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Updated: Friday, September 28

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Mac OS X Security Part Six: Desktop Security - Last week we looked at email encryption for OS X. In particular, we walked through an install of GnuPG, the open source engine of unix email encryption derived from PGP. Today we consider desktop security issues for OS X

Mac OS-X Native Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 Ships - The Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 is now available for downloadand Mac OS X-native! It offers the latest in data-driven, interactive, and personalized graphics on the web

Rumor: Softimage developing for Mac OS X? - According to a reader who asked not to be mentioned, a discussion of Softimage for the Mac took place between a visitor to a Softimage booth not long ago. Apparently the interest in the Mac was there and that they were indeed watching the Mac 3D market. All of this in the light of Alias/Wavefront's move to port Maya to Mac OS X

Deneba releases Canvas 8 beta for Mac OS X - Canvas is an all-in-one graphics composition and desktop publishing tool. The Mac OS X version of Canvas 8 contains hundreds of enhancements and advanced new features including: vector and raster Sequence recording, AppleScript, ColorSync and QuickTime support, according to company spokesperson Curtis Christensen. The new version also contains customizable Web Image Slicing and direct Flash export

OS X versions of Effects Pack, MacSatellite, dialpad - Software companies continue to Carbonize products for Mac OS X, update X products, and release preview versions of upcoming apps for the new operating system. All of these products work natively in MacOS X without needing to run the Classic environment

4D Server 6.7.5 ships for Mac OS X - 4D Inc. today announced the availability of 4D Server 6.7.5, which now runs natively on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. The new version of 4D's relational database server requires no recoding to migrate from Mac OS 9 -- 4D Server 6.7.5 will run automatically when installed on Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server.

Platform Wars Continue - Wintel PCs may dominate the computing world, but that doesn't mean the platform is better than Apple's

Migrating To Mac OS X With Mac OS X For Dummies - Mac OS X for Dummies is a great way to get up to speed with Mac OS X. It covers all of the basics and almost all the more advanced features that most Mac users will need to know to make a smooth transition or a successful introduction to Mac OS X. Our only complaint, that the book didn't cover the concept of "root access," is a very minor blemish on an otherwise great book

Mac OS X utilities abound - As Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said, Mac OS X is the future of the Mac. Taking the head honcho at his word, dozens of shareware developers have been busy churning out Mac OS X apps and utilities. The following are some worth your consideration if you're using, or plan to use, Mac OS X

Mac OS X Security Part Five: Email Encryption - Security works two ways. Together with virus scanning, good security settings in an email program help keep trouble from getting in. You can also encrypt your own messages and attachments before they go out, although the recipient needs the same tools at the other end to decode it all. My favorite package is PGP, which is now being ported to OS X in a package called Mac GNU Privacy Guard under the GNU license,

MPCalc gets Carbonized - Shareware developer Bob Delaney has created a Carbonized version of his multi-precision RPN scientific calculator that runs under both Mac OS X and 9.x (with the CarbonLib extension)

X gets measurement-conversion app - Measurements for conversion range from temperature to hectometers. The software has a menu for grouping items application-wide - so items from the Help or Apple menus can be grouped together

Apple's Cocoa Spawns SQLGrinder For OS X - Advenio Software has released SQLGrinder, a Cocoa app for Mac OS X. SQLGrinder is designed to allow Mac OS X developers to tie in to SQL databases and is compatible with many enterprise database servers such as Oracle8i. According to Advenio Software

SQLGrinder 1.0 - SQLGrinder, a native Mac OS X SQL editor and developer tool, allows developers to easily create, edit and execute SQL queries as well as browse their database structures

CarbonLib 1.4 separated from its 9.2.1 chain - When Apple released OS 9.2.1 over the Internet last week, it quietly included CarbonLib 1.4, a new version of the software designed to make Classic Mac OS and OS X work smoothly together

Mac OS X 10.1 "Puma" Nears Gold Master, "Jaguar" Up Next - With 10.1's feature set frozen, attention is slowly beginning to turn toward the next major Mac OS X update, code-named "Jaguar." Unfortunately, little is known about Jaguar -- until Puma is fully out the door, one can only speculate

Mac OS X 10.0.4 Eighty Bug Round-Up - The fact is that MOSX has been a 'bug' fest so far, and those listed here are only a sampling. I doubt even Apple has a complete list. But, here is my stab at it, from of course my personal perspective. Hopefully, this list will give you a warm fuzzy feeling of Oh good, Im not the only one with that problem. Or possibly you will roll over and fall asleep. This is a very long list.

