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Below you will find a list of links relating to OS X which includes both server and client versions. Like our popular G4 News and Information Page, the Mac OS X News and Information Page is intended as a one stop launching point, in this case for all information pertaining to Apple's next OS. New news links will be added to the top of each area. If you have a news item relating to Mac OS X Server or Client, mail it to us and we will add it.

IBM brings ViaVoice to Mac OS X - In addition to bringing Finder voice commands to OS X, the ViaVoice product team set out to optimize ViaVoice for Apple's new operating system. "ViaVoice does take advantage of Mac OS X and its multi-tasking capabilities -- it's a wonderful operating system from that perspective," Toby Maners, Manager, Consumer Voice and Pen Segment, IBM Voice Systems told MacCentral. "There are several instances in ViaVoice where it's useful to be able to do multiple things at once."

Apple: Corel a model developer - "Technically OS X is a very solid platform for development with its pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection," Ian LeGrow, executive vice-president of creative products at Corel told MacCentral. "We felt that from a business standpoint, strategically, being the first company to deliver in mass numbers on a new platform would give people pause and look at Corel." Corel and Apple worked closely together to make sure the products being released took advantage of as many of the built-in Mac OS X technologies as possible. The result is significant speed increases in some of the functions of the applications.

Office v.X: Form over function? - The web and print have been full of praise for the OS X iteration of Microsoft's can't-live-without Office suite. Over the years we have seen numerous articles proclaiming Office the key to the Mac's survival. As much as Mac users may dislike that fact, it is true. But is all the praise for a suite of software we haven't seen yet appropriate? In a word, yes.

Deneba's New Canvas 8 - First Major Graphics App Ships For X - For months, the Mac graphics and illustration community has been eagerly awaiting Deneba's new Canvas 8 software. Announced during this past summer, but just shipping this month, Canvas 8 contains hundreds of enhancements and new features. Among these are vector and raster sequence recording and support for AppleScript, ColorSync, and QuickTime

CorelDraw and Photo-Paint offered as standalone apps - Corel Corp. announced today that CorelDraw 10 and Photo-Paint 10 would be made available to purchase as standalone applications. The two products are part of the Corel Graphics Suite 10 for Macintosh, which was released in late September for Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS X.

Corel announces availability of KnockOut 2 for Mac OS X - With KnockOut 2, users can create masks of complex objects using simplified methods compared to the tools built into most imaging programs. It makes it much easier for designers and visual artists to "knock out" fine detail like liquid, glass, ice, hair, smoke or fire than they could with ordinary imaging tools.

Apple and Corel celebrate OS X - Apple and Corel are having a celebration. With the news earlier today that CorelDRAW 10 and Photo-Paint 10 are being offered as standalone products and the availability of KnockOut 2 for OS X, Corel is now shipping more OS X graphics products than any other major software vendor

Corel reinforces Mac commitment - Proving that it has truly forsaken its PC-only heritage, Corel on Thursday announced new software titles for the Mac OS X operating system and pledged to bring all future titles to the new OS. Specifically, Corel announced that new versions of graphics programs CorelDraw and Photo-Paint are available

TextSOAP beefs up Mac OS X support - TextSOAP, the Internet text cleaning utility from unmarked software, has been updated to version 3.1. The new version adds user-requested features and fixes some bugs. TextSOAP is a shareware tool that cleans nasty characters out of text in various applications

Hang Ten: Classic Environment Limitations - Adobe Photoshop and other programs that tax the Mac's processor to the limit may run somewhat slower in the Classic environment

Review: Netscape 6.2 for Mac OS X - In the end, Netscape 6.2 seems to bite off more than it can chew. Much like Deneba's Canvas seeks to be a swiss-army knife of digital media tools, so does Netscape aspire to provide all of the Internet functionality the average user will need. While it does succeed in providing a tightly integrated set of decent tools, users looking for more functionality from any of the components would do better to obtain separate applications

Quandary: OS 9, OS X, or Linux? - upgrading to OS X is going to cost me cash, and a lot of it. But it's also going to cost me something even more precious: time. I'm going to need time to install and learn a brand new operating system. And as thin as my wallet is these days, my store of spare time is even more meager

Workaround for OS X Crashes in Elite Force XPack - according to Mac OS X gamer Joseph Prisco, Aspyr tech support are finding that the multiprocessor code in their recently released Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack can cause kernel panics on dual-processor Macs under OS X, and they describe how to disable the problematic multiprocessor support

Wolf MP Test 2 Released for OS X - Late yesterday, id Software's Graeme Devine released the Mac OS X version of Multiplayer Test 2 of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the World War II-inspired first-person shooter in development with Gray Matter Interactive and Nerve Software

Mac OS X Support - This document provides details on available drivers and using EPSON printers with this operating system

