, with support files scattered hither and yon, what we regard as an application file is, in Mac OS X, more often a folder. (The folder looks and acts like a single application file depending on how the Finder's bundle bit is set. So finally the bundle bit has an obvious use.)

X grows on family trees - John Nairn's genealogy software GEDitCOM 3.0 has been Carbonized for Mac OS X

FAXstf native on X - FAXstf X faxes sends and receives faxes from any Mac document application. It also takes advantage of the AddressBook inside Mac OS X so there's no need to duplicate or maintain multiple phonebooks. The address book is drag-&-dropped from the AddressBook facility into FAXstf X's FaxBrowser to send faxes

Post.Office mail server coming to Mac OS X - Post.Office is a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP messaging server designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized Internet service providers (ISPs). Post.Office can support 10 users "or a hundred thousand users on a single platform with appropriately configured hardware

App Helps OS X Users Get Organized - Channel 8 Software today updated its easy-to-use organizational application for the Macintosh and Mac OS X, iOrganizer. iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar, and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite websites in your web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers

Apple Announces Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade - Since the release of Mac OS X 10.0, Apple has released 4 minor updates (10.0.1 through 10.0.4) to the operating system. Although these updates offered minor speed and functional updates, OS X still can't match the performanc of Mac OS 9, which has had years to mature and be fine-tuned for the Mac. But all that will change with the release of Mac OS X 10.1.

OS X.1: Shocking Preview - The weeks article will summarize the newly announced features of Mac OS X.1 and explain how they will make your computing experience much better. Apple still has a long ways to go to complete the øperfect OS,Ó but the progress is definitely noticeable.

FirstClass 6.0 launched for Mac OS X - First Class offers one mailbox for e-mail, fax and voice mail that can be managed from your (via client or browser), telephone, cell phone, and Palm OS devices. Together with the groupware solution powered by FirstClass core architecture, it offers self-service communication, collaboration, conferencing, knowledge management and calendaring

MYOB AccountEdge for Mac OS X demoed - AccountEdge for Mac OS X takes advantage of the new operating system's key features, according to MYOB spokesperson Jennifer Lee. Behind the scenes, this includes Mac OS X's memory management, she said. More center stage is the new look and feel of AccountEdge on Mac OS X, as it makes full use of the simple and elegant Aqua user interface Readies Deep Space Explorer 4.0 for OS X -, the site where everything space is found, offers many popular star and planet tracking software titles for the Mac. Among these are Starry Night Beginner through Pro and Deep Space Explorer (DSE). Now, is debating whether to develop the next version of DSE for OS 9 or X.

New OS X Products Galore - Part 1 - Today I ventured in search of programs built for the new friend on the block, Mac OS X. So many new programs did I find, and little time to write them all down. I will try to write a quick paragraph about some of my favorites. Because there are so many new products for X, I will write about just some that I feel have a real use to the common Mac users

Eskape to Carbonise All Its Products by the end of 2001 - Eskape have committed to Carbonising all of their products by the end of 2001

XLR8 speeds to X - The software utility configures XLR8's CPU upgrade cards for optimum performance under Mac OS 7.5.2 through to Mac OS X.

Site Dedicated To Bringing X Window Apps To OS X - There is a new site dedicated to bringing great Open Source software to Mac OS X, OpenOSX. OpenOSX has compiled a number of high quality Open Source, X Window apps for OS X and bundled them on a CD with a simple installer application

TurboBLAST blasts to Mac OS X - TurboBLAST is an accelerated, parallel implementation of the unmodified BLAST homology search application distributed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. TurboBLAST enables scientists to increase productivity by removing the computational bottleneck in the BLAST application.

