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Updated: Friday, November 2, 2001

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UpdateAgent ready for Mac OS X 10.1 - UpdateAgent brings applications and operating system programs on a Mac system current with the latest updates. After determining precisely which updaters are required to bring a system up-to-date, UpdateAgent downloads the updaters over the Internet or copies them from CDs. The program can run automatically at regular intervals, maintains the confidentiality of users' hard drive contents and provides hot links to vendors Web sites

Personal Organizer comes to Mac OS X - Chronos LC, the folks behind the StickBrain product for Mac OS X, has unveiled a new product tailored to Apple's new operating system: Personal Organizer 4.0, which integrates a calendar, address book, word processor, memo taker, personal journal, phone dialer and alarm clock into a single application.

MenuStrip for Mac OS X gets update - MenuStrip is a multi-purpose utility for Mac OS X that allows quick access to frequently used settings, such as the computer volume and monitor controls, right from the OS X menubar. It also features a menubar clock for easy viewing of the current time

Change Rubles To Dollars: Currency Converter For OS X - Bert Torfs BVBA has released an update of WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo?, bringing it to version 2.3.5. WhereDidAllMyMoneyGo? is a personal finance manager and currency converter. The new version has OS X support

Building Apache 1.3.22 and PHP 4.0 for Mac OS X 10.1 - Open source software is always evolving, and so it isn't a huge surprise that since Apple sent the Mac OS X 10.1 at the end of September Apache has been updated once again. We can build it ourselves. However, with Mac OS X 10.1, we'll be taking a slightly different install approach, and install directly over the Apple supplied binaries

CyberX-3D brings gamers' faces to Mac OS X - Peter Cohen, October 16, 2001 1:20 pm ET CyberExtruder has announced that its CyberX-3D technology has gone gold and is compatible with Mac OS X. The Web-based software converts a two-dimensional facial image into a 3D model -- it's targeted at gamers that want to put themselves in the action

My Thoughts: Mac OS X 10.1 Update - The UNIX level has been redone, too. Most users will not notice, but the UNIX-based system has been updated and is now much more secure. By default, people should not be at risk to standard security issues, although a personal firewall is recommended. For those who are so challenged, the UNIX-level includes a firewall that can be configured with some command line knowledge

The Great OS X 10.1 Experiment, Episode I - Since Mac OS X 10.1 recently hit the market, numerous pundits have been gushing about Apple's new operating-system release. It struck me as odd that these people were able to make sweeping pronouncements about its goodness so soon after the release date, since the real mettle of an OS release can't really be determined by sitting at a demo, or reading the marketing specs

OS X has software maker switching gears - Seeing the change coming for years, Tenon said it has been trying to transition from offering Unix on Apple computers to offering Unix-based programs that run on Macs. In its announcement this week, Tenon offered "close-out" prices on its remaining copies of its Power MachTen and MachTen CodeBuilder Unix software

Information about AppleScript in Mac OS X 10.1 - AppleScript 1.7 is included in the native Mac OS X 10.1 environment. The official announcement of AppleScript 1.7 by Apple was very exciting to all scripters, because it revealed information about major new AppleScript-related features of Mac OS X that came as a surprise to most

MaxSea working on Mac OS X software - Mac compatible MaxSea Navigation software products are available for recreational boating, racing and commercial fishing and shipping -- they're used by thousands of boaters. Mac OS X versions of the products are planned, though MaxSea has run into a snag regarding one product.

OS X compatible Urchin expands Web reach - So why should Mac users care? In 1999, Quantified Systems released Urchin ASAP 2.0 for Apple's Mac OS X Server. Urchin was the first Web statistics system to be developed for the new operating system.