Retrospect 5 still in works - Since the advent of Mac OS X, the lack of complete backup solutions has been a thorn in the side of many Mac users and administrators alike. Dantz has released a public beta version of the Retrospect client software, enabling Mac OS X-equipped systems to be backed up to a remote Retrospect server on a network. The company hasn't yet released a full Retrospect package for Mac OS X yet, however, and that's led many Mac users to wonder about the status of the company's support for the new operating system

Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 supports Mac OS X 10.1, more - SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a fairly new XML-based graphics and file format that enables designers to create dynamically generated graphics using real time data. SVG Viewer is, as the name implies, a software application that enables users to view and manipulate SVG imagery

OTTool Supports Mac OS X 10.1 - OTTool allows users on IP networks to make Domain Name Server (DNS) queries, ping devices using ICMP Pings, trace IP routes (UNIX traceroute), scan through ranges of IP addresses asking for resolutions, and query a DNS for Mail Exchange and System Info. On Classic Mac OS PowerPC machines, it will also display the IP ARP cache

Maya: Doomed on OS X - When Alias/Wavefront released its 3-D software Maya for Mac OS X in September, the murmurs of confused mumbling from the 3-D industry was the closest thing to buzz this software is likely to receive -- until its widely-anticipated obituary

Office for OS X ships this month - Apart from changes to the user interface there have been few major additions to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Employing Apple's Sheet technology to replace dialog boxes and alerts has increased the multitasking abilities of Office for the Mac.

Operating Systems, Apple Computer Style - When it comes to discussions about Apple Computer and its future, invariably the discussion turns to Windows and Linux. With Windows enjoying a commanding lead in the OS market, and Linux gaining community and corporate support, where does that leave Apple?

piDock updated to version 1.4 for Mac OS X - piDog Software has released version 1.4 of piDock, a hierarchical navigation and launching utility for Mac OS

OS X Multimedia Player beefs up command features - Archer is a small slide show player that supports audio and video as well as still images. Archer supports multiple players running at the same time each with their own set of images, speed setting and size. You can also append images to the slide show. When not in full-screen mode, a scroll bar is available to navigate through the images

iReplace For MacOS X - iReplace 1.0 is an application for advanced search and replace primarily for web documents. iReplace allows you to specify multiple items to find and replace or just to search for those items.

Network Test Automation with Mac OS X and Tcl - Your company has just invented the hottest new web server to hit the market. You created a killer test plan in Adobe Illustrator with breathtaking diagrams of your test network environment on Macintosh G4 running Mac OS X. Wouldn't it be great if you could run tests from your Mac too? Well ... you can!

dBUG to see de Office X Nov. 14 - Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) will give one of the first public demonstrations of Office X, its Carbonized version of the product suite, to Seattle's downtown Business Users Group

The first network organizer comes to Mac OS X - Chronos calls its product the ¿Swiss Army Knifeî of productivity software. It integrates a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal journal, phone dialer, and alarm clock into a single easy-to-use application. To top it off, it synchronizes with all Palm and Handspring handheld organizers

Snak IRC Client Supports OS X - Snak is a full featured IRC client with some unique and very useful features

The Dollars and Sense of OS X - Mac heads reluctant to spend $130 for the new operating system just can't spot a bargain. This triumph of the programmer's art is pure gold

Consumer Photo Printing Package Announced For Mac OS X - Econ Technologies has announced Portraits & Prints, an app they bill as a "photo printing solution." Portraits & Prints is designed to be used by consumers looking to print their digital photos in Mac OS X

Harpoon3 for OS X - Jesse Spears, the main man at SpearSoft, sent an email indicating a new OS X patch for Harpoon3. This naval and air warfare simulator utilizes vector graphics and now runs natively on OS X.

Pratt Institute offers OS X training - The Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at Pratt Institute in New York has announced what it calls "the first comprehensive training program" for Mac OS X

Face-off: Mac OS X vs. Windows XP - In the right corner, in lunar-scape attire, stands the latest champion from the Microsoft stable, Windows XP! In the opposite corner, in aqua-blue shorts, is the heavyweight death match champion, Mac OS X

The Performance Edge: Three Macintosh Operating Systems Go Head To Head - Mac OS 9.2.1 vs Classic Mac OS 9.2.1 vs Mac OS 10.1 - From a performance standpoint, the main advantage Mac OS X has over previous versions of the Mac OS, is the ability to utilize the processor(s) more effecently.

OS X and Java - An Amazing Experience - I just wanted to relate my experience with 10.1 last week. I got a copy after months of procrastination and installed it on a G3 450mhz (the Blue and White type). I'd also like to note that I'm not really trying to start a flame war. I am a big fan of *nixes in general (I first worked on a PDP11 running some kind of Nix back in 82), I am also (strangely for a nix zealot) a huge Mac fan. I'm not a big fan of any Nix GUI nor of windows. Mainly I'm posting this because for the first time in several jaded years, something in mainstream Computing made me go "Wow!". Forget the iPod. The experience below has just made me decide that OSX is an incredible achievement.