Mac OS X Firewall Security - A firewall is a piece of hardware or software which monitors, blocks, and routes Internet data through to a computer, while keeping it clean from hack attempts, ping attacks and other kinds of Internet-based trouble. Big business and service providers have been using expensive firewall technology for years, keeping malevolent assaults via the Internet to a minimum

OS X Compatibility Added, but Timesaving Features Highlight Latest Version - Intuit integrated both requests into the newly released Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Macintosh. And while the Carbonization of Quicken is sure to be appreciated by Mac users who are switching to OS X, it's the timesaving additions such as one-step updates and downloadable brokerage transactions that are likely to have the biggest impact on how they use the finance software

YourHead Releases Time-X 1.5. for Macs - Time-X is a full-featured digital clock with five functions: clock, date, chronograph, timer, and alarm. Time-X is one of very few programs that take advantage of the alpha channels that provide transparency in Mac OS X

Review: Drive10 for Mac OS X - Ultimately, while Drive10 has a very attractive interface (winning an Apple Design Award), and it will undoubtedly gain more testing functionality in later releases, it seems underpowered for the price, and most users will likely want to wait for the more fully-featured TechTool, Norton Utilities, or DiskWarrior packages to be released as native Mac OS X applications in the near future.

New Version of Classic Menu Released for OS X - Classic Menu, a replacement Apple menu for OS X, has made a comeback. The rewrite brings Classic functionality back to the OS X Apple menu

OmniWeb X Moves To Version 4.05 - The Omni Group have updated their OS X browser, OmniWeb to version 4.05, which is the group claims is the fastest browser currently available for OS X

Future mapped for OmniWeb - Case revealed that once OmniWeb 4.1 has shipped, the company will be able to adjust sections of the application, replacing elements of it with new technologies that will improve compatibly

Merilus Feels The Call, Brings Windows/Linux Security Products To Mac OS X - A company called Merilus, Inc. has announced that it is bringing its security products for Linux and Windows to Mac OS X. The company is bringing its FireCard line, a firewall built into a PC card, and Gateway Guardian, a software firewall product, to Apple's new platform

STS Releases Two Mac OS X Public Betas - Instead of the nightmare of managing hundreds of separate word processing files of notes, ideas, chapters, revisions, character bios, bibliography information, quotations, website locations, etc., Z-Write allows the writer to store unlimited documents in a single file. With support for unlimited Sections of information

RTF-to-Styled Text and Cobweb available for Mac OS X - RTF-To-Styled Text is an open source application that converts Rich Text Format documents into standard Macintosh Styled Text format.

X on Mac OS X Part 3 - Today I would like to tie up some X loose ends. First of all, I discovered a step-by-step written instruction for doing the rootless patch, above. It's a 100% unix operation, but you can copy and paste each line from the Mission Research web site if you feel a little daunted by my own method for doing this

Information About Startup Security 1.1 for Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X - Incase you do not know, your Macintosh may be able to have extra password protection offering you a extra touch of security if you are using Open Firmware 4.1.7 or higher running Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X

Mac OS X Security Part Four: Email Setups For Security - This week we will work through specific settings and techniques for Mac OS X email client software with a view to security. The packages I'll be referring to are Apple Mail, Eudora, Pine, and Mozilla, all for OS X. Microsoft will have a version of Outlook or Entourage for OS X presently. Those will give us plenty to do. Of course there may be other packages as well, to which you can extrapolate the general principles we take up here

Lighthouse SE 2.2 for Mac OS X - Lighthouse is the quick and easy way to search the Web from the convenience of one location -- your desktop! No more typing of endless combinations of "" into your web browser

PowerTicker updated, OS X version coming - PowerTicker is a program that queries financial Web sites, reformatting the information it receives into an animated stock ticker and a collection of reports. You can configure PowerTicker to report on stock quotes in your portfolio, calculate your current investment value, and even convert international currencies at current exchange rates