Olympus camera ready for Mac OS X - by Dennis Sellers, October 15, 2001 12:05 pm ET Olympus America has announced the C-3020 ZOOM 3.2 Megapixel (2048 x 1536 effective pixel resolution), its latest filmless digital zoom cameras. It offers a USB Auto-Connect ready to use with Mac OS X's Image Capture feature. The camera is configured as an external hard disk for easy downloading of image files to computers without any additional software

OpenOSX Database 2.0 shipping - The OpenOSX Database CD installs and correctly configures the following programs: Apache Web Server 1.3.20, PHP 4.0.6, MySQL 3.23.99, phpMyAdmin 2.20.0, MyODBC 2.50.38, iODBC 3.0.5, pdf_lib 4.0.1 (demo mode), PostgreSQL 7.1.2, and phpPGAdmin 2.3.

ScientificAssistant 0.5.2 for MacOS X Ships - ScientificAssistant is a database based Document Management and Scientific Wordprocessing System for MacOS X. Unlike other wordprocessors and typesetting applications, ScientificAssistant has been built from the ground-up with scientists in mind, that need to create, exchange and update documents with formula intensive contents very efficiently

Mac OS X 10.1 - Steve Jobs has described the migration from classic Mac OS to Mac OS X in terms of a clock face. He's called it a 12 month transition, starting with the release of Mac OS X 10.0 six months ago, with each hour on the clock face representing one month. Mac OS X 10.1 marks the half-way point, "six o'clock", in the transition. While version 10.0 was acknowledged by Apple to be an "early adopter's release," version 10.1 is aimed at a larger market. "This is the mainstream release," says Jobs.

Mac OS X 10.1: At Last! - The biggest reason to buy OS X 10.1 is for the performance boost. It's not quite up to the level shown in Steve Jobs' demo at Macworld New York in July, but it's remarkably faster than the sluggish version 10.0. Using a 233-MHz G3 Macintosh running OS X 10.0.4, Sherlock (Apple's system- and Web-search tool) took 10 seconds to launch. Version 10.1 required 6. Classic applications also get a big boost: In the Classic environment, the launch time for Adobe Photoshop 6.0 dropped from 45 seconds to 33

Apple's Dirty Little Secret - The dust has settled, and Mac OS X 10.1 has brought Apple's new operating system from embryo to infancy. We all have our favorite features: the new keyboard shortcuts for controlling menus and dialogs, copy and paste (and Undo!) to manipulate files in the Finder, the restoration of AppleScript to something approaching first-class citizenship. But what's the worst thing about Mac OS X? That question is rhetorical, so don't answer; I'm going to tell you. No, it isn't the file extensions crudding up the end of file names (though I'd be willing to admit the closeness of the race there). It isn't the lack of support for your favorite peripheral, either. For me, it's the Open and Save dialog boxes

More on Blizzard's OS X support for StarCraft - StarCraft for OS X is anxiously anticipated by many Mac gamers, but the company's most recent major release is Diablo II, and its official expansion pack which was released earlier this year, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Presently these titles aren't native for Mac OS X, either. MacCentral asked about Blizzard's plans for these titles

StarCraft and Brood War For OS X: Details - Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment announced they will be releasing this fall a new patch to implement Mac OS X support for StarCraft and the Brood War expansion pack. We contacted Blizzard for more information on this development. Jason Hutchins, one of the Blizzard employees working on the Carbonization project

Mac OS X 10.1 Feature - Print Center Dock Icon Status! - One of the new features in Mac OS X 10.1 can be found in Print Center. Print Center is the Mac OS X printer management software that replaces Classic Mac OS's Chooser and Print Manager

Mac OS X 10.1: Cameras and Devices Compatible With Image Capture - The Image Capture application in Mac OS X 10.1 allows you to easily import images and perform related functions. This documents lists compatible cameras and devices

OS X & Speed: An Unfulfilled Promise? - anyone who uses OS X on a day to day basis will tell you that it isn't done yet. There are still issues here and there that are typical growing pains of a new operating system. There are radicals at both ends of the spectrum; those who curse OS X in its entirety for not supporting their ADB inkjet printer that they bought in the Czech Republic 15 years ago and those who bristle at the merest suggestion that there may still be room for the OS to grow as if they were a 17 year old girl who had just been told that Titanic wasn't actually that great of a movie.