Stuck Between 9 and X - I must make a horrible confession to the audience. I know this will shock some, make some angry, and have Apple hunting me down via my ISP, but I cannot make the switch. I am struggling through the migration to Mac OS X and find myself very weak. I need help from the Apple faithful to force the final commitment. I need a support group of some type to help me stay on the straight and narrow

Grinch - Playstation 2 Emulator for Mac OS X in Development - David Allouch, a French native is better known by his hacker alias "Jimbo". Author of the network security product Netect, Allouch is now working on bringing blockbuster games to the Mac with a product that promises to play Playstation 2 games and possibly even Xbox games in the future

iOrganizer 2 Carbonized for Mac OS X - iOrganizer includes an address book, a bookmark list, an event calendar and a download list. It can import contacts, bookmarks, events and download addresses from a variety of formats; search, sort, save and print lists; send e-mail to contacts; open your favorite Web sites in your Web browser; notify you of important events; and download files from FTP or HTTP servers

Audion 2.6.1 improves stability, OS X performance - Audion is a full-featured digital audio player for the Macintosh, with support for MP3, audio CDs, streaming feeds and much more. The software offers extensive management and customization tools, support for the latest audio encoding formats, an extensive library of skins and visualizers and much more

Time Track 1.0.2 fixes Mac OS X 10.1 glitch - Time Track offers date and time logging that includes month, day, year, hours, minutes and seconds. Users can add a description to each log entry. Logs are stored in standard text files for easy integration with other applications and AppleScript

ScientificAssistant 0.6.1 - ScientificAssistant is a database based Document Management and Scientific Wordprocessing System for MacOS X. Unlike other wordprocessors and typesetting applications, ScientificAssistant has been built from the ground-up with scientists in mind, that need to create, exchange and update documents with formula intensive contents very efficiently.

Beta version of Mac OS X Webcam driver available - IOXperts has released a beta of version of its universal Mac OS X video driver for FireWire WebCams. The company says the driver gives Mac OS X users access to such cameras as the ADS PYRO WebCam, FireWire Direct DV WebCam, Orange Micro iBOT, and iRez StealthFire.

Keyspan releases OS X drivers for serial adapters - Keyspan today announced that it's shipping Mac OS X drivers for its USB serial adapter line. The drivers support Keyspan's Twin Serial Adapters, its PDA adapter and its High-Speed USB adapter for 9-pin serial devices.

Public speaking rolls to Mac OS X on the ScrollTrain - Scrolltrain Express turns your Mac into a private teleprompter -- open a text file and click on the play button, and ScrollTrain will walk you through your speech or presentation. The software features Cruise Control, which presents the document at a precise word-per-minute pace. The software features smooth, anti-aliased text that will speed up on short lines and slow down on longer lines to help make sure the speaker stays on pace

Fly! II Recognizes Joystick in OS X - Many persons gaming under Mac OS X currently share a lament that support for gamepads and joysticks has yet to be fully implemented. Programs like CarvWare's GamePad Companion have made life easier, but for the most part there's still not a lot of support

Super Get Info for Mac OS X gets updated - Super Get Info is an alternative to the "Show Info" command in the Mac OS X Finder. With version 1.0.4, Super Get Info can now be invoked from within the Mac OS X Finder by means of a keyboard shortcut (Command-Shift-I). Also new in Super Get Info 1.0.4 is the ability to change type and creator codes via drag and drop, along with assorted bug fixes and interface refinements

An Everyday User Looks at Mac OS X - This is one of my biggest beefs with OS X. Classic is asinine. The fact that a technologically superior OS would have to run an emulation mode is ludicrous. Carbon was implemented on OS X as a library. Why isn't legacy support provided through a "ClassicLib" of sorts? Windows NT supports running 16-bit Win16 applications natively, right alongside Win32 apps. Each one is preemptively multitasked in its own memory area. Backward software compatibility is one area where Windows kicks OS X's behind. You can natively run stuff designed for Windows 2.x on Windows XP. OS X relies on 9.x as a crutch to run Office 2001. What about my friend? She had one word for it: stupid. Conclusion: Classic's got to go and something better put in its place. You'd think that after working for three years, they could have done better than they did

Safe and Happy UNIX Hacking with MacOS X - MacOS X version 10.1 lacks package management system similar to RPM or deb which tracks system components in central search-able database (may be Apple will it in one of the next versions). This makes quite difficult maintaining UNIX inherited software, which may consist of hundreds and even thousands of files scattered across private MacOS X UNIX directories not even visible in MacOS X Finder. However, thanks to the Open Source community, managing some UNIX software becomes much more easier and what is very important, safer