Creating an Extreme OS X Monster - Normally in Moof'in we stick to the Darwin side of OS X, but this special article will show you how to create and tame the grizzliest Mac system ever created to run Mac OS X. If you are thinking about upgrading what you already have, or want to start over with a new system, I'll show you how to customize a hardware setup that is very aware of your budget, yet will give you power to boot

Elite Force Expansion Pack coming, with OS X patch - Mac game publisher Aspyr Media has announced that it will soon publish the Star Trek: Voyager -- Elite Force Expansion Pack. A patch to enable the game to run on Mac OS X will be included on the CD (the patch will be made available online as well)

PopChart Xpress offers OS X only features - The Java-based app is designed for all Java environments, including Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x, as well as Windows, Solaris, and Linux. It lets users copy data from spreadsheet applications such as Excel and "quickly and easily" create Web-ready charts and graphs

Open Door Ships Who's There for Mac OS X - Who's There? Firewall Advisor, available since January for Mac OS 8 and 9, provides an important aspect of Internet security by helping users analyze, investigate and respond to access attempts to their Macintosh. Who's There? Firewall Advisor for Mac OS X is an OS X native version of the application that provides analysis and advice specific to the Mac OS X environment

TinkerTool lets you alter Mac OS X's appearance - TinkerTool lets you do such things as return the trashcan back on your desktop, implement translucent terminal windows, have all hidden files and folders displayed in the Finder, control anti-aliasing of fonts, and more

John Siracusa: The SirCam dilemma and Mac OS X - In retrospect, I guess I should have known that some Windows virus would eventually take that one small opening into my life and exploit it. Its name turned out to be the SirCam virus, and it started filling my email inbox with hundreds of messages every day, each with an attachment averaging about 300KB. The attachments themselves remained inert, of course, but the previous "momentary inconvenience" had suddenly exploded into a mail-quota-destroying, bandwidth-sucking nightmare

Introduction to Darwinism - No, this isn't going to be a religious or scientific battle about the origin of our universe. It's going to be a first look at Darwin, the underlying level of Mac OS X. Right now you are probably asking yourself why, how, or are confused as to what Darwin really is. I can give a you a great nutshell answer for each. Strap on your geek boots, here we go!

Installing The Mac OS X Command Line Version Of SETI@home - Are you running Mac OS X and wish you could get the very best performance possible from SETI@home? In response to the recent revival of support for The Mac Observer's SETI@home team, we've put together a guide to running SETI@home on Mac OS X

Norton Internet Security Bundle [Review updated for OS X compatibility] - we'll reiterate that the best defense against viruses is common sense. Turn off file sharing if you don't need it, download only from sources you trust, run NAV regularly, and shut off auto-play, for starters. But if you want even greater security, you may want to pick up a copy of the Norton Internet Security Bundle, now compatible with OS X

Mac OS X & Firewalls: Part One - The Basics - This is the start of a two part series looking at Mac OS X and Internet firewall protection. With Internet security being one of the top areas of discussion of late, many Mac users want to know how to work with firewalls in Mac OS X. Hopefully, this series will help get you down that path

New beta of AOL for Mac OS X out - There's a new beta build (OS X 14b) of the AOL for Mac OS X software that "brings us closer to the final version," according to the Mac Beta Team at America Online

X on Mac OS X Part 2 - Last week we took a look at an implementation of the X Window System for Mac OS X. I made a mistake in part of my testing. In my mind's eye I read the SourceForge rootless release of X to be self-contained and ready to go, where in fact it is a patch that assumes a full install of the rooted version of Xfree86. My apologies to all.

Quicken 2002 Deluxe for Mac OS X SHIPPING today! - Quicken has thankfully made the move to Mac OS X a natural part of its upgrade cycle. This release is not a special release of Quicken, but a scheduled upgrade that is made every autumn. As a result, Mac OS X users will not be paying extra to get an OS X version of Quicken. Quicken Deluxe 2002 is available for $59.95 with a $20 mail-in rebate for previous Quicken owners.