The Performance Edge: How Much Of A Difference Do Dual Processors Make? It's Mixed - The Dual Processor G4/800 Meets Mac OS 10.1 - OS X is supposed to be built from the ground up to take advantage of dual processors. Once you are running a Carbon or Cocoa application, we are told, you should see a significant performance improvement. From our testing that has indeed been the case with parts of some programs.

Mac OS X getting good reviews - Still more pundits are giving their opinion on whether now's a good time for Mac users to jump into the Mac OS X waters now that version 10.1 is here and native applications are arriving

Mac OS X v10.1 Pleasant Surprises - It's been almost two weeks, and my upgraded OS X installations work fine. Except for minor teething pains when I made my first upgrade to X.1 - make sure you do one extra reboot before using it - it's been an altogether pleasant experience. Nothing crashes, and things generally work well. Internet Explorer positively snaps! And, the big news, DVD Player for OS X is a peach. Love it!

Ten Reasons To Love Mac OS X - Although we are only seven months into the release of OS X, Mac users have a lot to be excited about. For the benefit of those new to or considering the new platform, here's a Top 10 list of reasons to love OS X

A look at OS X's font capabilities - In addition to supporting the Mac standard TrueType font, it also adds support for Type 1 and OpenType fonts without any need for extra software. And with its modern underlying Unicode foundation, the operating system can "understand" and display extended font sets in all their glory

Hang Ten: Maximizing PowerBook Battery Life Under OS X - Some applications tend to cause a lot of hard drive activity when running, so a sleep setting won't save battery life. In addition, if your Apple laptop doesn't have a large amount of RAM, Mac OS X's advanced virtual memory feature will swap data to and from the hard drive frequently, again limiting the effectiveness of this setting.

Mac OS X Server 10.1: Must Start up From CD-ROM to Install 10.1 Update - You must start up from the CD-ROM to install Mac OS X Server 10.1. Other means of installing the update are not recommended or supported

Blizzard to release Starcraft for OS X patch - In an e-mail obtained by MacGamer yesterday afternoon, Blizzard Entertainment spokesperson Beau Yarbrough confirmed that an OS X patch for Starcraft will be released. This means that one of Blizzard's most popular titles will no longer be bound in the realm of Classic -- we'll be able to run the game without running Classic, or worse yet, booting into OS 9!

BlogScript uses XML-RPC support in 10.1 - Tim Conner recently noted the release of a new AppleScript called BlogScript. The script takes advantage of the new XML-RPC feature in Apple's recently released Mac OS X 10.1 update

Mac OS X Security Epilog - As I researched the various subjects here, I discovered that a very surprising number of people have no computer security effort in place at all. Yet viruses, worms, DoS attacks, malicious hackers, and all the rest are as an unseen enemy. If you've never met this enemy face-to-face, then you may well be less than convinced at a deep level that it really exists. Under the circumstances, I find it amazing that so many people apparently have not been hit by some computer disaster or other. Mac OS users have been in a privileged place from this point-of-view, simply because for the most part they haven't had the numbers to make it worthwhile (whatever that means) for malcontents to make the effort of hacking Macs one way or another. OS X, while inherently more secure by light years, is on its way to becoming mainstream. Soon enough it will register on those malcontents' radar screens. Meanwhile we have a little window of opportunity to prepare

Mac OS X - Applications - QuicKey - Like a discreet English Jeeves waiting to appear with the cognac and cigars at the yank of a bell cord, CE SoftwareÍs QuicKeys X sits invisibly behind the scenes in Mac OS X, quietly anticipating the signal to jump into action, then quickly performing any number of handy tasks before disappearing again behind the velvet curtain.