Unix on Apple - Until recently, anyone in the computer industry would be entirely within their rights to assume you were crazy if you asked about server operating systems from Apple

Be a webmaster with Mac OS X - Did you know that if you can point and click, you can be a webmaster and run an Apache Web server on your Mac, especially if you're using Mac OS X? But wait--let's back up and explain. You probably know that Mac OS X is Apple's new operating system, which puts a Mac user interface body on a Unix engine. Not only can it run classic Mac software and applications built especially for it, but it also runs some of the best open-source programs, including Apache, a Web server that, in fact, forms the basis for Mac OS X's file-sharing capabilities

Mac OS X Users: Dr. Mac Is Looking For X Tips, Offering Autographed Books & 15 Minutes Of Fame - Bob "I Have Almost 40 Published Mac Books" LeVitus sent us a note announcing a contest of sorts. Dr. Mac is getting ready to publish the first Dr. Mac book in a number of years, and it's all about being a Mac OS X power user. Like past Dr. Mac books, "Dr. Mac: The OS X Files - How to Become a Mac OS X Power User" will have a chapter with power tips from Mac power users. In order to get those tips, he is offering autographed copies of the book and 15 minutes of fame to go with it

Apple, Aqua And Interface Freedom - Apple has been known for acknowledging the Mac user's freedom, and adapting its products to that freedom. An unspoken convention in the Mac world is that you can do whatever you want with a Mac, as long as you use one. Apple does not need to tell you what is right for you. This has always been a difference between the Macintosh computer and the Windows-powered personal computer. At times, the differences were subtle, but nevertheless, they were present. Especially in terms of user interface

inetd: OS X 10.1 - command line administration - OS X doesn't introduce a lot of changes in the overall command line environment. This isn't surprising, as that environment is based on some fairly widespread standards, and for Apple to alter it greatly would cause a lot of incompatibility issues. A reading of the 10.1 TechNote shows that most of the changes have to do with tweaking individual commands for greater compatibility

Knock Out for 10 - KnockOut 2 can create precise masks of complex objects in a fraction of the time it takes using tools supplied in dedicated image-editing applications, according to the company. It's capable of masking challenging materials, such as liquids, glass, ice, hair, smoke and fire. The application maintains the transparency and detail of the object masked

Totally Hip releases HipFlics 1.1 for OS X - HipFlics 1.1 supports all the major codecs available in QuickTime. The new version also features better performance, new drag and drop presets built for QuickTime 5 and compatibility with Sorenson 3 Pro, VP3 and Zygovideo. In addition, Hipflics supports multiple video codecs within one movie

I Wonder If Chess Will Do For OS X What Solitaire Did For Windows? - This old man comes into the Mac department. He sits down in front of an iMac. He apparently has never used a Mac before. Trying his hand at the Mac OS interface, he makes an odd request, to no one in particular: "Where's Solitaire?"

iDVD 2 Released For Mac OS X Only - interesting that iDVD 2 is Mac OS X-only. Considering the original iDVD was Classic Mac-only, this could show that Apple is trying to make Mac OS X more attractive. Then again, why charge for an upgrade to a product that also includes a platform change and is designed to make that platform more attractive? Curiouser and curioser

Fly II Patch for OS X 10.1 Released - The patches for OS X keep on rolling. A newpatch that fixes compatibitly issues for MacSoft's Fly II! under OS X 10.1 has been released by Infogrames, MacSoft's parent company. The small patch includes a small file called "HIDManagerSupport" that replaces an older file of the same name.

Asiva Photo for OS X coming next month - SCGI developed Asiva Photo as a way for photographers, graphic artists and desktop publishing pros to make color corrections and enhancements to digital imagery that can't be done as easily with other software

FileMaker 5.5 - Troi Serial Plug-in gives FileMaker Pro 5.5 easy and powerful access to one or more of the computer's serial ports:

Huskerchad - For those who don't know, these provide several plugin calls for OS 10 features, including executing command line programs as the superuser ("root"), drawing into the dock icons of your application or a window, getting unix information about a file (such as its path), working with the preferences menu item, and more.

New OS X Goodies from ADC - Applelinks is pleased to bring you the following OS X items direct from the Apple Developer Connection

Update on OS X Unreal Tournament - Over the weekend, Mark Adams of Westlake Interactive gave an update on the Carbonized OS X version of Unreal Tournament. A recent flurry of activity has kept progress slow of late, but he expects to devote a good portion of time to it in the near future. This former side project has a higher purpose than just making sure fans of this popular shooter don't have to dual-boot. It will also serve as the basis for their OS X ports of any future titles based on the engine (such as Undying)

Mac OS X version of TeraMedia due next year - TeraMedia is video conferencing and collaboration software that uses broadband or ATM connections. Its collaboration tools include application sharing, a shared whiteboard, synchronized Web touring and assessment tools. TeraMedia's integrated communications features include full screen, 30 frames per second video and pure digital audio

Want To Tinker With Mac OS X 10.1 Settings? Then You Need TinkerTool - Sure, OS X offers a spiffy new user interface, but, like past versions of Mac OS, there are some features that, for one reason or another, Apple included but did not enable. Fortunately, enterprising individuals like Marcel Bresink have dug into the depths of OS X and found a way to allow mere mortals to manipulate these hidden features. The result is TinkerTool.