Mac OS X Space Saving Utility Gets Maintenance Update - Pocket Software has released a maintenance update for PocketDock, bringing the utility to version 2.13. PocketDock is a Mac OS X app that lets you keep commonly used files, addresses, apps and other icons in a window, allowing you to save space in your dock

Hang Ten: Devices To Secure Your Network From The Internet - And How They Work - More and more folks these days have high-speed Internet connections. From cable to DSL, homes and businesses are joining the fast lane. An always-on connection, however, doesn't just deliver convenience. It means your Macs are vulnerable to attack from Internet vandals who might want to play pranks with your computers, or attempt to retrieve passwords and other personal information. Nobody is immune from such intruders. Even Microsoft was the victim of highly publicized network attacks on the secured servers that contain the source code for some of their software. Here are some ways to protect your network:

Apple - Games - American McGees Alice - Want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Well, youre in luck you wont need any pills or potions, just a copy of American McGees Alice, the latest adventure game for both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X on your Mac from the friendly folks at Aspyr

APStripFiles for Mac OS X - APStripFiles is a command line application that removes attached or embedded files from PDF documents. It enables you to protect your systems from malicious unwanted PDF file attachments

Stata statistical software gets Carbonized - Stata 7 includes 91 new commands and 368 pages of new documentation. Nearly every aspect of Stata has been touched, from statistics to programming language, to the way output is displayed, and even including a new bottom layer on which future graphics will be developed. Despite its growth, Stata 7 purportedly executes 8 to 12 percent faster than Stata 6

Mac OS X version of Timbuktu Pro arrives - Timbuktu users can connect any combination of Mac or Windows computers via a network, or over the Internet. Functions include full remote control, observe only, file exchange, text chat, instant messaging, and voice intercom

FaceStation Heading for Maya for OS X - Eyematic Interfaces has started shipping a real-time facial animation system that will soon work with the Mac OS X version of Maya, according to the company. The product, FaceStation, locks into a live actor's facial features without the use of markers to record facial movement and voice. Feedback on a 3D model is immediate

Is a mature Mac OS X going anywhere fast? - There's a lot of FUD circling around Mac OS X these days -- but people have short memories. I worked for Apple during the 68K -> PowerPC transition (when Apple as a company was a LOT more screwed up than it is today, but not as screwed up as it got before Steve returned to fix it), and I worked for Sun during the move from the 68K Sun-3 to the Sparc Sun-4 (in fact, one of my later projects was debugging out the Sun 4/260 to get it out the door). Of the three, the Mac OS X transition has been the smoothest and most stable. Not to say Mac OS X is perfect, or necessarily ready for prime time, but it's a good, usable system already, and it's improving and maturing rapidly

Mac OS X Security Part Three: Virus Scanners - ust when I thought this week's security article on OS X virus scanners would be a slam-dunk for Norton AntiVirus for Mac OS X, Apple's Mac OS X Product News for this week announces Virex for Mac OS X from McAfee

OS X Shareware Apps - With the introduction of Mac OS X, a number of users might be lost finding software for the new system. However, shareware developers have taken up the cause. From games to utilities to weird apps beyond all compare, youll be sure to find something that will pique your interest and allow you to tons of great stuff without loading Classic. Lets start with games, as everyone needs a diversion

Combustion 2 gets Carbonized for Mac OS X - The product offers a unified paint, animation and 3D-compositing environment for visual effects creation. And it's been "Carbonized" to run natively on Mac OS X, as well as with Mac OS 9.x (with the proper CarbonLib extensions installed)

Built for Mac OS X - The powerful features of Mac OS X provide a foundation for great new applications that are "Built for Mac OS X." These applications take full advantage of the powerful graphics engine, Aqua user interface, and improved stability and performance of Mac OS X

Combustion 2 gets Carbonized for Mac OS X - The product offers a unified paint, animation and 3D-compositing environment for visual effects creation. And it's been "Carbonized" to run natively on Mac OS X, as well as with Mac OS 9.x (with the proper CarbonLib extensions installed)

iGetter Pre Release 1.3 for Mac OS and Mac OS X - iGetter is download utility that gives you convenience and ease in downloading on the Internet. Behind its pleasant interface is hidden powerful download engine. iGetter has many useful functions like resuming broken downloads, Internet browsers integration (only in the version for MacOS 7.5.3 - 9.x), queue filtering by various criterions, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, reconnecting modems, hang up and shut down when the downloads are done

X-app organizer updated - PocketDock is a utility launcher that organizes applications, documents, Web links and email addresses