Apple Pins Hopes on Mac OS X - Jobs turned the stage over to 10 developers working on new versions of their software for OS X

More than 1,000 applications are now available for Mac OS X - Since the introduction of Mac OS X Public Beta in September 2000, the appeal of Mac OS X has led to more than 50 percent growth to Apples developer community. With an open architecture incorporating UNIX and industry standards such as Apache, OpenGL, Java, WebDAV and PDF, new developers are tapping the power of Mac OS X to create exciting new applications. In fact, 32 percent of new Apple developers are Java programmers, while 35 percent develop for other UNIX platforms

Apple exec talks Mac OS X 10.1 - It's no surprise that shareware and freeware products are popping up all over for Mac OS X -- and that should only increase with OS X 10.1 in September, according to Ken Bereskin, Apple's director of Mac OS product marketing

4D WebSTAR Server Suite V beta out for Mac OS X - 4D Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension 6.7 RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR Server Suite, announced the immediate availability of their new 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V public beta at this week's Macworld New York

iOrganizer 1.5 Carbonized for Mac OS X - t can import contacts, bookmarks, events, and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save, and print lists; quickly and easily send e-mail to contacts; open your Web sites in your Web browser; remind you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers

FileMaker Pro 5.5, Server 5.5 on Mac OS X - 50,000 copies of the Carbonized FileMaker Pro 5.5, released in May, had already shipped. FileMaker Server 5.5, which is developed in Cocoa, will ship July 30. By this fall, FileMaker will be one of the first companies to have 100 percent of its products native for Mac OS X

Free Mac OS X tools offer PDF utilities - The utilities are all command line applications that can help the user retrieve various types of information from PDF (Portable Document Format) files or allow the user to perform a Save As action via the command line

Windows Media Player for Mac OS X previewed - Microsoft announced Windows Media Player for Mac OS X and offered a first-ever sneak peak at the product during Macworld New York. The player is fully Carbonized and takes advantage of the new Aqua user interface

IBM Announces ViaVoice For Macintosh OS X - ontinuous speech recognition for the Macintosh and designed to integrate with the new Mac OS X, users can dictate naturally into most text applications, easily launch and surf the Web, and navigate Apple's new Mac OS X - all by using their voice.

Giants Coming to Mac OS X Only - MacPlay has announced they are going to be porting Giants: Citizen Kabuto to Mac OS X exclusively. This beautiful and very complex game will be a much faster release because it's only targeting OS X and the systems that are able to run it

'Pre-beta' version of Mac OS X Palm Desktop spotted - If you're wondering when the Palm Desktop will be Carbonized for Mac OS X, the answer is sometime before the end of the yea

Mac users get teaser of Mac OS X 10.1 - Apple gave Mac users a bitter sweet show Wednesday as it showed off Mac OS X 10.1, while at the same time issuing a September ship date. The updated Mac OS X is to give what most Mac users have been longing for -- faster performance, CD writing support and DVD playback

Corel takes wraps off Mac OS X Painter - Painter 7.0 -- due to ship in August for $499 for Mac OS X, the classic Mac OS and Windows -- will be the first offering in Corel's new Procreate line of professional graphics tools, all of which will be available for Apple's new OS.

Print Explosion Deluxe comes to Mac OS X - As an update to Print Explosion, Print Explosion Deluxe will also support previous versions of the Mac OS and offers more than 8,800 ready-made designs including over 3,000 greeting cards and 90,000 premium-quality graphics

Virtual PC for Mac OS X ready for a Test Drive - Registered users of Virtual PC 4.0 can download the Virtual PC Test Drive for Mac OS X from the Connectix Web site. The Virtual PC Test Drive is a timed-out early preview of Virtual PC 4.0 running on Mac OS X that will expire on Jan. 31, 2002

Epson's X scanner drivers - Epson's Perfection and Expression scanners are running on OS X using beta drivers. Scanner manufacturer Agfa released its first scanner driver for Mac OS X last week. Epson will release its drivers for download in late summer

Eskape Labs Announces OSX Support For MyTV; Native OSX Support For MyTV Product Line Due By Q4 2001 - Eskape product plans call for native OSX support by the close of Q4 2001 for all current Macintosh TV tuner solutions. In addition all future products will be developed for OSX.

Toast for OS X - Roxio today announced a preview version of Toast 5 Titanium for Mac OS X - available now for download from Roxio.

Aspyr Shows Strength in Mac OS X Gaming At Macworld; Mac Game Publisher Ships First Original Title and Announces Distribution Deal With Pangea Software - Aspyr is highlighting Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (licensed from Activision), Tomb Raider: Chronicles (licensed from Eidos Interactive), and American McGee's Alice (licensed from Electronic Arts), on Apple's next generation operating system, Mac OS X.