Mac OS X - A System for the Post-Windows World - Apple Computer's (Nasdaq: AAPL) next-generation operating system Mac OS X is making waves on the desktop and is causing IT personnel to take another look at the Mac for the demands of the server function. Mac OS X not only offers Average Joe users the ability to run high-profile productivity applications for word processing and multimedia, but also gives UNIX professionals access to the same command line and GNU tools with which they're most familiar

The Performance Edge: A Tale Of Two Macintosh Operating Systems - Classic Mac 9.2.1 Performance Compared To Standard Mac OS 9.2.1 - Apple has done a great job of both making the experience of moving between Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS almost seamless, and in keeping the performance of the Classic layer very good - as you'll see from the benchmark results below

Macintosh Key Commands - The following is a list of key commands. Keep in mind that these are not all of the key commands, as it would be next to impossible to find and list every single command for every single program available. Most of these commands involve the Finder or Desktop

Mac OS X 10.1: Unexpected Behavior When You Log Out, Shut Down, or Restart - After choosing Log Out, Shut Down, or Restart from the Apple menu, you may see a plain blue screen without the spinning disc cursor. The computer may not subsequently shut down or restart as expected

Mac OS X Fun - a while back I profiled an open source X application for OS X variously called MacGIMP and The GIMP. I wrote how I experienced a disappearing cursor in The GIMP's editing windows. Today on my iMac I ran a Linux version of it over an X connection, and experienced exactly the same phenomenon. The cursor is perfectly fine on any other of our proliferating X machines, including MacX under OS 9 and Xfree86 under Linux. So it has to be a glitch in Xfree86 for OS X. I'm using The GIMP increasingly these days, so hope that some Xfree86 expert out there catches this and cooks a patch. Meanwhile, The GIMP provides X and Y cursors that help the situation a lot

Mac OS X iTunes 2 Revealed (with Pictures) - iTunes 2 is still two weeks away from being in the public hands, but I am here to give you a sneak peak at iTunes 2... with pictures. In January this year, Apple introduced the original iTunes to the Mac community. It was based on SoundJam, which Apple acquired from Cassady and Greene in 2000. With this initial release of iTunes, Apple left out many of the features that had appeared in SoundJam. These included: Equalizer, skins, Sleep Timer, and Alarm clock along with various other features. So what's new in iTunes 2? Lets get to it

Will Apple Ever Advertise Mac OS X? - The TV screen is filled with a close-up of the OS X desktop. As some techno song plays in the background, a cursor flies across the desktop, moving over the Dock; it then clicks on the Finder icon, opening a Finder window, moving and playing with the interface elements therein. We are treated to shots of the Aqua interface. The commercial ends with shots of iTunes burning a CD, iMovie editing a movie... The screen goes black, upon which we see the following words: "OS X. The world's most advanced operating system. Think Different."

Apple Won The First Time, And It's Already Over For X Versus XP - I couldn't tell OS X from XP on a bet. Still, it is seemingly reminiscent of the Mac OS versus DOS battle that happened a few years back. You remember: computers were just computers, and about 25 people actually had one. Then IBM got into the fray and Apple introduced the Mac. The stock price doesn't reflect it, most people won't admit it, but if you slow down for a moment you'll realize Apple beat the crap out of everyone else. Some might call a statement like that sacrilege; others might call it crazy talk. Still the point remains that nearly everyone uses a GUI interface. While Apple didn't win the war for dollars, it won the war for users. The point being that everyone out there is using some, at least superficial, version of Mac OS

A Look at Adobe InDesign 2 for Mac OS X (with images) - The new update features XML import and export support, industry-leading transparency effects, table creation, long document support, an improved printing interface, and enhanced integration with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat.

LaunchBar released for Mac OS X - Objective Development has released LaunchBar 3.1.1 for Mac OS X, a keyboard driven productivity utility that "provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, Web bookmarks, email-addresses, and applications just by entering short abbreviations

Copy protection, digital rights software comes to OS X - SafeDisc LT for the Mac authenticates original media and prevents unauthorized copying of original media. Brian McPhail, vice president of Macrovision's Consumer Software Division, said that more than 100 million software CDs have been manufactured using SafeDisc

Aliens vs. Predator 1.0.1 fixes OS X 10.1 probs - If you're planning to play Aliens vs. Predator Gold Edition with Mac OS X 10.1, there's an update available for download from that you'll want to grab.