4D, Inc. Ships 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V for Mac OS X; Unbelievably Fast, Easy as Always, and Secure Out of the Box

OS X - a Computer for the Rest of Us - I don't want to know how computers work. Don't care in the least. I only want them to work. I don't want to become a geek in order to visit a Web site. I don't want or need instructions from the geeks who designed the Web site about how the page was coded or what server software they used. I don't want to know anything about my car, my computer, my home appliances or even my wristwatch. I just want those things to do their jobs without breaking and without cryptic error messages meant for software engineers.

Mac OS X Compliance Update - Visit this page frequently to obtain important information on AdaptecÍs plans for complete Mac OS X Consumer compliance

Mac OS X 10.1 Feature - "Undo" Actions In The Finder! - Observer Lee Givens writes in about a new feature in Mac OS X 10.1 that we had yet to mention. Apple's newest update includes the ability to "Undo" actions in the Finder, including file name changes (in a limited fashion), and moving files. The "Undo" feature is accessed with the traditional "Command-Z" keystroke. It should be noted that file name changes can only "Undone" while they are still highlighted.

Mac OS X Server 10.1: How to Enable SSI - This article explains how to enable SSI (Server Side Includes) on Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X 10.1: Includes PPDs for Many PostScript Printers - Mac OS X 10.1 installs PostScript Printer Description (PPD) files necessary to use many Apple LaserWriter and third-party PostScript printers

Toon Boom goes boom with Mac OS X 10.1 - Toon Boom Studio is an award-winning animation application for Mac OS X. However, Toon Boom apparently won't save files under the latest version of Mac OS X. Compounding the problem is the fact that the next version of Toon Boom isn't due from Toon Boom Technologies for another 4-6 months. The upgrade, which will purportedly be optimized for Mac OS X 10.1, is anticipated for a spring 2002 arrival

X developers kit released - Apple has released CarbonLib 1.5d4 SDK (Software Development Kit), the latest pre-release version of the kit for Apple's developer community

QuicKeys X: a first look - QuicKeys enables users to automate and schedule actions--from clicks in a dialog box, to accessing a network--with user-defined "Shortcut" keyboard commands. The new version shares a number of qualities and operations with pre-OS X editions, but long-time users will need to spend time getting accustomed to the new interface. In part one of my First Look, I'll provide an overview of some of the significant changes

Video Capture Software Gets OS X Support - Ben Software has released two carbonized video capture apps for use with OS X. BTV and BTV Pro are designed to allow users to easily view and capture video from any video input source. The new versions are in the public beta testing phase, with a commercial release in the near future.

Quick Rename now Mac OS X compatible - Quick Rename is now available for Mac OS X as of the new version 2.1. Quick Rename is a batch renaming utility that utilizes renaming schemes to alter the names of files with the set scheme. It works with sound files, project files, HTML files and more

Tenon Releases Public Beta Of Mac OS X Web Sever Suite Update - Tenon Intersystems has released a new public beta of iTools, the company's suite of Web server tools for Mac OS X. iTools is a set of serious tools for using Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server as a Web server, and the public beta of the new version adds a GUI interface to the suite's normal browser-based management system

Mac OS X Compatibility List - Mac OS X Compatibility List Mac OS X is out, and many digital cameras and peripherals are not compatible (yet). The list below shows what we know works-- and doesn't work

Seybold, OS X 10.1 Release Mark Big Week for New Operating System - Two events happened late last month that will put more OS X-native applications in the hands of Mac users in short order--the biannual Seybold Seminars and Apple's release of OS X 10.1

Reflections on 10.1: A Platform Divided - 10.1 is beautiful, fast and elegant. It also remains just plain incompatible with a lot of the things that are the reason we own Macs. The "public beta" that was 10.0.x is over. But the real "mainstream" upgrade is still months away. Here's a comprehensive look at what's missing from 10.1.