Suck It Down Offers X Compatibility, PDF Downloads - Suck It Down lets users download files with .jpg/jpeg, .gif, .tiff, and .mp3 extensions asynchronously. Version 1.1 adds the ability to also download .pdf files.Suck It Down also allows skipping over non-working URLs and also permits pre-determined scheduling so you can remind yourself to check for updates daily, weekly or monthly

Threading Architectures - This technote describes the various threading APIs on Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, and how those APIs interact with the core operating system on each platform. It is not a practical guide to implementing threading, but an architectural overview of threading on each OS (with a few hints and tips along the way)

Mac OS X 10.1 - What we need? - After playing around with Mac OS X 10.0.4 a little more, I decided to sit down and write a little editorial about Mac OS X. Now don't get me wrong, I think it could be an awesome OS, and something that will make all Windows and Linux Geeks jealous. Note that I said could

X on Mac OS X Part 1 - For several weeks I have been sitting on a project to install the X Window System for Mac OS X. Xfree86, the freely available product offered under an open source license agreement, has been compiled for OS X, and I was just working up enough courage to tackle the command-line install for it

Accordance 5.0 for Mac released, OS X version on the way - Accordance is a Mac-only Bible program that has been praised by reviewers as "the kind of software that makes Windows users wish they had Macs." There are currently twelve Accordance CD-ROMs available containing a "massive" amount of material, David Lang, Accordance Development, OakTree Software, told MacCentral

Free Mac OS X Orientation

Help! There's a Piece of Windows in my Mac OS X! - Hiding File Extensions in Mac OS 10.1-- why it's a BAD idea

Pix Lite media viewer now available for Mac OS X - SearchWare Solutions has released a Mac OS X native version of Pix Lite, a QuickTime-based media viewer. It's functionally identical to Pix Lite 1.1, which was developed for older versions of Mac OS. Pix Lite provides the ability to view images and movies in a wide variety of formats. It also incorporates slideshow and movie presentation functions, and supports AppleScript as well

PHP Editing Tool Hits Classic & Mac OS X - See Jane Code has released the final 1.0 version of its flagship product JaneBUILDER. JaneBUILDER is a visual editor for PHP, and works in both Mac OS X and Classic Mac

Microsoft Office 10's Carrot and Stick - For mainstream adoption, Apple must overcome deeply held opinions strengthened by years of inertia. Some of those opinions may be valid, others may be pure pigheadedness on the part of users tired of learning new interfaces. Either way, the Mac OS X effort will succeed only if it receives carrot-and-stick attention both from Apple and Macintosh developers

Vermont RecipesA Cocoa Cookbook for Mac OS X - Recipe 4: User controlsText fields (sheets)

Updater app moves to X - UpdateAgent 10.0.4 - which updates Mac applications - offers improved performance, enhanced scheduling capabilities, and includes a new power-management feature

Scan boost for X users - Early adopters of Mac OS X can begin to scan natively in the OS, thanks to Hamrick Software, which has released an update to its scanner-driver software for Mac OS 8, 9 and X. VueScan 7.1.9 works with most scanners, to produce high-quality scans. It supports batch scanning and offers full-colour management features

VOODOO Personal gets the Carbon touch - VOODOO Personal protects your documents against accidental deletion and unwanted changes. It stores all versions of your documents and lets you restore previous versions whenever you want.

Mac OS X Security Part Two: Firewalls - Firewalls differ in how they work and what they specifically do, but they all shield you. The best ones make you invisible to the internet while still leaving it accessible to you

Audio migrates to X - the big picture - Macworld Daily News Tuesday - August 07, 2001 Audio migrates to X - the big picture By Jonny Evans Most major audio-application developers are set to begin releasing Mac OS X versions of their software later this year. BitHeadz, BIAS, Emagic, Sibelius, Noteheads and TC Works are aiming to release Mac OS X versions of their applications in autumn and winter

MacOS X: First Looks - While systems like FreeBSD provide an excellent server platform, the graphical side has never been a walk in the park. With MacOS X I am hoping to have my cake and eat it too. Is that possible? Grab a fork and let's dig in

Animation, 3-D arts get big boost from new software, OS X - OS X is being used by several software developers to push the limits of creativity and artistic possibilities. Two Canadian companies with programs for creating entertaining animated projects lead the pack. Toon Boom Studio is an animation generation tool from Toon Boom Technologies in Montreal (



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