Toon Boom Back in Beta for OS X 10.1 - Toon Boom Technologies has released a new beta of its Toon Boom Studio animation suite. The latest version is designed to fix a problem that prevented the application from working properly in Mac OS X 10.1. It also seems to fix a problem with pressure support from graphics tablets, although Toon Boom never acknowledged the problem in the first place

Griffman's OS X Collection - This page contains my collection of useful and/or interesting files and programs for Mac OS X

To X or Not To X - Like a messiah freeing his followers from the sheer boredom that was computing in the 90°s, Jobs and his disciples have broken the shackles and set Mac users free

Hang Ten: Clever Mac OS X illustration Program Also Doubles As Web Site Creator - Stone Design's clever illustration suite, Create, is an all-purpose illustration program that has elements of several applications rolled into one. In addition to being able to produce simple or highly complex drawings in its uncluttered interface, you can create special effects, manage complex text stylings, and build your own Web site

Microsoft Makes Date For Mac OS X Office - Microsoft said it has begun offering preorder sales of the Office X suite, which has been tailored to conform with the Carbon Application Programming Interfaces in Mac OS X, Apple Computer's Unix-based operating system. The suite will cost $500, and upgrades will be $300 each

Dashboard Built for Mac OS X - Dashboard provides an extensive readout of system performance data for Mac OS X. Areas monitored include CPU load metrics, memory statistics, network bandwidth, and disk I/O operations

Gideon updates Mac OS X tools - Get Info 0.8 is the latest version of the US$10 utility that lets you set file permissions, change the owner of a file, and change the group of a file. It reduces the need for the user to go to the command line to perform these simple tasks

OS X-friendly eVe 3 Pro search tool adds video support - As a visual search engine, eVe 3 Pro analyzes, indexes and retrieves images according to their perceptual features and context, according to the developer. You provide the engine with a sample image of what you want to find -- a face or an object, for example -- and it retrieves all similar content

Unsanity LLC Releases WindowShade X 1.1 - This version brings many requested features including: Cocoa support, selectable behaviors for double-clicking in the title bar, minimize button and control-double-clicking, uninstall/upgrade/reinstall options within the installer, an extended demo period, and a host of bug fixes

IntelliMerge tweaked for Mac OS X 10.1 - IntelliMerge packs an integrated message editor, recipient database system and message mailer. It has HTML, Unicode support, text wrapping, MIME, message preview mode and sortable recipient lists

Review - Timbuktu Pro 6.0 for Mac OS X - The week prior to Mac OS X 10.1's release was the first time I seriously considered upgrading to OS X. Even though I knew a faster version of OS X was being introduced in a few days, I knew that some of my more vital utilities were going to have to work with OS X, or upgrading was out of the question. Netopia had already released Timbuktu Pro 6.0, so I went ahead and upgraded to 10.0.4, and 10.1 a few days later. I've been using OS X with Timbuktu Pro for almost a month now, and its functionality and backwards compatibility is no less than a miracle

Group Organizer 4.0 for Mac OS X due next week - Chronos, which released Personal Organizer 4.0 for Mac OS X last week, will release Group Organizer next week. It will be the first networkable PIM (personal information manager) available for Max OS X

LaunchBar 3.1.1 for Mac OS X - LaunchBar provides lightning fast access to thousands of files, web-bookmarks, email-addresses and applications just by entering short abbreviations

Agfa posts ScanWise beta for Mac OS X - Following a release earlier this year targeting their line of professional scanners, Agfa now offers users of its SnapScan home scanners Mac OS X support through a public beta version that can be downloaded from the company's Web site

Tenon talks Mac OS X transition strategy - Last week, Tenon Intersystems retired Power MachTen -- its Mac only, POSIX compliant product that combines Unix and Mac OS functionality -- and MachTen CodeBuilder. Now they've announced a new transition package for Mac Webmasters who haven't yet moved from the traditional Mac operating system to Mac OS X: iTools 6.1

Label Maker Gets OS X Support - Pay & Play Software has released a maintenance update for Mail Merge Pro, bringing it to version 2.0.2. Mail Merge Pro is a label and mail merge app. The new version has bug fixes and OS X support.

Mac OS X: Troubleshooting a Startup Issue - Use these steps if your computer experiences a blue screen, gray screen, kernel panic, flashing question mark, or otherwise stops responding when starting up with Mac OS X

Getting Around Mac OS X - Tips for navigation and basic operations in the new OS

Snapz Pro X released for 10.1 - SnapzPro can save screen images in a variety of formats, including bitmaps, JPEG, Photoshop, Portable Document Format (PDF), TIFF, PNG, PICT and GIF. It will record QuickTime movies (new in the OS X version). Images can be scaled, cropped and dithered, and colour depth can be changed

Get 10.1 Full Install CD's without using your Up-To-Date Coupons! - When I called the Apple store Tuesday evening to ask if I could order the 10.1 Up-to-date CD's via the Apple Store, I was informed that if I had ordered a Qualifying Mac, or Mac OS X through the Apple Store, that I could could by-pass the mail in Up-to-date program.