A low-end alternative - Even though it may sound like we're damning Mac OS X Server with faint praise, we think it's worth considering for use in light-to-medium duty situations. If Apple steps up with bigger hardware, the OS has plenty of room to stretch. For businesses that want a server OS that's simple to manage without presenting a security nightmare, it's time to think about Apple

Further Explorations into Mac OS X 10.1 - As I continue to play with Mac OS X 10.1, I'm realizing something unexpected: it's actually kind of fun to explore and poke at this new environment. I've used previous versions of Mac OS X off and on, but like many people I was waiting for 10.1 to sink my teeth (and time) into the new operating system. What follows is a collection of things - initial reactions, discoveries, or just features we think deserve more attention - gathered by the TidBITS staff and extended TidBITS community

Why Apple Can't Pull the Plug on OS 9 - Has the Mac's classic operating system become like Ole Betsy, a beloved but aging workhorse that must now be put out to pasture? If you ask me, this Ole Betsy has stayed around way past her prime. Still, she ain't a-going out to graze on the lower 40 acres any time soon. The reason, as is often the case in life and business, is an issue of timing. Today, too many users -- and too many programs -- are still dependent on OS 9, the last version of the original Mac operating system. No doubt Apple would love to retire OS 9 now.

iSwipe Goes Carbon - iSwipe simultaneously searches Hotline, Caraccho, Napster and Open Napster servers. It includes a download manager, resumable downloads and support for FTP and HTTP protocols. It also features an Autosearch function and users can tell iSwipe to search for PC or Mac software, or audio files, or everything

Mac OS X Restricting User Applications - I have been wondering this for a while, and still have not been able to come up with a definitive answer thus I am appealing to the readers for assistance: With Mac OS X, the user is very limited to the users home directory. They can not modify the system, and they can not install software without admin access in most cases. But I personally still feel that there is a security flaw that could cause problems and fear in the eyes of a Network Administrator. Any user can download a program that is compressed as a Stuffit ".sit" file, then save it in their home directory and run it. Even if that application does potential damage, such as run a Denial of Service Attack, or perform some other potentially illegal or damaging function

Streaming MP3 broadcasts in OSX - If you have iTunes, you may have listened to streaming MP3 broadcasts from the radio tuner or sites like . However, if you're running OSX, you can also broadcast your own MP3 radio station. Here's how to do it

Talkin' Smack: Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? - Most of you know me as a good man. Some of you might even refer to me as a holy man. Perhaps you're right. However, recent evidence would tend to indicate that I may have fallen out of favor momentarily, a direct result of comments made in last week's column. Here's what happened. Last week I referred to Mac OS X 10.1 as "the God OS." I based this primarily of the (up to then) true assertion that it was impossible to crash this OS, since, back from the first release of OS X 10.0, I had been unable to do so. Mind you, I'm not just talking about average computer use. I mean running so much stuff at once in Classic and Native simultaneously that a crash was bound to happen. But it never did. And that's just not possible without some sort of divine aid. At least not until "the incident."

Mac OS X 10.1„First Impressions - Mac OS X 10.1 is the most anticipated software release from Apple in recent memory. Sure, everyone was excited about 10.0, but it was clear that it wasnÍt the kind of release that you just install without thinking. Call it a second public beta or simply a one-point-oh, but most everyone agrees it was rough. Now the spotlight is on 10.1. This is the first release that Apple isnÍt stealth-marketing, and theyÍll probably make it the default OS on new machines soon. LetÍs see how it stacks up

Twirling Rainbow Cursor of Hell - Why did I not like Mac OS X last March and why do I still not like it? It is all about expectation. When I eat at MacDonalds, I expect the food to be terrible, therefore I am not disappointed. I truly expected Mac OS X to be fabulous. My disappointment with the initial release was not entirely unexpected, but the glaring flaws still present in 10.1 make me feel like we are inflicted with Public Beta #3. I have so many complaints, that I am not sure where to begin, so I will begin at the beginning.