Alias/Wavefront's Maya Software For Mac OS X To Ship By September 25th

Mirroring-backup solution comes to Mac OS X - Written in Java, the product offers automatic real-time or scheduled replication for Macs (as well as Windows NT/2000, Linux, and Unix systems) across LANs, WANs, the Internet and firewalls. It provides TCP/IP based file replication

New Mac OS X image tool organizer available - TechSono has released PhotoControlMac for OS X, a utility for organizing your image and multimedia collection

Thursby releases free version of DAVE for Mac OS X - Thursby Software Systems noted that the free release only functions with Mac OS X version 10.0.4, and is being offered without formal support. Thursby indicated that the commercial version of DAVE for Mac OS X is well on its way to beta, but still requires a future release of Mac OS X.

PhotoStudio X is here - ArcSoft has designed and is shipping PhotoStudio X, the first mainstream commercial photo-editing program available for Mac OS X

Cumulus floating on cloud X - Cumulus 5 is a workgroup workflow application, and it is the first time Canto has offered Mac support with its server-level product. The OS X version is available as single-user and workgroup options.

Internet Gateway coming to Mac OS X - The folks at Vicomsoft are porting the full range of Internet Gateway features to Mac OS X to offer a comprehensive suite of Internet access security, management and control tools for this new operating system

Quark joins the Mac OS X waiting game - The DTP stalwart will release its long awaited version QuakrXPress 5 on classic Mac, rather than risk a simultaneous release of both MacOS 9 and Mac OS X versions.

Customizing The Look Of OS X - Today I am going to turn the focus away from the "technical" side of OS X and instead look at the options for tweaking the system's appearance

AOL targets OS X with new AIM version - America Online Thursday released a new beta version of its extremely popular instant messaging service, AOL Instant Messenger

OS X: You don't have to use it just because you have it - First of all, don't panic. The new Macs are set up to boot into Mac OS 9 by default. If you have no interest in Mac OS X, you'll hardly even notice that it's there.

The Simplicity of Mac OS X - The newest Apple operating system, Mac OS X, certainly is complex. Whether or not it is easier to use than classic Mac could be a matter of personal taste, among other things

iView Delivers Free Update for OS X, Classic - iView Multimedia have released a free OS X and Classic version of their popular graphics presentation utility, iView MediaPro 1.1.

Another OS X-native App Announced - another piece of encouraging news for the Mac OS X platform. Ambrosia is shipping its award-winning, screen-capture utility, Snapz Pro X, this coming Tuesday, July 17th

New CarbonLib kit released for developers - Apple has released CarbonLib SDK (Software Developer Kit) 1.4b2, the latest pre-release of the developer tool for Carbon applications.

Mac OS X version of 'personal server' coming - In a demo of the Mac OS X software version, the Rodriguez brothers have shown how Servio can be used to invite others to listen to an MP3 track, view a child's finger painting, or watch an entire 'Star Trek' episode," according to "(They insist that such sharing is legal, because, unlike Napster, it's more analogous to lending an album to a friend than offering it to anyone on the Net.)

Getting Started with the A.L.I.C.E. bot and Mac OSX - Getting Started with the A.L.I.C.E. bot and Mac OSX A beginning tutorial on using Mac OSX to install, modify, and serve an award winning open source chat bot

Is the web leaving OS X behind? - OS X has been available for several months now, but it is still lacking in one significant area, web browser support. For all the talk about Adobe's slow pace in releasing OS X versions of their apps or the lack of other native applications, it is the lack of a decent web browser that is most frustrating. The lackluster support for the web in OS X (native applications) could become a major issue if Apple doesn't take some action soon

ExtremeZ-IP Helps OS X, Windows To Play Nice - Group Logic has announced that their ExtremeZ-IP package for OS X allows OS X users to continue to work with Windows networks, despite some bugs in Mac OS X's networking structure. By incorporating ExtremeZ-IP into their systems OS X users are able to continue to easily share Windows based file and print servers

Bold games to support OS X - Destineer's Macintosh label, Bold, announced this morning its upcoming Macintosh versions of Microsoft's Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings, as well as Microsoft's Links 2002, will both support Mac OS X.

Agfa Updates Scanner Drivers For Mac OS X - Agfa has updated their Fotolook Scanner drivers for Mac OS X. The Fotolook 3.6 drivers incorporate a full range of OS X technologies including ColorSync. Agfa owners will now be able to use their scanners natively under Mac OS X

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