SentinelLM helps Mac OS X businesses prevent piracy - Rainbow Technologies Inc.'s eSecurity group has announced the release of SentinelLM version 7.1.1, a software application designed to secure against unauthorized software execution and piracy. The new version is Mac OS X compatible

The Grinch Project - Playstation 2 emulator - David Allouch, a French native is better known by his hacker alias "Jimbo". Author of the network security product Netect, Allouch is now working on bringing blockbuster games to the Mac with a product that promises to play Playstation 2 games and possibly even XBox games in the future

New Epson OS X drivers coming today - Drivers are due for the Stylus C40, Stylus C60, Stylus C80 and Stylus Photo 785EPX. Next Monday drivers are due for the Stylus Photo 780, Stylus Photo 890, Stylus Photo 1280, and Stylus COLOR 980. Coming on Nov. 5 are OS X drivers for the Stylus Photo 870, Stylus Photo 875DC, Stylus Photo 1270, Stylus Photo 2000P and Stylus COLOR 900.

OpenOSX Grass Pre 2 CD shipping - The OpenOSX Pre 2 CD offers Mac OS 10.0.x through 10.1 compatibility (including dual processor support) and additional modules, along with bug fixes. With over 350 modules

MacPlay to bring No One Lives Forever to OS X - No One Lives Forever isn't your typical first person shooter. It will particularly appeal to fans of "old school" spy thriller television shows and movies. The setting is the 1960's, and you take the role of Cate Archer. She's an operative from a covert organization known as UNITY -- an agency dedicated to fighting the forces of HARM.

MIDIMAN releases OS X drivers for USB Keystation - MIDIMAN/M-Audio has announced the release of Mac OS X drivers for its USB Keystation series. The products are MIDI controller keyboards that utilize MIDIMAN's USB MIDISport interface, which became ready for Mac OS X earlier this quarter

The Performance Edge: More On Multithreading & Multitasking - How It Works And What It Does In OS X To Make Computing More Efficient - Last week we posted an article on how Multitasking and Multithreading can better utilize a computer's processing potential. We asked several questions about multithreading, such as does it require dual processors or can multithreading occur if just one processor is present. Below we post some of the informative and thoughtful responses we received

FireWire SDK for Mac OS X - We have posted a new FireWire SDK for Mac OS X, updated for 10.1 with all the latest sources and more sample code. Of particular importance: This SDK includes a test package of updates for certain bugs in 10.1. We may release this update to customers very soon, so we would welcome any feedback about new problems caused by this update (if any)

Apple Releases Security Update For Mac OS X - Apple released a security update for Mac OS X this weekend. The security update is called simple "Security Update 10-19-01," and fixes a bug that could allow someone to gain root access to your Mac under certain circumstances

Mac OS X and the PDF connection - Quartz is the graphics engine of Mac OS X that makes possible much of the "eye candy" (transparency, traffic widgets, animated icons, etc.) in the Aqua user interface. But it does so much more. Quartz is based on Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF), a superset of PostScript. Much of Quartz's functionality is available to current Mac OS users through vector graphics applications. But Quartz moves the functionality into the OS itself

Developers solidly support Mac OS X - When Apple released Mac OS X in March of this year, they did so without most of the major developers shipping an application designed for the new operating system. In fact, on the day of the release, Apple had 350 applications available for Mac OS X. Things sure have changed in the seven months since its release -- there are now over 1600 applications available for the operating system, with more on the way

QuicKeys X: The Return of the Ghost - Even as Mac OS X first shipped, I was wondering what in particular would become of macro utilities, those "ghosts in the machine" that perform preset actions by fooling your computer into thinking that an actual user is typing keys and wielding the mouse. So it's with some joy and relief that I find that CE Software's QuicKeys has followed me down the rabbit-hole and into the garden of Wonderland - but alas, only, like Alice, by drinking from the bottle that makes you smaller

MindVision updates Installer VISE for Mac OS X 10.1 - Version 7.4 supports set permissions for install items. With support for groups and permissions, Installer VISE lets you control user access to items you install on Mac OS X. You can now pass an install path to Unix shell scripts and an installer that calls a Unix shell script before or after installing an item will now also pass the install path to the script

This Pooch sniffing around Mac OS X 10.1 - Pooch is a parallel computing operation utility for discovering nodes, launching parallel jobs, and monitoring nodes and parallel computations. Pooch uses TCP/IP exclusively for networking and is a Carbon application. It's the successor to the Launch Den Mother & Launch Puppy and is purportedly far more capable, including the ability to operate over the Internet

OS X HTML editor CreativePage 2.9 released - Pinehill Products has released CreativePage 2.9. CreativePage is a fast, easy to use HTML editor that runs natively under MacOSX or MacOS 8.6 or later with CarbonLib

Mac OS X: How to Set up AppleTalk Routing - Use the steps in this document to set up AppleTalk routing in Mac OS X versions 10.0 and later.