Mac OS X 10.1 Security Feature - Apple Includes Open Firmware Password App - It's not part of a basic install, and Apple has not drawn any attention to it, but an application called Open Firmware Password that is similar to the classic Mac OS "Password Security" has been included on the Mac OS X 10.1 CD

Internet kiosk provider switches to Mac OS X - The folks at nanonation, a developer of Internet-enabled custom kiosk solutions and digital entertainment systems, said that their new kiosk architecture is their most advanced yet, thanks to Mac OS X 10.1. Public access kiosk systems provide the "ultimate challenge" for hardware, software, and operating systems, according to nanonation President Bradley Walker. His company plans on meeting the challenge with "leading technologies" from Apple that offer a "top-end system and a stable operating environment, he said.

QuicKeys comes to Mac OS X - QuicKeys X -- a completely new product with different features and capabilities than QuicKeys for the classic Mac operating system -- is able to record and playback mouse actions. It can enter blocks of text and navigate to certain Web sites.

Mac OS X Image Capture exemplifies digital hub idea - With Apple positioning the Mac platform, both hardware and software, as a hub for the digital lifestyle, it's not surprising that Mac OS X 10.1 has beefed up features designed to appeal to digital photographers. The operating system's Image Capture application makes it easy to get your pictures, audio, and short movie clips from your digital camera into your Mac. Apple says the app supports "most popular digital cameras,"

QuickTime Media Viewer Updated For Mac OS X 10.1 - SearchWare Solutions has released an update for Pix Lite, bringing the QuickTime media viewer to version 1.1.6. The new version adds support for Mac OS X 10.1

inetd: OS X 10.1 - printing and preferences - This time, let's look at another area that was, quite honestly, in terrible shape in OS X 10.0--printing.

Electronic licensing technology comes to Mac OS X - Macrovision, a company that specializes in digital rights management technologies, says its GLOBEtrotter Software Division has completed the development of FLEXlm for Mac OS X, Apple's next generation operating system. FLEXlm is an electronic licensing technology

SendStory XML Editor for Mac OS X - SendStory, an easy-to-use XML editor running on Mac OS X, is now updated to version 1.0.4. The first of Softmagic's cross-media publishing solution called Project-M, SendStory promises to deliver XML in the traditional Apple fashion, intuitive and user-friendly. The collaboration among writers and editors in different languages and regions is made possible for both offline and online publishing

Joy 2.3 Available For Mac OS X 10.1 - Joy for Mac OS X, the popular developer productivity and RAD tool by AAA+ Software, is now available in a version that fixes a compatibility issue with Mac OS X 10.1. Joy provides the fastest path for developers to learn Cocoa, the new way of developing applications for the Mac. It is the tool of choice for everyone who wants to peek under the hood of Mac OS X!

Making the Mac OS X Upgrade Decision - The real question I'm sure many of you are asking at this point is if Mac OS X 10.1 is good enough to entice those who haven't yet set themselves up to be Apple's guinea pigs. Let me table the answer to that question briefly first and address the guinea pigs. Run, don't walk, to your local Apple dealer and get a copy of Mac OS X 10.1 via the Instant Up-To-Date program (and if that's not possible, send in your $20 for the full Mac OS Up-To-Date upgrade, especially if you need the updated developer tools). The closest I've found to a reason not to upgrade instantly is that the current beta release of Retrospect Client for Mac OS X from Dantz Development can't do a full system restore in 10.1, although Dantz's testing indicates that restoring user-created documents should work. If you're doing real work on Mac OS X and relying on the Retrospect Client beta, I'd recommend extra caution. Otherwise though, 10.1 is better than 10.0 in every way I can see, and if it hasn't yet sanded down every rough edge, well, Apple developers are only human too

The Disaster-Free Upgrade to Mac OS 10.1 - To help you decide, I'm going to walk you through an upgrade from OS 10.0.4 to 10.1 on a PowerBook G3 (Pismo) running at 400MHz and with 384MB RAM. I'm using this configuration because Mac OS X isn't really optimized for this machine, and how the OS behaves on a Pismo might help you visualize how it will work for you on your machine


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