3D Rendering Engine Comes To Mac OS X - LightWork Design has released a Mac OS X version of its namesake product, LightWorks. LightWorks is a rendering engine used by other developers to handle 3D rendering for their own apps. The release of this engine for Mac OS X allows those developers to further their own ports to Mac OS X

Opera 5.0 for Mac OS X Beta 2 released - In addition to some bug fixes, Opera 5.0 for Mac OS X Beta 2 also offers users the ability to search bookmarks, auto-fill forms and filter cookies.

Portraits & Prints provides a 'personal photo studio' - Portraits & Prints lets you import and arrange snapshots for output on high-quality color printers. It boasts special tools for modifying each photo's brightness, sharpness and saturation, as well as intelligent red eye reduction

Calculating utilities ready for Mac OS X - TopCalculette and TopCalculette Pro, calculator utilities from Rubensoft, have been updated to version 3.2 and run on both Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.1. The updated versions also offer new units and currencies and new rate margins keys

The Performance Edge: OS X Runs A Marathon While OS 9 Is Just Finishing Tying Its Shoes - OS X And The Multitasking/Multithreaded Factor -

OS X: Stability or Usability? - I know that this OS is supposed to be all about stability, but unfortunately usability seemed to have fallen behind. A Mac with OS X is not the computer for the rest of us: It's the Macintosh for people with a good taste in GUI's and a vast experience in Linux, Unix, or BSD

Macworld Poll: 74% ready to switch to OS X - In the Macworld Reader Poll (total votes: 1,624), 74 per cent said that they were ready to switch, or had already made the transition to OS X. 14 per cent stated that they were not ready to switch, and 11 per cent weren't sure

Native Aqua Tcl/Tk Now Available - Apple has been working on a project to make Tcl/Tk applications run native to Mac OS X in the Aqua environment (as opposed to requiring an X-Windows implementation)

Epson introduces OS X compatible printer - An Epson spokesperson confirmed for MacCentral that the printer is compatible with Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. The Epson Stylus Photo 820 is available with an estimated street price of US$149. A $50 mail-in rebate is also available, which lowers the end price of the unit to $99.

BBEdit 6.5 improves OS X integration, adds features - Although BBEdit was already Mac OS X-native, the software now integrates with Mac OS X's UNIX-based command line scripting systems. It sports a new Authenticated Save feature that enables you modify and save files you don't own, provided you know the admin password. This way, users can rely on BBEdit to change system config files and other related items without having to resort to the Terminal application

LightWorks 3D rendering engine ready for OS X - LightWork Design has announced the release of LightWorks for Mac OS X. LightWorks a photorealistic 3D rendering and lighting engine, used in products like auto.des.sys's form*Z software and Nemetschek North America's VectorWorks software.

MacWay announces Full MacOS 10.1 compliancy of all its Oxford 911 based products, and provides a free upgrade path for its existing customers.

Toon Boom Bummer Anticipated OS X 10.1 patch delayed - Those of you excitedly awaiting the Toon Boom Studio OS X 10.1 patch will have to wait a bit longer. Last week we reported that Toon Boom would be releasing its patch this week. In fact, according to the company, this release date has changed. Now Toon Boom says the patch will not be released until next month

MacOS X 10.1 shows Apple listened to 10.0 users - X is finally usable and for real. At each turn, Apple has made it better, with little tweaks here, large changes there, usually in response to feedback from the user community--as always, calm, rational and helpful. So X can finally be judged from the user's point of view now that it's actually a usable OS.

Go Ahead, Microsoft, Flatter Apple Again - Mac heads shouldn't get too upset when they see how closely Windows XP apes Apple's OS X. In the long run, imitation can only help Jobs & Co

Security Concern with Mac OS X Setuid root applications allow root shell access - Once logged into Mac OS X, any user can obtain a root shell by executing a few simple applications in specific order

Mac OS X 10.1 Local Security Exploit - A serious security exploit has been found in Mac OS X 10.1 (in fact, as it turns out, it has been present in 10.0.x versions as well). Using this exploit any user at the Desktop can gain root access to the machine

Installation Creator Gets OS X Support - Zero G Software has released an update for InstallAnywhere, bringing it to version 4.5. InstallAnywhere is a cross platform installation creator designed for commercial software developers. The update now features OS X support, including the look and feel of the Aqua interface


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